Making progress! Finally over 20 minutes!

Sunday, April 8th
Rest day.

Monday, April 9th
23' run.

Tuesday, April 10th
24' run.

Wednesday, April 11th
Rest day.

Thursday, April 12th
25' run.

Friday, April 13th
26' run.

Saturday, April 14th
Rest day.

On the road again!

We're taking a last minute trip to visit my in-laws this week, so it will be another week on the road!

Sunday, April 1st
Rest day.

Monday, April 2nd
19' run.

Tuesday, April 3rd
Rest day.

Wednesday, April 4th
20' run.

Thursday, April 5th
Rest day.

Friday, April 6th
21' run.

Saturday, April 7th
22' run.

I haven't been recording details on any of these runs, but I will note that everything is feeling good and I'm really enjoying them! I have been pushing the stroller on most runs, which makes it difficult but it also makes it a better workout, I think! I can't believe I'm finally over 20 minutes! 8 more runs and then I'll really be doing "runs"!