Let's try this again! :) [24M!!!!!]

Planned on 22 miles last week, but some bum knees kept me at 17. Oh well! At least I'm still running. Not just that, but I'm running a minimum of four days per week and a minimum of four miles each time. Something good has to eventually come from that! :)

I see the doctor on Tuesday to get everything checked out, but in the meantime I'm going to continue with the extra stretching and daily Alieve (icing when I make time for it). If it weren't for my knee and shin pain last week, I think it would have been a pretty stellar week. I felt much better energy and strength wise than I have in quite a while. That could partially be due to the fact that I've only been to the gym for strength or cycle twice in the past two weeks! :/ BUT! Jake has a new car!! It's a Subaru XV Crosstrek and super sweet! And all of this good news means that I can go to the gym any morning or evening without feeling like I'm putting him in a prison! :) So, hopefully I'll fit in a few more cross training/ strength sessions this week!

Since last week was not as successful as we had hoped, we're going to try again this week. We've basically gone through an up-down cycle so this just carries it on. The past five weeks I've gone 15, 20, 16, 22, 17. So, this week I should technically hit 24, but we'll be happy with a 22 week! :)

Non running goals for the week:
Daily leg swings and rope stretching
5+ core sessions
3+ cardio cross training sessions
3+ strength sessions

Sunday, July 28th
4M run at Mountain View Community College. They have a large public grass lot with a 0.85M loop, which makes short runs pretty easy to get on a soft surface. Not to mention it's only about a five minute drive! I started today's run way too fast and paid for it later on! By the last loop I was working so hard  just to keep picking my feet up! :) The last time I ran out here, I completed the 5 loops (4.25M) in 36:30, this morning I completed them in 32:26. Talk about a change of pace! It averages out to 7:37 pace which on that grass and with the way I fell apart, I am quite happy with! Now to rest, stretch, and de-inflame my knee so I'll be good to go on Tuesday morning!
20' bike, 10' elliptical, core and stretching. Cardio at the gym in the afternoon, core and stretching at home with Jake tonight!

Monday, July 29th
60' bodypump. Talk about exhausting! I have GOT to get more consistent with this again!! Good morning though- Definitely something my body needed! Core is included in this one!
40' cycle after work.

Tuesday, July 30th
4M run + 4 strides. Went to the track for this one. It was the best my knees and shins and thigh have felt in quite a while, but gosh, my legs were trashed. I'm going to have to just always know that if I run the day after bodypump I'm going to feel like I'm running in quick sand! 9:00, 8:12, 7:52, 7:07, followed by 4x100m in 18.1, 17.7, 16.9, 16.5.

Wednesday, July 31st (our niece's 1st birthday!)
6M progressive + 30' cycle. I ran on the treadmill this morning so I could get in my cross training before work, which actually turned out great with the workout Jake gave me! He wanted me to finish the first mile at 8:00 pace, then drop 10" per mile for the rest of the run. I started at 9:2x pace, dropped 20" from the pace each .20 of a mile so that I finished the last segment at 8:00 pace, then the rest of the run was quite simple. 7:50, 7:40, 7:29, 7:19, 7:08. I was definitely fatigued and ready to be done on that last mile but it was never a case of being out of breath, which is actually what kept me going. Every time I thought "I'm getting too tired, I can't finish the workout as assigned," I realized that my breathing was silent and completely controlled. AKA, permission to press on! :) Jumped into the end of the cycle class after my run!

Thursday, August 1st
4M run + 4 hill sprints. I intended to run on our grass track but the sprinklers were on and I didn't want to run in mush! Therefore, I ended up running one loop on the gravel trail and two loops around campus on the pavement to finish up 32 minutes of running. I did my strides on our steep hill and ran up for fifteen seconds, which actually got me all the way to the top - much farther than when we used to run this hill as a team. It definitely wasn't a pretty run this morning (groin, upper quad, and knee pain), but I got it in. Only one run left this week and I'll be at 24!!!!!!
60' bodypump after work

Friday, August 2nd
60' PiYo

Saturday, August 3rd
6M run with 1' surges on 5' cycle. I went out to Katy Trail but parked about a 1/2 mile away, so went by time and not minutes. Since I was on a 5' cycle, I went all the way thru 50', so I got in just a tad over 6 miles! ABSOLUTELY LOVED this workout. The four minute recovery segments felt long, but it made the run itself go by super quick! Only real problem today was my knees, which is not too bad of a deal! I'll get on the grass tomorrow and give them some extra cushion! Plus I'm meeting an ART specialist next Wednesday!


Going on 8 weeks! [17M]

Last week was my highest mileage week so far! I was very blessed though because it just so happened to be my week in our Houston office, so I ran every single step of those miles on a soft surface! :) This week will pretty much be a repeat of last week. I felt a bit stronger on most of my runs last week, at least stronger than how I've been feeling. The only real negative right now is all the aching. My shins are probably the worst out of everything, but those, my calves, my left knee and quad, and my right hip flexor are all acting up. I'm hoping that spending so much time on softer surfaces will let it ease up. I have a 3k relay that I'm doing at the end of August, which should be about five weeks or so from now, so I'm trying to really stay focused and not give up on things! I am still very much enjoying the running, just impatient with the progress... :)

Sunday, July 21st
4M run. Took right at 32 minutes on the gravel trail at DBU. Sore shins and still feeling weak, but nothing to be concerned about. First time to run three days straight in the comeback!

Monday, July 22nd
Bodypump class (AM). Talk about payback! Missing a week of strength work makes a difference - trust me! Gosh, that was the hardest bodypump session I've had AND I used lighter weights! Whew!

Tuesday, July 23rd
4M run + 4 strides. Still feeling beat up from the hips down - stiff, achy, sore, and fatigued. My knee (where it was banged up in the car wreck) was particularly bad for some reason. I stayed in the neighborhood today because walking before I started felt so bad that I didn't think I'd finish the run and didn't want to get caught a long ways out! Thankfully things loosened up and felt a little better as I got going, so I finished the complete run, but man, that first mile all I could think was "only three more loops". Haha! So sad! I think the wind, warm temps, and humidity probably made it a little more tiring than usual; plus, my legs were sore from yesterday's strength work. It'll be good to get back in that habit so it doesn't have as big of an effect on me the next day! The last straight-stretch (about 600m) of my run and all the strides were probably today's highlights. All of them were very aggressive and I kept great form. Just need to get to where I can maintain that for my full runs! ;)

Wednesday, July 24th
5M run. Back on the gravel trail at DBU this morning. My energy this morning was a pleasant surprise. I planned on the run being a "minutes" run, meaning my pace wouldn't matter so it was okay if I jogged. The loop is 1.3M, so it was going to be too hard to get in "5" miles on it. After finishing three loops in 30:43, I decided I might as well and just do four full loops for 5.2 miles and ended up finishing in 39:40, so I definitely cut down a lot on that last loop! My knee and shins are still a big pain though. Several times I almost stopped for my knees in that first loop. Probably need to check with a doctor. It's the beneath my knee on the inside and hurts on both sides, but much worse on the left. Both shins are hurting and they're right in the middle on both sides.

Thursday, July 25th
30' cycle, 30' strength class

Friday, July 26th
4M run + 4 strides. Ran about two minutes and had such bad stomach pain that I walked home. Drank some water, sat around and stretched for a while, then tried again and this time stuck with it. I still have the bad knee pain, but I have an appointment on Tuesday to get it checked out! Other than my knees and stomach it wasn't a bad run. Good strides again as well.

Saturday, July 27th
5M run w/ 1' surges on a 5' cycle. Walked about 100m, ran about 50m, walked home. Too much knee pain to push things another day. Hopefully a day completely off of it will help... also taking some Alieve. I'd like to get back on the schedule tomorrow, with a bit less pain, but if it's the same as it has been today and yesterday, I'll probably need to sit it out again and wait for the doc. I've run thru too many injuries to push this. I am more concerned with being back to the sport for good than I am with getting in this week's runs.


Moving forward! [22M]

Sunday, July 14th
4M on grass. Last run in Dallas for the week! Got in 4.25 miles (0.85M loop) at Mountain View Community College just before the rain started. I followed it up with a few quick core/ general strength exercises. I'm very pleased with today's run for a couple of reasons. 1. I ran around 8:35 pace. A few weeks ago I would have panicked about that, but I'm now to the point that I realize I'm coming back from nothing and I need to let my body judge effort levels. 8:35 pace today felt like a nice comfortable daily run... The way an easy run should feel. 2. I stayed on grass. My shins have been bothering me, but for convenience's sake I've been running in the neighborhood a lot. I need start making more of an effort to get on soft surfaces. 3. I followed my run with stretching and a very short body strength session. I want to get back in this habit as it's something I've neglected since I started doing so much strength x-training on my non-running days.

Monday, July 15th
4M + 4 strides. It feels good to be back in Houston and on the loop! LOVE this place! I think it gave me a little extra pep in my step! ;) 15: 22 at the 2M turn around, 30:40 to finish out the run. Felt good and controlled the whole time. Shortened my strides to 15" since Jake wants them to be faster, so I felt like I should do more than four, but I didn't. :) Patience! Followed everything up with some lunges and a few core exercises. Also, Diana saw me and came over to talk while I was doing core - Love how friendly everyone is!

Tuesday, July 16th

Wednesday, July 17th
5M on the loop at Memorial Park. I found the 00 and every quarter mile after that was marked, so I just turned around at 2.5! The time was 20:20 when I turned around and I finished at 39:30, so I averaged 7:40 pace for the run back. Nothing fancy or fast, but I was very happy to run five miles without stopping! I was pleased because I have not been "tired" on runs this week like I was the past several weeks. Unfortunately I'm feeling more pains, though. My knee and thigh on my left leg and my hamstring on my right leg were most noticeable today.

Thursday, July 18th
30' cycle class, 30' weight machines.

Friday, July 19th
4M + 4 strides. Still enjoying Memorial Park very much! 8:30, 7:50, 7;42, 7:13. Strides went really well also! Set the beep on my watch for 17" instead of 15" like last time because the 15" felt too short. Well, I must've run harder this time, because I was beat when I finished! Good day though! I enjoy the mystery of not knowing who I'll run into or who will run up behind me. Plus there is always someone to chase or be chased by! :)

Saturday, July 20th
5M with a 1' surge at the 1/2M marker of each mile. I almost skipped this run (or at least pushed it off) because I felt so sick this morning - sore throat, feverish, weak, etc. Finally decided to run and even though it felt exhausting and wasn't ever really smooth or comfortable, I'm glad I got it in before traveling back to Dallas. Each mile at the half mile mark I started a 1' surge (0.5M, 1.5M, 2.5M, etc). Splits were 8:07, 7:38, 7:32, 7:32, 7:10. I had to take about 30-45" pit stop in the last mile to stretch and massage my quad. I actually didn't think I'd be able to finish the run it curled up so bad in the middle of the thigh! Getting a LONG massage tomorrow. Also, my right ankle is really sore today.


Regrouping before adding miles again! [16M]

No problems with the twenty mile week last week! I did struggle with fatigue and being overly winded on the last couple runs, but I think that had more to do with lack of sleep and high humidity than anything else.

This week we're dropping back to the previous week's mileage before we move forward again. I am embarrassed by how far I fell during my last break (and how long it is taking me to return), but I am very much enjoying the process of building back up. I love knowing that someday in a few months I will show up out of nowhere feeling strong and lean and fast. That's a good feeling. One day. Coming soon. Just have to keep trucking along patiently!

Sunday, July 7th
38' trail run in Huntsville. Definitely closer to four miles than five, but it was terrible footing. Certainly not a place to run fast. Got in the first run of the week though! I've yet to miss a run! :)

Monday, July 8th
60' BodyPump class. Up in leg weights and chest/back weights today. :) Hopefully this doesn't hurt me tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 9th
4M run + 4 uphill strides. I definitely still question if I'm running too hard right now. Not because I'm running fast, by any stretch of the word; but because I feel like I'm out for a tempo run or race on most of my runs. I keep feeling pressured to have "good" runs because I'm running so little right now, but none of my runs are turning out "good". It's either really slow and feeling good, or decent paced and feeling awful! Today's run was 8:12, 7:43, 7:35, 7:29. But let me tell you, I expected that last mile to be over 8 minutes because I eased up so much during the first half of it!! Haha! The four strides were good, but I was definitely fatigued for them this week. I guess it's just still a matter of patience...

Wednesday, July 10th
4M run. Okay, I'm officially concerned, haha! I ran four miles in our neighborhood and decided to stop "forcing" effort and just run comfortably. The only problem? I was never comfortable!! Hahah! I wanted to stop every chance I got and just get off my legs. They're just so tired! 9:19, 8:43, 8:19, 7:59. Whew.. Long road ahead!
60' bodypump after work

Thursday, July 11th
30' cycle, 30' strength

Friday, July 12th
4M with 2M of straights and curves. I walked about 20 minutes to the grass track, ran one mile, did some leg swings, then did two miles of straights and curves in the opposite direction before getting in a one mile cool down. Then I had a nice relaxing and peaceful walk home! :) I almost put this run off for tomorrow because I was sleepy and my hamstrings were so sore, but after taking a couple steps on the grass track I decided I'd be an idiot not to run. It was a cool morning, not too much wind, and the grass felt SO GOOD! I need to try getting out there more often when I get home from Houston! The straights/curves miles were not as fast as last week's, but I was on grass and ran them continuous today. I think this workout was probably better for me since I kept it more controlled.

Saturday, July 13th
Rest with a quick strength session in the afternoon.