Life. It's just full of surprises!

Like gorgeous roses, some dark chocolate, and a relaxing night out with my amazing husband!
And my new $100 coffeemaker that cost me me $15!
And the fact that I finally got my Garmin heart rate monitor to work (when it stays up...)!
And let's not forget that I now have 10 servings of homemade shrimp/sweet potato/corn soup in my freezer!

Ohhhh... AND that I have now completed 8 runs and am feeling great!!!!!


In saying all of that, I have a lot to thank God for right now. This week is going to be my way of praising Him for the blessings He's been pouring out. My mental focus this week? Everything I do, I do to show my appreciation for His provision (ie. With everything I have, as wisely and cheerfully as I can). I'm going to mess up a lot, of course, but I'm going to try to live in an honorable manner this week out of respect and gratitude for His goodness.

On tap for my training:

Monday, June 28th
[morning heart rate: back up to 56]
*2 mile run by myself.
Where- Mountain Creek Lake Park. WAY more hilly than I remember it!! The elevation chart that came off my Garmin agrees! :)
Average Pace/ Total Time- 8:01/ 16:03
Average Heart Rate/ % of my Heart Rate Reserve- 168/ 78%
Comments- This was the first run I've had that I felt tired (not in a sleepy sense!) going into it. Jake and I have been walking a lot of hilly trails and my hip flexors were so sore this morning that it hurt to pick up my knees to tie my shoelaces! Got the run in nonetheless and enjoyed going farther than 1.5 miles! :) I'm trying to really take advantage of this heart rate monitor. Apparently sticking between 70% and 80% is optimal for aerobic base building.
*3 x 12 intervals of "push" strength work of push-ups, military press (hands elevated), close grip push-ups (hands elevated), seated dips.
*45' aquajog.
*gentle yoga stretches (pm).

Tuesday, June 29th

[morning heart rate: still up at 56]
*3 x 12 intervals of "leg" strength work with Bulgarian Split Squats, Side Lunges, Squats with 2" pause at bottom, and 1-Legged RDLs on a pillow.
*19 minute run by myself.
Where- Grand Prairie neighborhood sidewalks
Average Pace/ Total Time- Unknown (satellite on my Garmin never picked up)/ 19:00
Average Heart Rate/ % of my Heart Rate Reserve- 159/ 73%
Comments- Felt really good to my body (the fact that it was POURING rain for the entire run probably helped that ;) haha!), but my foot definitely hurt today. In fact, it's still aching at 10:20AM as I type this. :/ I've put on some anti-inflammatory gel and plan to ice during lunch as well. Good thing tomorrow is my day off.. I've run almost as many miles in the last 3 days as I have in the past 2 weeks, so it's probably just ready for a rest!
*2 x 40" pedestal routine.
*Myrtl Routine.

*yoga stretches, self massage, & foam rolling (pm).

Wednesday, June 30th
[morning heart rate: 56]
*70' aquajog/ swim. Intense today... hardest workout I've ever gotten in at the pool. Threw in several "surges" and form variations to keep things interesting.
*2 x 40" pedestal routine w/ 5 leg raises.
*sleepytime (pm).

Thursday, July 1st
[morning heart rate: 52]
*2 mile run by myself.
Where-DBU dirt/gravel trail. I intended to run on the grass track but it was more of a swamp land today due to the recent rains!
Average Pace/ Total Time- 8:20/ 16:41
Average Heart Rate/ % of my Heart Rate Reserve- 169/ 78%
Comments- I think this was my slowest run yet, but maybe that's what I need right now? Still just trying to base everything off the HR. My foot has been aching the past few days, so I'm doing the best I can to keep things low-key right now.
*3 x 12 intervals of "pull" strength work with Let Me Ins, Let Me Ups w/ knees bent, Let Me Ins with palms up, and Towel Curls.
*50' swim w/ 1', 2', 3', 2' surges at 10' intervals.
*yoga stretches & foam rolling (pm).

Friday, July 2nd
[morning heart rate: 50]
*2.4 mile run by myself.
Where- I went to a random Country Club that's about half a mile from the pool I use and just ran around their golf course!
Average Pace/ Total Time- 8:08/ 19:40
Average Heart Rate/ % of my Heart Rate Reserve- 165/ 75%
Comments- Felt nice. Again, just focusing on keeping it relaxed. Ran the entire first mile with my HR below 155 to really ease into the run. Then gradually started picking it up. It was only supposed to be 2 miles, but I hit 2 miles a good ways away from where I parked so I just finished out the run (dumb winding golf course paths! haha!). So thankful to be able to get in another run though!!!
*2 x 40" pedestal routine.
*45' aquajog.

*sleepytime & a few yoga stretches (pm).

Saturday, July 3rd
[morning heart rate: 48]
*3 mile run by myself.
Where- White Rock Lake!
Average Pace/ Total Time- 8:11/ 24:34
Average Heart Rate/ % of my Heart Rate Reserve- 168/ 77%
Comments- Felt good!!! I really enjoy running without paying attention to pace... it feels so comfortable keeping things at this heart rate... makes me want to run farther! The only downside is looking at the pace after I run.. :) But that'll come with time, I guess.
*3 x 12 intervals of "core" strength work with double leg lifts, supermans w/ hands under chin, russian twists, and swimmers.
*2 x 40" pedestal routine w/ 5 leg lifts.
*60' aquajog.

Sunday, July 4th
[morning heart rate: 50]

Total Miles for the Week: 11.5 miles.
Total Number of Runs: 5.


Couldn't be more thankful!!!

...To be healthy and running again!!!! :)

On the calendar for this week:

Monday, June 21st
*3 x 12 "push" strength exercises with push-ups, military press (hands elevated), close grip push-ups (hands elevated), and seated dips.
*20' bike, 20' elliptical, 10' walk.
early, early, early to bed tonight.

Tuesday, June 22nd
*10' run with Jake!
Where- Fish Creek Trail
Average pace- 8:08
Distance- 1.23 miles.
Comments- Felt good to the body, but still so out of breath! It's frustrating. But I'm so grateful to be healthy enough to run... I'll take the heavy breathing! Helps running with Jake... makes it easier for me to progress into the run. I like the gentle, rolling hills at Fish Creek.
*45' aquajog.
*2 x 30" pedestal routine.

*sleepytime (pm).

Wednesday, June 23rd
[started taking morning heart rate by hand before getting out of bed. i'll record it on here until i fall out of the habit. ;) today's was 58]
*3 x 12 "leg" strength exercises with bulgarian split squats, side lunges, squats with 3" pause at bottom, 1-legged RDL's on pillow.
*60' aquajog.
*2 x 30" pedestal routine with 5 leg lifts.
*handful of yoga stretches and foam rolling (pm).

Thursday, June 24th
[morning heart rate: 56]
*10' run with jake!!
Where- Fish Creek Trail
Average Pace- 7:40
Distance- 1.31 miles
Comments- Felt GREAT! I did several new dynamic stretches before we left the apartment and really warmed up my body well... it worked! My Garmin shows we were going about 7 minute pace for a good while on the way back... exciting! Tomorrow may be 8:40 pace, but I'm not going to take any of these days that I feel good on for granted!
*2 x 40" pedestal routine.
*45' aquajog.

*sleepytime (pm).

Friday, June 25th
[morning heart rate: 54]
*1.5 mile run by myself.
Where- grass track at DBU
Average Pace- 7:21
Total Time- 11:05
Comments- Still really hard for me to run by myself.... I'm just horrible at managing my pace right now... it all still feels kind of weird so I really have no clue what I'm running unless I look down at my watch. Good run though... no pains... enjoyed getting out (even though it was before the sun came up today! haha!)!
*3 x 12 "pull" strength exercises of let-me-ins, let-me-ups with knees bent, let-me-ins with palms down, towel curls.
*70' swim.

Saturday, June 26th

Sunday, June 27th
[morning heart rate: 52]
*1.5 (ish) mile run with Jake!
Where- Boulder Park Trails in Duncanville
Average Pace- ??? Not sure... the Garmins didn't work out there.
Total Time-13:45.
Comments- I LOVED running through trails. Lots of turns and quick, mini ups and and downs that distracted you from the run. The way out was a drag for Jake though... he had to take the brunt of the spiderwebs (thank you, Jake! :) love you!!). I think these trails will have to be a place where I run for time though. The Garmin was definitely not working out there, but I could easily get lost in those trails for a good out and back run!
*3 x 12 "core" strength exercises of double leg lifts, hyperextensions with hands under chin, russian twists, and swimmers.
*15' elliptical, 15' bike.
*yoga stretching routine.

Total mileage for the week: 5.54 miles.
Number of runs for the week: 4.


Almost there!!

God-willing, I will begin running on June 27th!!!! I'm going to swim and bike this week and start ellipitcalling and walking next week! I plan to continue doing these general body strength workouts, and I also plan on doing some yoga workouts on the days in between the strength days. Time to start getting serious! :)

Monday, June 14th:
*yoga workout.
*30' aqua jog.
All went well! And I met a 3' marathoner at the pool and she was so encouraging! She said that when I start back running, it may be sore for about 3 weeks but that everything is normal! And right now... nothing is even sore! :)
Average Pace- a blazing 8:27
Distance- a whopping 0.59 of a mile
Comments- extremely awkward and clumsy... but AMAZING!

Tuesday, June 15th:
*4'30" general strength ladders of push-ups, let-me-ins, seated dips, bicep curls, alternating side lunge, 1-legged RDL's, squat w/ 1" pause at bottom, side crunches.
*10' bike, 10' elliptical, 10' walk.
*sleepytime (pm).

Wednesday, June 16th:
*6 minute run.
Where- Jackson Middle School Track
Average Pace- 7:31
Distance Covered- 0.80 miles
Comments- I definitely still feel stiff and awkward, but it just feels so good to be moving on a track. Haha!
*30' aqua jog.
*yoga routine(pm).

Thursday, June 17th:
*4'30" general strength ladders of push-ups, let-me-ins, seated dips, lat bar, back lunges, 1-legged RDL's, squats, swimmers.
*15' bike, then 15' elliptical, then 10' walk.
*sleepytime (pm).

Friday, June 18th:
*yoga workout.
*7 minute run.
Where: Jackson Middle School Track.
Average Pace- 7:00
Distance- 1.00 miles
Comments- This was a weird run. My body felt so strange trying to run after getting all loose from yoga... something I've definitely never tried before! In saying that, it was hard to read myself. I felt like I was CRAWLING during the first 300 meters, so I decided not to worry about pace but to just focus on applying as many form "tips" as I could. Things such as picking up my knees, trying to lean forward some, pulling my navel to my spine, keeping my elbows in, pushing my feet off the ground as if they were rocks skipping on water, trying to stay low (ie. not get too vertical in my strides), etc. It actually kept my mind occupied and I think it made my run a little more smooth.
*30' aqua jog followed by 2x30" pedestal routine.

Saturday, June 19th:
*4'30" general strength ladders of push-ups, seated dips, let-me-ins, side lunges, 1-legged RDL's, squats with 2" pause at bottom. also added 3 leg strength exercises from a magazine.
*sleepytime (pm).

Sunday, June 20th:
*8 minute run with Jake!!
Where- Hull, Tx!
Average Pace- 8:01
Distance-1.01 miles
Comments- Felt amazing! Finally started a run easy enough for it to feel better as I got farther into it... I wanted to keep going so badly! Definitely still out of breath for these runs though!
*2 x 30" pedestal routine.
*myrtl routine.
travel/family day (taking Jake's parents to an Astro's game for Father's Day!)

Total mileage for the week: 3.4 miles.
Number of runs for the week: 4.


Vacation Week for 2010!!!

Tomorrow morning Jake and I leave for Flagstaff, AZ! We'll stay with his good friend, Aaron, in Lubbock tomorrow night and finish the drive (10 more hours) on Tuesday. We rented a condo in Flagstaff for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, and then Friday night we're going to be spontaneous and pick somewhere fun to stay on our way home!

All of that being said, this week is not going to be very well suited for me to continue easing into the cardio side of things. I won't have gym access so I will be limited to whatever core/pilates type work that I can come up in the condo. I think I will still be able to get in some good general body strength work though. Plus, if you do that stuff long enough and with little rest, you can always make it into somewhat of a cardio effort. I'll update you as I get the chance... but this will be my week to enjoy for this summer! :)

monday, june 7th
core and general body strength
20' bike
upper body weights

tuesday, june 8th
pilates and light core work
myrtl routine

wednesday, june 9th
general body strength for arms, legs, and core from You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren (http://www.marklauren.com/):
4'30" ladders of push-ups, let-me-ins, seated dips, bicep curls, backward lunges, 1-legged RDL's, squats, supermans. no rest.

thursday, june 10th
2 mile walk at Buffalo Park Trail with random "challenge course" exercises every 200m or so.
(actually sore from yesterday's work!!)

friday, june 11th
general body strength from book:
4'30" ladders of push-ups, let-me-ins, seated dips, bicep curls, side lunges, 1-legged RDL's, squats with 2" pause at bottom, side crunches. no rest.

saturday, june 12th
general body strength from book:
2'30" constant work of bear crawl, crab walk, forward walking lunge, walking 1-legged RDL's, walking butt-kicks with 2" hold at butt, standing side leg lifts, mountain climbers, power walking. no rest.

sunday, june 13th
general body strength from book:
4'30" ladders of push-ups, bicep curls, seated dips, let-me-ins, back lunges, 1-legged RDL's, squats, swimmers. no rest.
15' stationary bike.


it's officially summer!

that means time to really start focusing on getting ready for cross country!

the summer and winter breaks are honestly my favorite parts of the year as far as training goes. i love getting away, doing the training, taking care of the small things, and coming back for the next season ready to surprise everyone. and i love taking my time. i can spend 3 hours on my training each day if i want to just taking care of the details that get overlooked during the busy part of the season.

with my stress fracture still on edge, i'm not biking or swimming or anything until next week. at that point, i'll spend a week swimming and then another 2 weeks swimming and biking. then i'd like to begin so gentle, grass runs in early july. we'll see though. definitely don't want to over-do anything yet. not worth it at all!

on tap for this week:

monday, may 31st: 30' arm cycle with 20 x 15" hard, 15" easy in the middle
upper body weights
light core work

tuesday, june 1st: heavy core work

wednesday, june 2nd: 30' aqua jog in the deep end (this was a little more bothersome than i expected it to be for my foot, so i'm planning to try the stationary bike, with NO surges, on friday instead of swimming again... we'll see if that's any better!)
myrtl routine

thursday, june 3rd: 30' arm cycle with 3 x 5' hard, 5' easy
upper body weights
light core work

friday, june 4th: 20' recumbent bike... all constant effort... no pick-ups!
big 12

saturday, june 5th: myrtl routine

sunday, june 6th: heavy core work
general body strength (all at home... no weights)

*Good week, but wish I were more confident about how much I can/ should be doing right now. Definitely don't want to prolong this healing, but no need to be wasting time either... I'm ready to be training!