Breaking a barrier! [20M]

Still battling a few random muscle (maybe tendon?) aches, but no bone pain at all! I cannot tell you how excited I am to be running 20 miles this week! I think once I string together four to six weeks of 20+ miles I'll finally start to see more noticeable fitness changes. Don't get me wrong, I've definitely progressed quite a bit over the last four weeks of 10 - 15 miles, but only in the sense that I feel more comfortable and such. I'm definitely not gaining any speed or endurance yet, but that is to be expected with only scattered, low mileage, easy running! Now that my runs are pretty much all over the 30 minute mark, the body should start responding more.

I'm also really excited about how the strength work I've been doing has affected me. I will admit that there are days it makes my runs a little slower, but I think it's worth it right now. Once I get into true training, I'll be more picky about when I do it; but, for now, I think it is working miracles. My postural strength is so much better and I feel way more stable when running. Definitely no more wobbly ankles or legs!

Sunday, June 30th
4M run + 3 uphill strides. Felt like trash for the first three miles and the fourth mile didn't feel better, but I finally decided to get over myself and run hard anyways. One mile of hard running won't hurt me and I needed it after the other poor miles. First mile was 9:10-ish and the total run was 31:33. My legs were just super heavy and I was having a hard time breathing.. couldn't take in any good, deep breaths for some reason. I think the leg fatigue is from yesterday. The new bodypump has 6 and half minutes of squats and that does not include the lunge track! Jake said I looked awful on the run, also though. Hopefully that's just from general fatigue as I really thought my posture/form had improved! I felt good and tight/strong on the strides. Jake didn't think the first one looked very good, but at least I'm feeling strong on them. Smoothness and speed will come in time.
15' core and injury prevention, 30' lap swim

Monday, July 1st
3M run + 60' bodypump. On the treadmill, per my usual Monday morning routine. I took a Gu gel on my drive to 24 Hour Fitness this morning and usually I don't eat at all before my runs on these early mornings. Let's just say it made a big difference! Miles were 8:04, 7:13, 6:58 and it all felt very good! Super happy with today's run! Bodypump was pretty much identical to Saturday. Lots and lots of squats, lots and lots of upper body. I'm still not a fan of the new hang clean move though!

Tuesday, July 2nd
15' incline walk + 60' bodycombat class. Let's just say I am not, and will never be, a fighter. Nor will I be taking bodycombat again! Haha! Probably the most embarrassing sixty minutes I've spent in a gym! Ha! At least I got in some arm and ab work! :)

Wednesday, July 3rd
4M run + 30' bike AM. I didn't want to use the treadmill twice this week so I ran in the huge parking lot in front of our gym. It only took four loops and I was not running slow by any means! For some reason I just had a quick turnover today and it felt unnatural to slow it down. I definitely put myself in a hole though, and had to hang on for the last 10 minutes or so!
60' bodypump PM

Thursday, July 4th
4M run + 3 uphill strides. Got this in before a long day of travel. Very slow, heavy, lethargic run. Probably the worst most heavy legged and heavy breathed I've felt for any runs so far. Yuck! Just glad I got it in and there are no structural problems!!

Friday, July 5th
Rest. No cross training opportunities.

Saturday, July 6th
5M of running on the track. 2M warm up, 2x1M of stride the straights/ jog the curves with 800m easy after each mile. 15:51, 7:10, 4:12, 7:04, 3:36. In case the 4:12 recovery after that first straights/curves mile is not enough proof, I STRUGGLED on this run. Just couldn't suck in enough air from step #1. I felt very weak and very fatigued the entire time. On the bright side, I got in the scheduled five miles and three of them were 7:20 pace or faster (the first two miles were 8:30, 7:21).


Week 4 coming back [15M]

I have gradually noticed more aching in my thigh, so I have a doctor appointment on Tuesday morning. I am hoping they're able to easily confirm if this is muscle/ nerves, or if it's back to the bone again. Say a prayer for me! I don't want to be back on my bum again already!

Sunday, June 23rd
4M run + 40' cycle class. This is the first run I've had since beginning my return to training where I truly felt comfortable and relaxed! I really, really enjoyed the run and it felt easy from start to finish! I'm sure a lot of it had to do with my setting the treadmill a bit slower than usual, but I'm so thankful for a run that felt GOOD! Ran 8:29 for the first mile and then cut down a bit each half mile after that to finish in 31:25.  The last quarter mile or so I dropped it to sub 7:00 pace because it still felt so easy!

Monday, June 24th
60' barbell class. Skipped the lunge portion entirely today, so my only leg work was the squats part. Last time I tried starting the lunges but my knee just wasn't ready yet. I upped my weight for chest, back, and triceps to 7.5lbs each side, keeping 5lbs each side for the w/u, squats, biceps, and shoulders. Did the walking push-ups on my knees and the 16 straight push-ups on my toes.

Tuesday, June 25th
4M run + 3 relaxed uphill strides + 20' stationary bike. I will be honest, today was only supposed to be 3 miles. I just felt so good about how easy Sunday's run was and I knew I was jumping to 20 miles next week, so I figured going from 11.5 to 15 to 20 was really no different than 11.5 to 14 to 20. :) Plus, because I took Saturday off, I'm getting two runs in a row where I have a full day off before and after! Run was good and I progressed naturally throughout. Did my strides on campus on a very gradual incline. Good day of running! I'm excited!
*New doctor says my thigh pain is all soft tissue or at worst a stress reaction (no fracture)- If it gets worse stop, if not, ART, ice after workouts, compression sleeve for indoor workouts, and TRAIN ON! :)

Wednesday, June 26th
45' cycle class before work. First day going out of the saddle and no pain in my thigh!
60' barbell class after work. Went back to doing the full bodypump session (lunges included) and had no problems. 5lbs each side for w/u, squats, biceps, lunges, and shoulders, 7.5lbs each side for chest, triceps, 10lbs each side for back.

Thursday, June 27th
4M run + 3 relaxed uphill strides. Could NOT wake up this morning, so instead of driving to the trails I just ran the loops in our neighborhood. Got in the full run without stopping, but had some solid stomach and side cramps the whole time that definitely tempted me!! My legs were also really tight from the strength work yesterday, but I am taking that as a good thing. :) Strides were great. Strong focus on form, so they were very smooth and powerful! Our neighborhood is a much better place for these than on campus at DBU!

Friday, June 28th
3M run + 60' PiYo class before work. Dropped the pace throughout my run and finished up with the last .10 just under 7:00 pace (cut down by .1mph every .10 mile for the last half mile mile). Took around 23:25, though that's not exact because I accidentally hit the pause button in the third mile and had to restart/recalibrate the treadmill. Felt good though! I'm getting so much more comfortable at 7:30 pace... I spend a good 1.75 miles or more out of each run at that pace or faster.

Saturday, June 29th
60' barbell class. Today was the "debut" of Bodypump 86 (the newest version). The new exercises and the structure of the workout are a bit different so I used slightly lighter weights to be safe. In the end, I think it will be a slightly easier workout. Heavier on squats, much lighter on lunges. Heavier on chest, lighter on triceps. Heavier on back and shoulders, lighter on abs. So, there you have it! :)


I am gradually becoming a RUNNER again! [11.5M]

I've run 9 of the last 14 days! BE EXCITED, FOLKS! I have yet to miss a single mile off the schedule Jake made me! That's big time when you have my kind of mileage. ;) Give me about 104 more weeks and I will blow you away! ;)

No major surprises this week in terms of running, but the latter half of the week is going to be a bit dicey. I'm not sure what "cross training" options I'll have in Minnesota, so I may end up a sitting duck two days. I love race trips though. I love the expos, race morning, the post-race festivities, and seeing runners scattered all around the town. Can't wait!!

Sunday, June 16th
3M run on Merrifield Road in 23:35. This was another very enjoyable run on the hilliness of Merrifield Road! I love being back out there! 8:37, 8:02, 6:56 today!! I was definitely getting tired that last mile, but I also would never have guessed I was running sub 7 pace! Sweet!!
30' bodypump + 60' cycle class. Got to the gym thirty minutes early for cycle and my favorite instructor was halfway thru bodypump so I jumped in! Lucky me! :)

Monday, June 17th
60' bodypump class. I am a walking zombie right now. I see a nap and early bedtime in my future today!! Quad muscle on my left femur is bothering me, but this time I'm confident it's muscle and not bone. Must have strained it or something.

Tuesday, June 18th
20' run + 60' cycle class. Got in my 20 minutes on the treadmill, starting at 8:57 pace and knocking the speed up by .1 every 60". Finished 2.53 miles by the end and was just right under 7:00 pace for the last minute.

Wednesday, June 19th
25' run. Wanted to run on a soft surface so I went to DBU's gravel loop and just ran for minutes. Not the greatest surface today because it was so thick - like running through loose sand on a beach! I had a lot of random aches this morning, but none that felt deep or structural. Pretty much everything was a strained or pulled sensation. I will try to ice after class tonight!
60' bodypump class.

Thursday, June 20th
Off.. Travel ALL day!

Friday, June 21st
3M run with Jake . Not terrible, and I'm thankful to be running, but it is definitely embarrassing how much and how quickly your fitness fades. I'm am in awful shape!! Haha!

Saturday, June 22nd
Off...Cheering for Jake! Then a quick nap and an afternoon/evening of travel again.


Glass in the head and 10M in the books! [10M]

Well, for those who have not yet heard, I managed to total Jake's car and smash my head into the windshield last Wednesday. I haven't had terrible, terrible symptoms, but I've lost a lot of hair, still have some glass in the top of my head, and have a big knot under my knee that's pretty painful. The most crazy part is I didn't have to miss a single run after it! So not only did I survive, but I can still run! God is good! Now we just have to figure out how to get by with one car! :/

Here are few pictures from last week!

This week I only have four runs scheduled, but two of them are three-milers so I'll be at 10 for the week again! Now that we're down to one car, I probably won't go to many cycle or barbell classes anymore, but I'll try to squeeze them in when Jake runs at home or calls recruits! I also will probably wait a few more days to go back to the pool. The cuts on my legs still hurt in the shower, so I want to give them a chance to fully heal!

Sunday, June 9th
15M bike with Jake at the lake

Monday, June 10th
3M run on the treadmill. 8:39, 7:44, 7:30. No femur pain, but still have the pain under my left knee from the accident. Super pumped about my first 3-miler! :) One more mile and I'll be over the 30' milestone!
60' barbell class. SO, SO, SO happy I got to go to this today! I know I won't be able to go as often anymore, but when I can I'm going to soak it up! :)

Tuesday, June 11th
60' cycle workout, 5' core, 20' walk home. I used a cycle workout album off iTunes this morning and it was perfect! Just like being in a class at the gym! Maybe this won't be so bad! :) I really enjoyed walking home, too. Though it will be nice when I'm no longer on-call and don't have to lug around this heavy laptop! *On a side note, I woke up with a pretty good ache in my femur this morning. Going to give it the day and see how it feels when I run tomorrow. Very surprising since I had no pain yesterday.*

Wednesday, June 12th
3/4M walk, 2M run, 3/4M walk, 10' bike, 5' core. :) Sounds wordy when I put it like that. Oh well. :) I felt absolutely terrible today though! I know I worked extremely hard on the bike yesterday, though, and I also did not get much sleep last night because of work requests that kept coming in. At least I got in the miles and my femur wasn't a problem! Tomorrow will be a new day!

Thursday, June 13th
2M run, 30' bike, 30' strength. I ran on the treadmill again this morning because Jake let me use the car and go to a class at the gym! Got in the two miles in 8:19, 7:16 and felt very good, then went straight to a spin and strength class. My femur seemed finicky for part of the first mile and then I never noticed it again!

Friday, June 14th
60' PiYo class. This class is a mixture of pilates and yoga according to the class description, but I wouldn't really know. All I can say to describe it is that there are a lot of planks, push ups, squats, lunges, and weird exercises that somehow make your legs and abs burn. It also reminds me that I have terrible balance. :) I will say it is a nice way to spend my "off" days though. Not too hard, but enough to make you work!

Saturday, June 15th
3M run. I stayed on the SMU track for this entire run. I turned around after six laps and was at 17:17 for 2 miles! Yikes! Finished up the run in 24:53. I was telling Jake this morning, I don't think I've ever been this out of shape when coming back from injury!!


Here we go!!!! "Week 1"! [10M]

This is my FIRST week of "real" running since my bone scan! I have done no continuous runs since then, but my few weeks of run-walk sessions have given me enough confidence in health to get started again! So, my lovely husband Jake gave me a nice gradual build up to get me back to a normal running schedule in about six weeks. Perfect! Here goes week 1!

Sunday, June 2nd
2M run followed by 20M bike with Jake. First time to run longer than 9 minutes at a time! I was uncomfortable and breathing heavily for the first mile, but really settled into a good rhythm and enjoyed the trip back! :) 

Monday, June 3rd
2M run followed by 60' barbell class. Nothing fancy to report back today. I did my run on the treadmill, but intentionally did not look at the pace and focused on staying relaxed. Took just under 17:00. Nothing scary with my femur but I have noticed that my ankle only bothers me when I run on the treadmill. Weird! Class was a success as well. Added an additional 2.5lbs to the ends of my bar, so the upper body work was much more challenging! 
25' aqua jog during lunch.

Tuesday, June 4th
60' cycle class before work.
30' aqua jog during lunch.

Wednesday, June 5th
2M run in the neighborhood. Felt sick when I woke, didn't run until after noon, planning to do my barbell class after work. Totaled my husband's car on the way to gym. Needless to say, no strength today and probably no working out for several days.Talk about feeling like the worst person in the world!

Thursday, June 6th
Recovering from totaling Jake's care yesterday. Broke the windshield with the my forehead and the top of my head, lots a good amount of hair, and banged up my legs pretty good. I might give running a try tomorrow around mid-day.

Friday, June 7th
2M run in the neighborhood. I GOT IT IN!! Woohoo! I still have pain bending my knee, especially with weight on it, but found that if I kept my stride short it really wasn't too bad! So happy I got to run today!

Saturday, June 8th
2M run on the Katy Trail. Super pumped that I got in my last 2-miler for the week! That makes TEN MILES this week! Woohoo!!!! In saying that, I am still pathetically out of shape! Today was the first time I timed one of my runs. I was at 7:39 for the 1M turn around and finished at 14:58... 7:30 pace, you say, isn't bad. But, I raced to run that pace!! I definitely could not have gone a third mile! Hopefully a few months of just being consistent and occasionally running a bit harder (like today) I will start to get back in shape again!
60' cycle class.