I'm RUNNING again!!!!

Don't get too terribly excited yet - It's not "real" running, but it IS still running! :)  I'm officially starting my four-week program where I get a 30 minute Alter-G treadmill session three days per week! That means I'll get a chance to run for 30 minutes TWELVE times before I ever even start my return to running on land!! I'm really excited about this because it gives me that structure back to my training! It's a perfect set-up to run Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings, and then I can lift weights three of the other days per week (choosing one day for rest based on feel). Also, since i'll be doing my runs before work in the morning, I can do any kind of core/ PT work that I need to do (or yoga) during lunch!

Sunday, March 2nd
15' bike + 30' of 45" jump rope, 45" rest + 10' core work. This was a bit of an impromptu workout. I had planned on this being my first true "cardio" session since back in January when I stopped swimming, but we had an ice storm blowing in and I left my keys in Jake's car, so I was stuck with workout out at home. I did the bike first, which was mostly fine, but it was hurting my groin. Not hurting to use the muscle, but hurting because that spot is still SO tender to touch and it pressing on the side of the seat was really painful. I chose to try jump roping halfway into the bike and had no pain! Score!! So I did 100 jumps, which took just about 45" and then, to make the math easy, I rested another 45" before going again. I continued this for a full 30 minutes so that I would get in 15' minutes of jumping (2000 jumps total). It didn't feel like much of a workout, but I know it was better than nothing and I'd rather baby myself right now than push things too hard! :)

Monday, March 3rd
30' run on the Alter-G treadmill at 3D PT in Dallas. For those of you who haven't heard of these, basically, your lower body gets suctioned into this air chamber and you can change the amount of air to where you are running on more or less body weight. I chose to run at 60% body weight today and it was really neat! I felt a bit bouncy for the first mile or so while I adjusted, but after that it got much smoother! I ran from my bedroom to the office about an hour later and it was weird how heavy my legs felt, haha! The idea is to gradually increase the percentage of body weight so there is less of a transition to running on land! I spent the first 10 minutes running at 8:45 pace, but was as casual as I'd be just standing so over the next five minutes I kept dropping it until I was at 8:00 pace and I forced myself to stop it there. I kept 8:00 pace all the way until my 30 minutes were up and could EASILY have gone much faster or much longer, which just goes to show how big of a difference body weight makes! I know running a SLOW mile on land would be hard for me right now! I'll have to play with pace over the next week or so to figure out what works best to get the full cardiovascular benefit without overdoing things. 

Here's what the treadmill looks like! The chamber at the back is where your legs go!
Tuesday, March 4th
Full body strength. I started with 15 minutes of general core work, but with a higher effort level than my usual exercises. Things like hanging leg raises and weighted versions of my usual exercises. The next thirty minutes or so were general body strength. I did my usual workout, but I omitted the cardio segments and instead of doing 30 reps, I did 2 sets of 15 and I increased the weight a tiny bit. 

Wednesday, March 5th
30' Alter G run before work. I am loving this!!! I feel like a new person on my "running" days!!! :) Today I spent the first 10 minutes at 8:20 pace and then dropped to 8:00 pace for the last 20 minutes. I don't want to go faster than that this week as I know I would be going INFINITELY slower if I were on land!! Still at 60% body weight. I figure I'll add 5-10% each week since I have four weeks. They had the cameras and monitor set up today as well, which means I spent the full thirty minutes watching my calves and the sole of my shoes, HAHAH! I tried to snap a picture, but couldn't keep my upper body still enough! Also, my abs are still super sore from yesterday, so no core at all today. 
Here's a blurry picture of my left leg.. I figure you would all enjoy seeing it! ;)
Thursday, March 6th
Personal training with Shane Freels. Shane (read more about him here) is a personal trainer and Camp Gladiator coach that works for the same nutrition company as me. This was (by far) the most challenging hour of strength work I've ever done. No words to describe it. We meet again next Tuesday, and let's just say, I'm quite scared, haha!

Friday, March 7th
30' Alter G run before work. I found a great article (read it here) which provides a very logical equation (yes, I went looking for one... I love numbers) to calculate equivalent paces on the AlterG. The variable is your percentage of body weight, and for each 10% decrease, you increase the mph by 0.6. That means that at 60% body weight, I need to bump up the mph by 2.4!! WOW! Using this handy mph and pace chart, that means that 6:40 pace on the AlterG would actually be 9:05 pace!! No wonder 8:00 pace felt so easy! SO, I decided to start the jump down to the 6:xx range today. 10' at 7:30, 15' at 6:58, and 5' at 6:31. It's funny because the thing that gets harder is the turnover, nothing else. It's all about how quickly you can move your legs and how long you can keep doing it. I'm not going to jump down to 6:30's for my full run yet because that still seems a bit aggressive, but at least now I know not to be concerned about running too fast!! It was another very pleasant, fun run though!! I'm absolutely loving these 30 minutes!! 
*I also got some great treatment from my chiropractor at Midlothian Spine & Sport today. He did some dry needling, adjustments, and graston to help my neck and then I jumped in for 90 seconds of cryotherapy. Brad Collins has been a huge help over the course of the past two months!

Saturday, March 8th
Rest day. And I am STILL sore head to toe from Thursday, haha! I go back Tuesday and when I left on Thursday he said I should be doing the same kind of work four days per week... I may only get two days this week, LOL! Oh well, better to build up than scale down! 


  1. YAYYYY!!! I've always thought the Alter-G looked SOO cool. Can't wait to hear how it works for you, and very happy for you!

    1. Thanks, Megan!! It's been so much fun!! I'm hoping it allows for a better return to land running when that time comes. I'll be sure to let you know!