MSSU Indoor

Sunday, January 30th
warm up drills + 3M warm up + 2 x 20m neuromuscular drills
3 x [300, 200, 100] (90" between reps, 3' between sets)-- I'm glad for another chance to practice running fast. 54.48, ?, 14.46*, 53.37, 34.03, 14.47*, 53.63, 34.17, 16.16. *found out after the first 2 100's that I was starting at the wrong line. Fixed that for the last one though!
3M warm down
[15' shakeout on grass, strength, 2 x 30" H core]

Monday, January 31st
15' shakeout + 20 x Around the World Core + myrtyl routine + stretching!!!

Tuesday, February 1st
3M warm up
9 x 800 @ 5:39 pace (90" recovery)-- On the treadmill due to weather. Mentally a very rough day. Legs were fatigued and breathing was laborious for some reason. Got it in though and it definitely felt much better at the end compared to the first few reps.
[1.5M warm up + strength + core]

Wednesday, February 2nd
morning HR: 53
20 x Around the World core + 6M easy (43')-- On the treadmill again. Felt GREAT! First 2.5 I warmed into it, then realized the run was going by slowly and dropped the pace to 6:49 intending to throw in 2M steady. Ended up feeling so comfortable that I just left it for the rest of the run. Never felt tired and HR was 153 at the end. Perfect!

Thursday, February 3rd
45' stationary bike

Friday, February 4th
morning HR: 51
[10' AM shakeout]
warm up drills + 25' warm up + 2 x 20m neuromuscular drills
3k race- 10:30 goal-- Actual time was 10:27, so I achieved my goal but I am not entirely pleased with the race. I'd like to improve on surging during the middle of races when I have a chance to stay with girls. Weekly improvements are a good sign though, so I won't be complaining. I felt very strong coming through the mile at 5:31, just really tightened up towards the last 1k.
25' warm down

Saturday, February 5th
[2 x 10' AM shakeouts]
warm up drills + 25' warm up + 2 x 20m neuromuscular drills
mile race- 5:08 goal-- Total bust. I was much more drained from the 3k/travel/poor sleep than I thought. Not to mention I ran alone from 200m on. Finished with a 5:24 final time. Somewhat comical considering I rolled through the mile at 5:31 so comfortably in the 3k.

Weekly Mileage: 41.5M running!!!!!!! 4.5M cross training! :)
Total Runs for the Week: 10!!!!!! :)


Back to training for a week.

Sunday, January 23rd

Monday, January 24th
6M easy at Mountain view... first 2.5 miles with Tabb, last 3.5 alone. Very cold morning so the pace felt solid, but I only ended up averaging 7:40. Definitely a more intense run than 7:40 pace should have been though?!
6 x 30-30
[30' double on bike w/ 20 x Around the World Core]

Tuesday, January 25th
[30' AM double on bike w/ 2 x 30" H-Core]
warm up drills + 25' warm up + 2x20m neuromuscular drills
3 x 2M @ 6:22 (60-75" recovery)-- I ended up running 3k loops (some amount shorter.. not sure by how much) through a neighborhood and took closer to 90" rest as opposed to 75". Times came out to 10:57, 10:56, 10:53. Definitely pushed myself today but I felt strong anyways. Good workout.

Wednesday, January 26th
rest day.

Thursday, January 27th
warm up drills + 3M warm up + 2 x 20m neuromuscular drills
5 x 800 @ 3k goal pace (400j recovery) + 4 x 150 build-ups (250j recovery) Totally scratched this workout after the first 800. Not sure if it was the cold weather, Tuesday's workout, or just my fitness, but there was no way I could've completed the workout as planned. Jake was great, though, and adapted it perfectly. I definitely lost a lot of confidence this morning, but I'm glad I still got in a fast workout. Details:
800-2:47 (4:19 rest), 400- 78 (2:28 rest), 200- 35 (1:58 rest), 100- 14.6 (1:09), 100- 15.5 (1:40), 200- 35 (4:20), 200- 35 (1:03), 100- 15.5 (1:28), 200- 35 (1:32), 100- 15.4 (3:00), 600- 2:00. 3k altogether averaging 5:02 pace.
800, 400, 200, 2 x 100, 2 x 200, 100, 200, 100, 600 + 1M cool down + 10 x 15" hill sprints

Friday, January 28th
13 mile bike
1 mile easy run

Saturday, January 29th
80' easy on the streets in Houston with Jake

Weekly Mileage Running: 32M.
Total Number of Runs: 5.
Total X-Training Mileage: 8M.


Texas Tech Indoor- Round 2

Sunday, January 16th
Rest day... Letting the achilles and hip heal a bit more.

Monday, January 17th
60' aqua jog w/ 5 x 30",60",90",2' (60" recovery)
[30'double on bike w/ jay johnson's back routine & core]

Tuesday, January 18th
morning HR: 46
25' warm up + warm up drills + 1 x 20m neuromuscular drills
8 x 1k @ 10k date pace (90" recovery) Not a bad workout but it did take a while to find my rhythm. My legs felt very drained and weak, but my upper body felt strong so I guess the core and strength work is paying off a little! Times were 3:42, 3:40, 3:38, (2:54 pace at 800m... stopped because of a bizarre breathing issue... tacked on a 38" 200 at the end of the workout to get in the full 8k), 3:37, 3:40, 3:39, 3:38.
4 x 150 build-ups 
4' cool down
[30' double on bike w/ 3 x 6 strength & 2 x 30" H-Core]

Wednesday, January 19th
morning HR: 47
9M easy at Mt View CC-- Ended up averaging 8:31 pace. Ran the first 6 miles very comfortably with the girls and then separated for the last 3 miles. I felt good today but my calves were a bit sore.
[30' double on stationary bike w/ 3 x 30" pedestal routine]

Thursday, January 20th
morning HR: 51
55' aqua jog w/ 15 x 1' hard, 1' recovery
[30' double on bike w/ Myrtyl routine & 20 x Around the World core]

Friday, January 21st
morning HR: 51
10' shakeout after traveling
3M warm up
1200m DMR leg- 3:50 goal-- Ran 3:54, I think? I can through at 73 and 2:33, so it breaks down into 73, 80, 81. Honestly, after the first 400m I felt like I was done. As soon as my muscles clenched up, I couldn't figure out how to recover and get back in the race.
20' cool down

Saturday, January 22nd
morning HR: 53
10' shakeout upon arriving
3M warm up
3k race-- I ran 10:42 this week, which is apparently the same as at Kansas back in December. I'm pretty disappointed in my time, but I feel like I took a step forward as far as learning to be more aggressive and compete. Definitely lacked a kick though. The last 400m was my only one over 85"!

Weekly Mileage Running: 29.5
Weekly Mileage Cross Training: 23.5
Total Mileage: 53
Total Number of Runs: 4 days, 6 runs.


1st Texas Tech Indoor of 2011

Sunday, January 9th
warm up drills + 2 x 20m neuromuscular drills + 3M warm up
4 x 1M (60-90" recovery), 6 x 30" surges on treadmill @ 1%
So thankful for treadmills!! Planned on a 3M tempo and 1M hard today, but the weather didn't quite allow for that. Ended up with 4M at 6:11, 6:03, 6:03, 5:56 respectively. Surges ranged from 5:10 to 5:40 pace.
[2 x 30" H-Core routine]

Monday, January 10th
Jay Johnson's myrtyl & back routine
30' stationary bike + 30' elliptical
lower body & upper body strength
[30' double] Stuck to the elliptical for this one!

Tuesday, January 11th
morning HR: 47
warm up drills + 2 x 20m neuromuscular drills + 3M warm up
12 x 400 @ 5k goal pace (60" recovery) Ran them at 5:39 pace on the treadmill. First few were more of a "wake up" to the legs, but after that it felt very comfortable... never really struggled with breathing, etc. Definitely pain in the right hip/glute and left achilles though. Finished up with stretches, heating, and an ice bath.. no cool down today.
[30' double] Went to the pool to get in some swimming/ aqua jogging for today's double.
*chiro treatment & advil all day*

Wednesday, January 12th
30' aqua jog (followed by heating pads & an ice bath)
[30' aqua jog] (followed by heating pads & ice bath)
*advil all day*

Thursday, January 13th
morning HR: 47
[30' AM aqua jog double] (followed by heating pads & ice bath)
5k easy
warm up drills
4 x 100m strides (followed by heating pads & ice bath)
*chiro treatment & advil all day*

Friday, January 14th
3M warm up + warm up drills + light jog + strides
5k race -- 18:44 with splits of 88,87,88,86,88,89,90,90,91,91,93,93. Not at all what we wanted or expected. Very rough race as far as pacing goes. My lungs and arms were strong and I felt like I could think very clearly, but my legs felt weak muscularly towards the end. 5k is a lot longer than I remember it being as well?!

Saturday, January 15th

total number of runs: 4
total mileage: about 24M running, 15M cross training  (39 total)


2011 is here... last week before indoor starts!

Sunday, January 2nd
morning HR: 47
rest day

Monday, January 3rd
9+M conversational at White Rock Lake in 66:41. Ran the full small loop... about 9.2 miles total. Felt great today and enjoyed running relaxed in such a beautiful place!
4 x hill sprints
[30' double w/ strength & core] Got it all in! Started with 20 reps of Around the World core, then had a nice 30' solid bike, followed by 3 x 10 lower body strength and 3 x 6 upper body strength. Finished things up with some good stretching.

Tuesday, January 4th
morning HR: 47
3M warm up, warm up drills, 2 x 15m neuromuscular drills
8 x 800m @10k pace (200j recovery) Nice and controlled on these! Worked through them evenly and hit 2:57, 2:56, 2:55, 2:57, 2:56, 2:56, 2:56, 2:53 respectively. Very comfortable... just like a clock! (perfect weather though!)
4 x 150 build-ups (150j recovery) 
[30' double w/ mobility]  Another day in the books! Started with the Myrtyl routine and finished up with a 30' aqua jog.

Wednesday, January 4th
morning HR: 50
15' elliptical
2 x 45" pedestal routine, 1 x 45" H-Core routine
3 x 10 lower body/ 3 x 8 upper body strength
45' elliptical

Thursday, January 5th
warm up drills
50' recovery- Primarily on dirt, took things very easy today... I'm definitely sore from yesterday's strength work!
2 x 20m neuromuscular drills + 4 x short strides
[30' double w/ mobility]

Friday, January 6th
warm up drills + 2 x 20m neuromuscular drills + 3M warm up
12 x 300 hard (100j recovery) - Ran these harder than I should've, but it was good to get in that type of an effort. Average paces for the hard segments were 4:45, 5:01, 4:57, 4:58, 5:10, 5:07, (longer rest) 5:04, 5:02, 4:56, (longer rest) 5:12, 5:10, 4:59. Took two extra breaks to get some more recovery and maintain the hard efforts.
1M warm down + warm down drills
3 x 6 strength
[30' double w/ core] Chose the elliptical for this double. Finished up with 20 x Around the World core.

Saturday, January 7th
Total rest day again. Nursing a sore hip/glute?

Weekly Mileage: 47
Number of Runs: 4