Home Sweet Home

Will and I are both so happy to be home. It's always fun visiting Nana and Papa and seeing all the animals and scenery, but nothing beats the comforts and routine of home!

Sunday, March 18th
11' run at WRL. Nice and easy. Shins hurt but everything else was good.

Monday, March 19th
Rest day.

Tuesday, March 20th
12' run in the neighborhood. Shins still hurt, but it was nice besides that. I felt totally wiped when I finished but I think that's more of cumulative fatigue from some weeding I've done the past three days.

Wednesday, March 21st
Rest day.

Thursday, March 22nd
13' run

Friday, March 23rd
13' run

Saturday, March 24th
Rest day.


Spring Break in Columbus

It's spring break for DBU, which means our nannies aren't around, so we are spending the week with my parents in Columbus. Will is obsessed with the cows and deer and 1000s of other animals out here, not to mention the tractor, lawn mower, and Polaris. This place is better than Disney World to him, so I can easily send him off with Nana or Papa for a while I get work done. Win win!

The hard part this week will be getting in my cross training. I don't have a bike and I don't have access to a gym, so my T25 videos will be it. I'll have to sneak them in during nap time because if little man sees me, he wants in and that doesn't work.

Here's a video of Will riding in the tractor with my dad. Will LOVES owls and my dad has two fake ones on his camphouse fence posts, so that's what he gets so excited about towards the end. 😍

Sunday, March 11th
T25 Alpha Cardio

Monday, March 12th
9' run - I jogged from the house to the gate to warm up today and my whole body was sore from so many squats and lunges in my T25 workouts on Saturday and Sunday. I thought, "man, I need a good, slow, easy run today". But then I remembered that I'm using my GPS app, I don't have the stroller today, and I'm only going 9 minutes... I have no excuse not to *run* it. So I *ran* and I *ran* hard. I worked and worked and worked going up those hills, which by the way take soooo much longer to go up than to go down. I finally got back to the gate assuming I'd be at or just over time, but it was like 7 minutes in so I kept going. I looked down a bit later to see when to turn around and it was at the SAME time! I had accidentally paused the run!! 😩 I cannot tell you how mad I was, hahah. I ran hard and it was all for nothing! I now have no idea how long or how far I ran. I may intentionally not take my phone with me on Wednesday and just run my 10' easy!
T25 Beta Speed 1.5 hours hiking. Before you say this doesn't count, it was much harder on my body than 25 minutes of T25! My dad's bucks are shedding their antlers right now and his biggest one (20 points) lost half of his a couple days ago. The property is huge, so we split up and went thru the brush trying to find them. I'm talking, limbo, squat, lunge, jump, etc in addition to constant walking for over an hour. And no luck today!

Tuesday, March 13th
T25 Alpha Cardio Rest day. First day off since last Sunday! I was planning T25 today, but I had a terrible headache last night and today it migrated to a bunch of stomach cramps with chest pain... and the headache stayed too. On the bright side, I found the antlers today! I'll try to get a picture of them to upload!

Got it - Here they are! SOOO heavy!

Wednesday, March 14th
10' run. I couldn't run in the morning because my parents were gone and it was 39 degrees... too cold for Will and too cold for the clothes I packed. But that ended up being a good thing because my stomach was still messed up (maybe it's because we eat so much junk here?!) and as they day went along it got a little better. Nice and easy (no stroller!!!) on the hilly road in front of my parent's property. No GPS today since it was so far off on Monday.
T25 Stretch

Thursday, March 15th - Saturday, March 17th
Rest - Stomach was cramping too badly for anything. :(