Week 3 of Training... Transitioning into doubles

Last week was a good first week of training in the Houston area. I found my new schedule a bit intimidating, but with the early evenings I was able to keep up with everything. Just have to be sure to keep getting in bed by 9! This week I will be adding a 30' double of x-training to help me transition into my running doubles here in a few weeks.

Sunday- 7.31.11
Easy: 5M
  • Surface: Dirt path on George Bush Park Trail
  • Total Time: 36:13 (7:14 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 8:00, 7:21, 7:13, 6:57, 6:44
  • Comments: Another nice run on soft surfaces. It has been taking a while for me to wake up in the mornings, but once I get going I've been feeling pretty good.
Strides: 4x100m
Supplemental Work: Form drills, 1x45" H-Core Routine + Back Routine + Myrtyl Routine in PM
Double: 30' stationary bike

Monday- 8.1.11
Workout: 800m WU + 5M progressive 4M progressive, 2' rest, 1M tempo

  • Surface: Dirt path at Memorial Park
  • Total Time: 32:24 (6:29 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 6:45, 6:37, 6:29, 6:29, 6:04
  • Comments: Started way too fast and paid for it during the rest of the run. Made a decision after not improving on pace in the 4th mile to rest before starting the final one. Hopefully next time around I'll do better pacing and get in the workout as intended.

Supplemental Work: strength session
Double: 30' elliptical

Tuesday- 8.2.11
Rest day.

Wednesday- 8.3.11
Easy: 5M
  • Surface: Memorial Park dirt loop
  • Total Time: 37:10 (7:26 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 8:16, 7:33, 7:22, 7:10, 6:49
  • Comments: Slower run again (seems to happen every time I have a day off after a workout/strength and then start back up), but nothing to be upset with. Glad to be consistently finishing runs sub 7:00 pace.
Strides: 4x100m
Supplemental Work: Form Drills, 1x45" H-Core Routine + Myrytl Routine in PM
Double: 30' stationary bike

Thursday- 8.4.11
Long: 8M 9M
  • Surface: Memorial Park dirt loop
  • Total Time: 1:09:20 (7:42AP)
  • Pace Progression: 8:56, 8:02, 7:50, 7:43, 7:39, 7:26, 7:21, 7:19, 7:03
  • Comments: Obviosly got off to a slow start, but other than that it was not a bad run. VERY humid out which made fatigue set in a bit earlier in the run. Thankful for Jake's company on the last 3 miles. Added a mile to the run as my loop is closer to 3M so it's easier.
Supplemental Work: strength session

Friday- 8.5.11
Easy: 5M
  • Surface: Dirt path at Memorial Park
  • Total Time: 37:48 (7:34 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 8:19, 7:50, 7:28, 7:21, 6:51
  • Comments: Better run than most of my post-strength-day runs have been. Definitely still not used to this humidity, but I'm glad to have been consistent with the mileage, strenth, and supplemental work thus far.
Supplemental Work: 25 x Around the World core + Back Routine in PM
Double: 30' stationary bike

Saturday- 8.6.11
Easy: 5M
  • Surface: dirt path George Bush Park Trail
  • Total Time: 37:30 (7:30 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 8:13, 7:41, 7:21, 7:11, 7:02
  • Comments: I am beginning to think the x-training doubles are pushing me more so than I expected. This week's runs have been physically challenging for me despite the slower paces. I'm a bit worried about it, but am trying to remember that the perseverance through this part will eventually pay off and I'll get back to my usual paces.
Strides: 4x100m
Supplemental Work: Myrtyl Routine + 1x45" H-Core Routine
Double: 30' stationary bike

Week 3 Total Mileage- 35M (1 Long, 1 Workout, 4 Easy)
15M x-training (10' = 1M)


Week 2 of Training... Week 1 of working!

Last week went as well as can be expected with it being my first week back AND a crazy, hectic moving week. This next week is my first week working downtown and I've been warned there will be some overtime. Hoping to stay consistent with the training and rest regardless!

Sunday- 7.24.11
Easy: 5M
  • Surface: Gravel/dirt path at Crosspoint Church
  • Total Time: 38:06 (7:37 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 8:21, 8:07, 7:36, 7:10, 6:50
  • Comments: 3rd night in a row of less than 5 hours of sleep... I'm trying a sleep-aid tonight to see if it will help. Definitely having a difficult time finding somewhere to run here.
Supplemental Work: 25xAround the World Core, Back Routine in PM

Monday- 7.25.11
Easy: 5M
  • Surface: Paved path for 1st mile, George Bush Park Dam Trail for last 4
  • Total Time: 35:42 (7:09 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 7:33, 7:20, 7:01, 6:54, 6:54
  • Comments: Great place to run once the sun is up, just not a good idea at 5AM. Perfect morning for a run though... felt much more awake and fresh.

Strides: 4x100m
Supplemental Work: Form Drills, 2x30" H-Core + Myrtyl Routine in PM

Tuesday- 7.26.11
Long: 8M
  • Surface: Apartment Complex Treadmill
  • Total Time: 58:15 (7:16 AP)
  • Pace Progression: Averaged 8.2 for first 4 miles, 8.5 for next 3, 9.0 for last mile
  • Comments: Never ever try to do a long run on a treadmill without headphones or a friend! Other than boredom, not a bad run at all. Right arch and was achy but nothing bad.
Supplemental Work: Strength Session

Wednesday- 7.27.11
Rest Day.

Thursday- 7.28.11
Easy: 5M 40:00 
  • Surface: Loose dirt path at Memorial Park
  • Total Time: 40:00
  • Pace Progression: Unknown
  • Comments: No Garmin reception at the park, hence the adjustment from 5M to 40'. Enjoyed running on soft surfaces, though. Feeling slightly sore this afternoon so maybe I got in more quality than usual on the strides?!

Strides: 4x100m
Supplemental Work: Form Drills, 2x30" H-Core Routine + Myrytl Routine in PM

Friday- 7.29.11
Workout: 3M easy + 8x1'fast, 2'easy
  • Surface: Memorial Park dirt loop
  • Comments: Great workout. I felt very strong, powerful, and controlled on the surges; and haven't felt beat up or sore in the least during the day. Excited for future workouts!

Saturday- 7.30.11
Easy: 5M

  • Surface: Dirt path in George Bush Park
  • Total Time: 37:01 (7:24 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 8:02, 7:31, 7:26, 7:05, 6:57
  • Comments: Aside from some stomach issues (had to make a pit stop in the bushes about 4M into the run!) this was a very nice run. I'm so excited about how strong I'm feeling on these runs. I'm finally to the point where I look up (not down) and run upright and tall instead of with weak form.
Supplemental Work: 25 x Around the World Core, Strength Session in PM

Week 2 Total Mileage- 35M (1 long, 1 workout, 4 easy)


The start of the 2011-2012 training!

The coming week will be extremely busy (which I will explain at a later point), so I'm typing up my planned training schedule in advance! Updates and details will be entered when time allows! :)

Sunday- 7.17.11
Long: 6M

  • Surface: Dirt path at Trinity Trails
  • Total Time: 43:05 (7:11 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 7:41, 7:13, 7:03, 7:03, 7:01, 6:59 

Monday- 7.18.11
Easy: 4M

  • Surface: Paved streets in Mansfield
  • Total Time: 29:31 (7:23 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 7:59, 7:23, 7:07, 6:59
  • Comments: Felt much more forced today during the first half of the run. Also felt some sharp, aching pain in my chest/heart beginning about 2M in.
Supplemental Work: 
25 x Around the World Core + 1 x Back Routine

Tuesday- 7.19.11
Easy: 4M

  • Surface: Paved streets in Mansfield
  • Total Time: 28:50 (7:13 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 7:50, 7:13, 6:59, 6:47
  • Comments: Much more comfortable today than yesterday. My foot is still aching off and on, but nothing to keep me from running.

Strides: 4x100m. 6x.06M uphill strides (accidentally did 2 too many)

Supplemental Work: 2x30" H-Core + Form Drills + Myrtyl Routine

Wednesday- 7.20.11
Workout: 1xTrinity Park Loop easy + 1xTrinity Park Loop @ tempo effort

  • Surface: Dirt and sand path at Trinity Park
  • Total Time: 30:58
  • Pace Progression: 18:00 first loop, 12:58 second loop
  • Comments: I felt very tired and lethargic this morning, but when I started the tempo loop I suddenly woke up. The pace felt controlled but hard, and I finally felt like I was running well again. The loops are supposedly about 2.1M, which makes the tempo segment about 6:10 pace.
Supplemental Work: PM Strength Session*

Thursday- 7.21.11
Rest Day.

Friday- 7.22.11
Easy: 4M

  • Surface: Dirt path at Trinity Park
  • Total Time: 28:!2 (7:03)
  • Pace Progression: 7:41, 7:04, 6:46, 6:39
  • Comments: Another nice morning on the loop. I feel so comfortable and strong on my runs lately.

Strides: 4x100m
Supplemental Work: 2x30" H-Core, Form Drills, Myrtyl Routine in PM

Saturday- 7.23.11
Workout: 2M easy + 2M @ tempo

  • Surface: Asphalt loop at Bear Creek Park
  • Total Time: 29:06 (7:16 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 16:56 first loop, 12:10 second loop
  • Comments: Much more humid than I expected here in Houston, but not a bad run at all. Definitely want to keep looking for some nice softer surfaces. 6:05 pace for the tempo felt hard, but still controlled.
Supplemental Work: Strength Session*

Week 1 Total Mileage: 26M (1 long, 2 workouts, 3 easy)

*Strength Plan: 2 sets, 30" rest
Squat w/ 10lb dumbbells x 12
Push Ups x 10
Pulldown w/ 10lb dumbbells x 10
Traveling Lunge w/ 10lb dumbbells x 12/leg
Military Press w/ 10lb dumbbells x 10
Upright Row w/ 10lb dumbbells x 10
Step-Up w/ 10lb dumbbells x 12/leg
Triceps Pushdown w/ 5lb dumbbells x 12
Wall Sit x 45"
Bicep Curl w/ 10lb dumbbells x 10
Leg Curl w/ 30lb x 12
Heel Raises x 18
Toe Raises x 18


A brief training log interruption...

...to share some big news for our family.

Things are CRAZY busy right now, so I'm going to try to share this story with as much detail as possible, without taking too much time! :) Here goes...

Jake and I have always been taken care beyond anything we could ask here at DBU. The staff has been encouraging, supportive, and very understanding of everything that has come our way. We love the DBU family, ABSOLUTELY love our cross country and track family, and of course love the Dallas area.

During the first spring of our marriage, we talked quite a bit about the possibility of relocating to the Houston area, and did some research on jobs and  schooling but nothing ever worked out or fit with what we were looking for. We did not want to leave running, nor did we want to leave a setting where we were so well cared for. We have a full support network here with the team and athletics staff. What we did want was a chance for Jake to train fully, the opportunity to take care of and be a part of our extended family while they're still here, and (selfishly) more than 2 weekends a year to spend together at our home!
After our efforts all lead to dead ends, we committed ourselves fully to Dallas. Jake became even more steadfast in his recruiting and seasonal plans, we started a Dallas area post-collegiate USATF team, and we settled into a long-term apartment lease. Upon graduation, we decided for me not to go into a full time job right away so that I could spend time figuring out what I wanted to do and (finally) finishing the unpacking and decorating process for our apartment in Mansfield!

In early July we traveled to NY to compete at the USATF Club National Track Championships. Unfortunately, we both had poor races and were frustrated with how things had panned out. God has blessed us with a physical gift and a passion for the sport, and we feel as though we have not been as responsible with investing in it as He deserves us to be. We decided to make changes to commit more fully to our training. Taking the extra time to drive 45 minutes to run on softer surfaces, resting every time we did not have to travel, etc. Of course, with the life of a college coach, this is a challenge, but we had committed to this life and were ready to take on the task.

Out of the blue, Jake heard from a friend last Tuesday saying that he knew of a job in Houston that he thought would be good for me. We figured there was no harm in sending in my resume. On Wednesday, I got a call to schedule a phone interview. On Friday I had the interview, on Monday I had the job. When we found out that this was a real possibility, we made a quick trip to Houston to see if it was even an area we would be interested in living, etc. On our way out, we stopped by a running store to grab some shoes for Jake. Long story short, he walked out with his dream job opportunity. A job he had been longing for since high school. Our only remaining worry? Breaking our apartment lease. The office quoted our dues at $2300 and we were ready to pay because God had already opened so many unexpected doors. On our way out, we were told that they actually had a sister site in Houston (RIGHT where we were looking) and we could transfer our lease. Wow.

So there's the story. This will not be an easy change as we love this team and school so much, but we are excited to be near family, be able to more fully commit to this gift from God, and share evenings and weekends together (something we have yet to do since our wedding!).

There are so many more "God stories" involved in this change, but I am out of time for now! Keep us in your prayers!

Fall 2011 Breakdown - Part 1

Goal Race: Houston Half
October 23, 2011

Secondary Race: USA 10M
October 9, 2011

Strength/ Core Outline:
Long Run Days & Workout Days- Strength Session

Easy Days- Core + Form Drills
Post-Strength Day: Around the World Core, Back Routine
Pre-Strength Day: H-Core, Myrtyl Routine, Form Drills

Mileage Progression:
Week 1- 26
Week 2- 34
Week 3- 33
Week 4- 39
Week 5- 36
Week 6- 41
Week 7- 53
Week 8- 57
Week 9- 55
Week 10- 60
Week 11- 65
Week 12- 54
Week 13- 66 *Secondary Race Week
Week 14- 38


Reflections on my 2010-2011 season.

The remainder of this week (all the way through Monday, the 18th) will be dedicated purely to recovery. I will not be running, x-training, or doing core during these 8 days... definitely not any runner's favorite week of the year! But I do realize that this week is just as important to my training as every other week during the year, so I'm sticking to the plan and letting my body rebuild. It's a great chance for any nagging aches and pains to fade away and for me to get a fresh, more-motivated mentality toward next season's training and racing.

During this week, I'd like to take some time to reflect on my previous season... what worked, what didn't, what I enjoyed, what I struggled with, my confidence boosters, my weak areas, etc. I'm hoping to get genuine criticism from others as well (feel free to comment and chime in!), and at the end of the week, I'll put it all together and see what changes we may want to incorporate into next year's plan.

  • Turnover - I feel very underdeveloped in terms of my turnover. Even when I am fresh and doing strides or speed work during the week, I struggle with moving my legs quickly enough for a strong "kick". This is something I'd like to improve for the coming year.
    • Goal: Do not get passed in the last 200m of 2011-2012 races.
    • Means of achieving it: EVERY workout will be finished with sprints. Not strides, but full blown sprints.
  • Aggression - Watching videos from this year's races (Washington Indoor, Texas Relays, USATF Championships), I found that my first move in EVERY race was to cut to the inside and tuck in. Of course, these were competitive races and I should not be leading any of them, but I never went out with a lead pack, or even a group just faster than me. Conservative is the best word to describe my racing, and that only leads to regrets... not personal bests.
    • Goal: Go out with the ladies slated to beat me in 2011-2012 races and hang on as long as I can.
    • Means of achieving it: Practice starting workouts hard (slight state of oxygen debt) to get accustomed to recovering and settling into race pace without stopping.
  • Form - In almost every picture or video I have seen of myself racing, I am heel-striking and have poor knee lift. This makes my stride look weak and relaxed, not intense or as though I am truly racing or working hard.
    • Goal: Improve natural foot strike, knee lift, and stride in general.
    • Means of achieving it: Weekly hill sprints. I have gotten more confidence and felt more changes as a result of these than any other changes I made this year.
  • Muscle Size - I am the runt. On the line with competitive women, I look so puny and  weak. There is no bulk to my muscles at all.
    • Goal: Increase the size of leg muscles by 1" before the 2012 season closes.
    • Means of achieving it: Research a proven strength plan and nutritional guidance. Commit to it for the full year.
  • Short Rest Time - Many of my workouts this spring had 60+ seconds of rest between each rep. This is important because it allows for greater intensity and more speed work, but I have found that I struggle in races when I can't take a "quick" break to shake out my arms and legs and catch my breath. I became accustomed to the mental and physical recovery when things started to hurt.
    • Goal: Negative splits in 2011-2012 races. This will require the physical and mental toughness to press on when it gets too uncomfortable.
    • Means to achieve it: Incorporate more workouts with little-to none rest. This includes tempo runs and fartleks or intervals with short rest periods.
  • Less Track Work - Looking over my training logs, the only times I experienced injuries this year were after multiple long track workouts and races. Additionally, my best races came in the fall during cross, at which point all of my workouts were effort based and off the track. 
    • Goal: No side-lining injuries and confidence in effort based workouts (without the need for splits or comparing times from week to week).
    • Means of achieving it: More fartleks, hill workouts, and road/trail based training.
Additional notes:
Mileage - I love it. I love long runs, I love doing shake out runs, and I love having the option to go out for an un-timed, un-measured jog when I feel like it.
Variance - I love it. I love short, more intense runs followed by long steady runs followed by speed intervals, etc. I don't want a cookie-cutter repetitive training plan.
Racing - The more I race, the less I train. I would prefer to have fewer races and space them out more so that I can build up several weeks of consistent training in between each one.


USATF Club National Championships = Here.

I may not be ready, but I have paid my entry fee, bought plane tickets, and reserved a hotel room.
AKA... Time to race.
I've got nothing to lose, so I'm going to pretend like I am the most fit I've ever been and I'm going to lay it all on the line this Friday.

Sunday, July 3rd
45' natural run on more amazing dirt trails in Seabrook, Texas. Absolutely incredible location for training. Once again, a slow, weary shuffle on the way out, but a nice, steady run coming back.

Monday, July 4th
Massage and rest all morning! Definitely a nice change for a day! :)
20' shakeout in the afternoon + light core work.

Tuesday, July 5th
2M warm up + drills + 800m of striding straights and jogging curves.
2x400, 2M tempo, 2x400. (30" between 400s, 60" between 400s and 2M). Ended up running 87, 86, 12:36, 84, 85. The times are the paces I was planning to aim for, but I came away discouraged still. I am just worried about how difficult I'm finding these paces. Even tempo pace feels like I'm really pushing things.
800m cool down.

Wednesday, July 6th
4M natural run + 4x100m relaxed strides.

Thursday, July 7th
30' natural run + drills

Friday, July 8th
25' wu + 10k USATF Club Championship Race. 37:50 for 5th place. Terrible race, but that's all I could ask for with the training I have gotten in. 18:50 through the 5k, which makes the second 5k a 19 flat. Rough day! Hopefully I will be able to go into the meet much more prepared next year, so I'll call it a good learning opportunity and leave it at that!

Saturday, July 9th
NOTHING! Officially on break until Monday, July 18th!!