Finally feeling better! (18M / 5 runs)

Sunday, February 21st
4M in the neighborhood. Slight calf pain, but still felt pretty good today.

Monday, February 22nd
5M on the Katy Trail. Felt really nice today, but had to go to the bathroom extremely bad after the first mile. They really need port-o-potties out there.

Tuesday, February 23rd
Rest day.

Wednesday, February 24th
3M in the neighborhood. Miserable run. Super, super windy. Felt really tired; legs were heavy.

Thursday, February 25th
3M on the track. Worse than yesterday. Planned to do 4M, but ended up walking 200m of the last lap on my third mile so I decided to stop. Stomach was eating itself I was so hungry. Legs were tight and heavy, and my back hurt. Going to drink more water today and stretch later as well. Might try to bike this afternoon.

Friday, February 26th
Rest day

Saturday, February 27th
30' with 20' running, 10' walking.


Recovering from a nasty cold! (12M / 4 runs)

Sunday, February 14th
Rest day. Still sick.

Monday, February 15th
Rest day. Still sick.

Tuesday, February 16th.
20' yoga. Feeling a little better - might run tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 17th

1M run in the neighborhood in the morning. Heel hurt; stomach hurt. Stopped when I got back to the house.
3M run in the neighborhood in the afternoon. No heel problems. Stomach still hurt, but got it in.

Thursday, February 18th
4M run on the Katy Trail. Finally feeling good. No time, but HR was good for the entire run.

Friday, February 19th
4M run on the track. Super windy and humid, but still a good run.

Saturday, February 20th
Rest day.


Planned down week (15M / 4 runs)

Sunday, February 7th
Rest day. Perfect timing as I'm trying to kick the start of a cold before it's too late.

Monday, February 8th
Lunge matrix + 3' jog + leg swings.
4M in neighborhood (mostly flat loop). 33:35 / 8:24 avg pace / 173 avg HR. Still trying to hold the cold back. Wind was 20mph and temp was 39... AKA not ideal. No splits because auto split was still turned off.
No drills due to sore achilles. 4 x Gideon's strides.

Tueseday, February 9th
Rest day. Not feeling well.

Wednesday, February 10th
4M moderate on the hilly road in Columbus.

Thursday, February 11th
3M easy on the hotel treadmill.

Friday, February 12th
4M quick at Memorial Park. 4 fast strides on the paved track afterwards.

Saturday, February 13th
Rest day. Sick!!


"Week 5", which is really week 3 :) (27M / 7 runs)

Sunday, January 31st
Normal pre/ post run.
5M "long" run on the treadmill. Set it to 8:41 pace and left it there. HR was still high (170's on last mile).

Monday, February 1st
Total rest day.

Tuesday, February 2nd
Normal pre/ post run.
4M with 200m on, 200m off for last 2M. 32:26 / 8:06 avg pace / 177 avg HR (WOW!). 8:41, 8:37, 15:07 for the last two miles. 200's on were 51, 48, 47, 46, 45, 44, 43, 42 (not intentional). 200's off were 65, 66, 69, 67, 68, 66, 66, 66. HR was in the 190's for the entire last mile (197 was the max).

Wednesday, February 3rd
Normal pre run.
1M in the neighborhood (mostly flat loop). 8:27 / 160 avg HR. I thought this was going to be a killer run. I felt amazing on the entire first mile. Over ten seconds fast than usual, and my HR was 5 bpm lower than it has been. Then, within two steps I went from feeling great to having sharp, strong pain in my left heel. Tried to keep going, but only managed two more steps before I stopped to try stretching it. No help... Couldn't walk (definitely couldn't run). I actually wasn't sure how I'd get back to the house because it hurt so bad every time I pushed off my forefoot. Thankfully I made it back and the sharp pains died off.

Thursday, February, 4th
3' jog + lunge matrix x 6 (no time for normal pre run).
4M on the track. 34:20 / 8:35 avg pace / 164 avg HR. 8:40, 8:40, 8:33, 8:27. Nice and relaxed. Heel hurt staring about 3.5 laps in, but never had the same sharp strong pains like yesterday morning. It was moderate enough to run through, but definitely there and noticeable.
3M on the grass track. Not exact; I just ran 11 loops on the grass track. Total of 25:55 running. Avg HR 161.

Friday, February 5th
Normal pre run.
4M in the neighborhood (flat loop). 34:05 / 8:32 avg pace / 161 avg HR. No splits... For got to turn auto lap back on.
Run thru drills + 4 x Truth strides.

Saturday, February 6th
3' jog + lunge matrix x 6 + leg swings. (time again)
6M on treadmill. Set to 8:41 again and left it there. Avg HR 165. Getting sick...
Nothing post run... Late for a conference.