Merry Christmas! (17M / 5 runs)

Monday, December 21st
Rest day

Tuesday, December 22nd
5M on the Katy Trail (8:40, 8:01, 8:06, 8:07, 8:05).

Wednesday, December 23rd
3M on the treadmill.

Thursday, December 24th
3M on the treadmill.

Friday, December 25th
3M on the treadmill.

Saturday, December 26th
3M on the treadmill.

Sunday, December 27th
Rest day.

Travel Time (19M / 6 runs)

Monday, December 14th
Rest day

Tuesday, December 15th
3M on treadmill.

Wednesday, December 16th
2M in the neighborhood.

Thursday, December 17th
5M in the neighborhood.

Friday, December 18th
3M on the treadmill.

Saturday, December 19th
3M on the beach.

Sunday, December 20th
3M on the beach.


First 5k in over a year! (21M / 6 runs)

Monday, December 7th
3M run + 4 strides. Run felt terrible; strides felt good.

Tuesday, December 8th.
2M run. Went to visit grandpa and didn't pack for 39 degrees so I stopped early. Too cold.

Wednesday, December 9th
4M run. Finally a good run; cut down every mile. 9:00 pace down to 8:00 pace.

Thursday, December 10th
Rest day.

Friday, December 11th
~3M. Ran the 5k course plus a little extra. Ankles stiff and achy again.

Saturday, December 12th
~3M + 3 strides. Ran the 5k course plus a little extra. Strides felt better than run; still stiff on run. Might be due to old shoes that I packed.

Sunday, December 13th
2M warm up + 5k race. 20:34 for the 5k (6:37 AP). WAY faster than I expected... I was really stretching myself by aiming for 22:30 in my mind. Just felt like I hadn't been doing much of anything. Super happy with the time/ pace. Probably in 20:20ish shape as I backed off on mile 3 when I knew I was over a minute ahead of my goal time and I wasn't going to catch the girl in front of me.


Trying to stay healthy! (15M / 4 runs)

Monday, November 30th
Rest day.

Tuesday, December 1st
2 sets of LH December Strength WO1.
4M run on the track. 9:00, 8:28, 8:11, 7:36. Still dealing with left foot, left shin, and right hip.

Wednesday, December 2nd
4M run on the trail and roads at DBU. No splits, just ran for 35 minutes (definitely past 4M). Left foot, left shin, and right hip.
3 x 150m build-ups.

Thursday, December 3rd
4M run on the treadmill. 8:50, 16:14 (miles 2 & 3), 6:48. I wanted to see what sub 7:00 felt like, so I started at 8:57 and cut down by 0.2 mph every half mile. I ended my third mile at 7:47 pace, so it was a good minute drop in pace going into the last mile. I never lost control of my breathing, by my legs felt like they were out of control trying to keep up. Left ankle and foot are still bugging me.

Friday, December 4th
3 sets of LH December Strength WO2.

Saturday, December 5th
3M run on the sidewalks in Tyler. Unplanned trip to visit grandpa at the hospital.

Sunday, December 6th
Rest. Felt terrible on Saturday's run... Ankles were super stiff and achy.