Movin on up! (24M)

After two weeks with 20 miles in five runs on the calendar, we're bumping it up a tiny bit to 24 miles in six runs. I'm excited to throw in another small run and I'm glad to have a couple days over four miles. So very blessed to be training again!

Sunday, April 29th
5M run on Fish Creek Trail in 36:06 (7:13 AP)
COMMENTS: Nice run this morning with Jake. Stopped about 12 minutes in while Jake ran to the restroom, but other than that it was a simple, straightforward five mile run. The first mile was a good loosening up mile (8:00 pace) the rest was steady at close to 7:00 pace. Glad to have another day in the books!

Monday, April 30th
20' bike + 3x15 weights + 25' bike
2M in the neighborhood in 14:47 (7:23 AP) + 8' abs workout during lunch
COMMENTS: Great run in my new Mizuno Wave Riders... I really like them! Felt nice to run mid day instead of first thing out of bed... definitely easier to get going. I probably pushed myself too hard on the hills, but tomorrow will be relaxed so it's ok! I also finally measured my neighborhood loop with the Garmin and made an "add-on" loop that brings it to 2M. Glad to have that measured!

Tuesday, May 1st
35' run on grass track/ gravel path (~8:00 AP)
COMMENTS: Enjoyed a nice run with Linet, Hanna, and Jake at DBU this morning. We talked the entire run, so the actual average pace may even be slower than 8:00, but it was a good run nonetheless. No pains to make note of!
20' bike through the neighborhood at lunch

Wednesday, May 2nd
45' run in the neighborhood + 8' abs workout + body weight strength
COMMENTS: Nice and SLOW today! I don't know the last time I ran that slow! My first 1.5M was at 9:50 pace and I ended up finishing the first 5M in 43:30, so just under nine minute pace! WOW! But it was so fun to enjoy the weather and the sights and just chill while getting some fresh air! So happy to run over forty minutes! Now time for the long drive to Houston!
60' easy bike in the evening

Thursday, May 3rd
4M run on the treadmill (7:30 AP)
COMMENTS: I could definitely tell I took yesterday easy; today's run felt so smooth and easy. My whole body felt nice and light and strong.  I actually had to stop the treadmill ten minutes in and run to the restroom and back, but no problems aside from that. Finished the 4 miles in 29:30.

Friday, May 4th
Rest day

Saturday, May 5th
45' on Brunes Mill Rd in Columbus
COMMENTS: I can't believe how hilly this run was! But I definitely ran a solid pace and put in a good effort; at least 6 miles worth. Thankful that my mom rode the six wheeler beside me so I didn't have to worry about dogs!
45' bike in the evening

26.4 miles running; 2 hours 50 minutes cross training


His ways are higher. (20M)

Last week was a good week of training, but definitely one that required some adjustments and patience (good thing that was my focus for the week!). I probably dug myself in a bit of a hole last Sunday morning with all the sprinting and running around I did during Jake's race; ever since then, my foot has been aching a bit more and I've felt pretty run down. I'm hoping the overall fatigue is from allergies, though, as opposed to the training - especially since I'm not doing much at all yet!! I ended up dropping several cross training sessions and going easier on my weights and core to accommodate for how I was feeling.

This week is an exact duplicate of last week in terms of mileage and running days, but I'm hoping to get some life back into me and be able to put in a few more sessions of cross training and core. It's going to be a busy week as we've got the DBU Athletic Banquet on Monday night and family coming in for the weekend, but I'm going to do my best to stay on top of things!

For those of you who read this, please keep my foot in your prayers. I'm so anxious to get back to full-time training and these aches are really scaring me. I spent a long time today expressing to God how much I want to get back to competing and bringing glory to Him on the streets and the track. For now, while I'm a "behind the scenes" runner, I don't feel like my gift brings Him any glory, which makes it difficult to do the small extras that make me better.

Sunday, April 22
35' run at DBU on the gravel trail and grass track + 35' bike

Monday, April 23
55' bike + 2x15 weights and core

Tuesday, April 24
32' run at DBU on the gravel trail + 30' bike
COMMENTS: Today's run was weird; I was tired, but couldn't slow down - I ended up running a pretty solid pace and stopped at 32' for a bathroom break that couldn't have waited ten more seconds!!! No foot pain on today's run.

Wednesday, April 25
35' run through the neighborhood + 30' core/ bodyweight strength
COMMENTS: Kept things nice and relaxed on the run; felt really good to just go out and enjoy the morning and another chance to run!!

Thursday, April 26
34' run on the grass track with Jake + 20' elliptical
COMMENTS: Think I'm getting sick with whatever Jake has, but other than that it was a good run. I may want to look at a different kind of shoe though. The Adizero  Boston are making the bottom of my feet hurt when I wear them.

Friday, April 27
core + light weights + 60' bike

Saturday, April 28
34' run in the boy scout camp + 8 minute abs workout
COMMENTS: Another GREAT run in the boy scout camp. I absolutely LOVE running there! It has steep climbs, gradual climbs, downhill stretches, pretty scenery, and plenty of curves so it's not a long straight trail! If I can make it out here enough this year, I think the climbs will really pay off in terms of functional strength!

21 miles running; 3 hours 20 minutes x-training


Patient Progress! (20M)

I've decided the focus of my training right now has to be on making patient progress. I know myself well enough to make this a priority early on; if not, I will get so wrapped up in "today's" workout that I'll sacrifice my long term benefits.

It's definitely not easy to be a serious or competitive runner coming back from a long break, because your mind is ready to run hard and tackle every aspect of training with full intensity, but your body is only ready for one baby step at a time.

Running has been a tremendous source of joy these past several weeks, and every day I realize more and more why I love it. It's a truly freeing sport; both mentally and physically. When I'm out on my own two feet, using my body to move forward as powerfully and swiftly as possible, I feel like I'm actually going somewhere. Every step is purposeful and productive. Every step makes me stronger and more prepared for tomorrow. I love it. In fact, one of my favorite things about running is that you get out of it what you put into it. It's so similar to life; learn to to work hard with wisdom (not irrationality) and the possibilities are endless!

Hope all of you have a wonderful week - Make it a healthy one! God only gives us one body, don't waste the one he chose for you!

Sunday, April 15th
32' run on the course before Jake's race... lots of running during the race!

Monday, April 16th
weights/ core + 40' bike with 20x40" hard, 20" recovery
30' bike in the evening

Tuesday, April 17th
33' run on the grass at Mtn View CC with Jake and Kelsey + 20xAround the World Core
COMMENTS- Very nice run this morning at a what felt like a good solid pace. It's nice to finish a run feeling strong and feeling like you actually got work done! On a small side note, I did have more foot pain than usual before we started this morning.

Wednesday, April 18th
33' run through the neighborhood with Jake
20' stair master + 10' elliptical + 30' bike in evening
COMMENTS- Slogged my way through the run this morning... definitely tight and tired! I'll have to get better about stretching and warming up before and after my runs. No issues with my foot though!

Thursday, April 19th
33' run on the grass track solo + 3x12 weights
COMMENTS- Felt great to run relaxed on a quiet pretty morning. I love the solitude and peaceful side of running before daylight without any sounds but the birds!

Friday, April 20th
35' bike with 4x30",60",90" (equal recovery)
30' easy bike with Jake on Fish Creek Trail

Saturday, April 21st
37' run in the boy scout camp with Jake + 2x15 weights
COMMENTS- I was feeling really worn down and weak today; not sure if it's from my allergies, a long week, or what, but I was definitely having to work to keep this time. Especially on the hills. I will say that I LOVE the boy scout camp though.. I will definitely be back there a lot. 
Cut the evening bike as I still don't feel well.

21 miles running; 3 hours 10 minutes x-training


Walkin on sunshine!!! (18M)

I'm getting more and more excited about my training now that the mileage is getting to be more consistent. I feel more like a runner when I am able to run five days a week and actually spend thirty minutes out there! I'm so very grateful for this second chance in the sport! God is so good!!

Sunday, April 8th
4M in 29:42 (8:20, 15:58, 23:05, 29:42) on Fish Creek Trail + 10' core
COMMENTS- Ran the first two miles with Jake, Zach, and Josh before turning around to head back to the cars; nice run this morning aside from having to use the restroom the whole time! Very humid day!
30' stair master + 30' bike in the evening

Monday, April 9th
20xAround the World core + 3x8 weights + 60' bike
30' easy (while Jake ran) bike through the neighborhood in the PM

Tuesday, April 10th
3.3ish miles in 25:22 on Fish Creek Trail + core
COMMENTS- Ran with Jake and Kurt (a few of the DBU girls stayed with us for the first half of the run); they started a bit too fast for my liking which made the run less comfortable, but it was fun to run with a group again. That's something that I'll have to adjust to, I suppose.
35' bike w/ 25x30" pick-ups, 30" recovery

Wednesday, April 11th
4M in 33:08 at the track
COMMENTS- 9:17, 8:23, 7:56, 7:32. Started VERY easy this morning... as in no drills, no stretching, nothing! I got up late and was short on time so I just got out of the car and started trotting! Felt good to have such relaxed, non-chalant morning run though! Great time for thinking and enjoying the run!
30' easy (while Jake ran) bike through the neighborhood in the PM

Thursday, April 12th
27' easy run on DBU's gravel loop + 2x15 weights + 30' bike
COMMENTS- Felt nice and relaxed again on today's run. The outside (not where my fracture was) of my right foot was aching, but nothing major.

Friday, April 13th
(rest day) 2 x 30' easy bikes while Jake ran; light core in the morning

Saturday, April 14th
33' run with Jake on Town Lake in Austin
40' stationary bike in the evening (might've busted my right knee up being stupid after the bike?! i tried doing walking hi-knees on a slow moving treadmill, set it too slow, and ended up slamming my knee into machine... tore it up and am still bleeding! had to skip the weights i had planned to clean up!)

18.87M running; 5 hours 15 minutes x-training


One step at a time! (15M)

I'm very grateful for last week's training; I did experience more aches and soreness in my foot towards the end of the week, but Saturday was my rest day and I'm already feeling good again this (Sunday) morning!

I'm excited to see what a few more consistent weeks of getting out and logging miles on my feet will do for my fitness level. It's always fun to see the developments that occur in the first few weeks of training, but I definitely still need to stay patient.

Sunday, April 1st
**28' with Jake on trails + 60' bike
COMMENTS- Pretty hilly and rough surface, so nothing fast today. No pain in my foot though, which was a pleasant surprise. I felt good muscularly, but pretty weak aerobically.
**30' bike in the afternoon

Monday, April 2nd
**27' around the neighborhood
COMMENTS- I felt surprisingly good as the run went on today; perhaps because I started slower than usual. By the end of the time I was really focusing on strong, proper form and working the uphill portions of my run well. This was definitely one of those days where I did not want to stop - I wish I could run tomorrow!!! (I'll take the runs the Lord has given me for now, though! :) No complaints!)

Tuesday, April 3rd
20' stair climber + 2x15 weights + 15xAround the World Core
35' bike during lunch

Wednesday, April 4th
3.4m loop in 23:21 finished out for a total of 27'
COMMENTS- Super excited about this run. I knew I was feeling good and moving quicker on the run compared to Monday morning, but I definitely was not expecting sub 7' pace! It's a 1.7M loop in our neighborhood and the nice thing is that it has several climbs and descents, some steep, some gradual. It will definitely be a good route to train on this season!

Thursday, April 5th
27' around the campus + 3x12 weights + 20' stair climber + 30' bike
COMMENTS- I felt just as good today as I did yesterday, but I am really trying to stay healthy this season so I kept things laid back. I didn't run through any drills prior to the run, which forces me to start a little slower while I wake up. Another nice run though; I can't say how grateful I am to be out on my feet feeling the fresh, cool air against my face! I am falling more in love with this sport every day!

Friday, April 6th
45' bike around the neighborhood (I tried to go to the gym and it was closed!!)

Saturday, April 7th
3.3ish miles with Jake on Fish Creek Trail + 2x15 weights + 50' bike
COMMENTS- Another nice run physically, but I still seem to be out of breath on my runs. I'll try to scale things back in the next few weeks to be sure I don't run too hard.

4 hours 50 minutes cross training; 16.8M running