Happy Thanksgiving! (20M / 6 runs)

Monday, November 23rd
35' bike with HIIT.
4M run. 34:25 on treadmill.

Tuesday, November 24th
35' bike with steady state.
3 x Strength WO1.

Wednesday, November 25th
4M run. 33:30 on track. 8:59, 8:16, 8:17, 7:58.
35' elliptical.

Thursday, November 26th
2M run. 17:20 on treadmill. 9:20, 8:00.

Friday, November 27th
30' run. Ran with Jake on Brunes Mill Rd in Columbus. Felt awful - hilly, high humidity, didn't wake up first, etc, etc.

Saturday, November 28th
30' run. Ran on treadmill. Came thru 3.5M in 29:55, last mile in 8:00.
2 x 6 of 8 different free weight upper body exercises.

Sunday, November 29th
30' run. Ran in the neighborhood. Still need to work on my right hip flexor and IT insertions.


Trying again! (12M / 4 runs)

Monday, November 16th
3M run. 9:11, 8:39, 7:58 on the track at lunch. Only pain was front of left shin. Felt fine other than burping and stomach sloshing.
4M outdoor bike to warm up for strength.
2 x Strength WO1.

Tuesday, November 17th
3M run. 9:06, 8:41, 7:59 on the track at lunch. Only pain was front of left groin. Felt fine other than burping and stomach sloshing.
35' indoor bike.

Wednesday, November 18th
35' bike.
2 x Strength WO2.

Thursday, November 19th
30' run. Slight foot pain.

Friday, November 20th
20' run. Foot pain.

Saturday, November 21st
30' elliptical.

Sunday, November 22nd
8M bike.


Looking forward to good health & good weather! (7M / 2 runs)

Slowly easing back into things this week! I just took seven consecutive days completely off (no cross training, no weights, no running, no nothing!), so I don't want to fling myself back in everything on day one!

Monday, November 9th
2M run. Ran in the neighborhood in Hoka Clifton 2's. Felt very light (that's too be expected after losing 8 pounds last week!) and felt lots of pep (also to be expected after seven days of rest). Left foot still had some achiness, as did my outer left knee and shins. Nothing was nearly as bad as last Sunday though, so that's a positive!
WO1 strength.

Tuesday, November 10th
4M run. Originally planned on 3M, but I felt good and didn't expect to get to run on Wednesday or Thursday due to a last minute colonscopy. Shin still hurt.

Wednesday, November 11th

Thursday, November 12th
Nothing. Anesthesia hung around pretty much all day.

Friday, November 13th
Nothing. Drove to Columbus early in the morning. Busy afternoon + unsettled stomach from travel schedule = no workout.

Saturday, November 14th
Nothing. Felt like I had indigestion from the time I woke up. Tried yoga in the morning, but kept burping.

Sunday, November 15th
Nothing. Drove home during most of the day. Stopped at urgent care clinic for the chest pain (what I thought was indigestion on Friday and Saturday). Probably from a biopsy taken during Thursday's EDG... Will take a couple weeks to heal.


Sick!!! (0M / 0 runs)

Monday, November 2nd
Scheduled rest day. (cleanse day - which turned out to be a blessing! woke up at 1am with a stomach bug of some sort.)

Tuesday, November 3rd
Rest day. Ate 5 saltine crackers.

Wednesday, November 4th
Rest day. Temperature starting to go down, ate more crackers and a bar.

Thursday, November 5th
Rest day. Temperature still going down. Ate a lot more, but not because I wanted to!

Friday, November 6th
Rest day. Lost 8 lbs so far. Temperature finally normal! Ate better. Walked 15 minutes (very slow... it was tiring!) twice.

Saturday, November 7th
Rest day. Walked 1M twice. Feeling more energy, but still not much of an appetite.

Sunday, November 8th
Rest day. Walked 2M. Energy is back. Appetite is not back, but food is no longer gross!