Hoping to settle into a routine (23M / 5 runs)

Monday, October 26th
5M run. Hoka Clifton 2's in the neighborhood. Felt good on this one. Shins were definitely a B+ this time as opposed to a solid C all week last week.

Tuesday, October 27th
4M run. Hoka Clifton 2's in the neighborhood. Almost exactly the same as Monday. Except shins were slightly worse.
Strength WO1

Wednesday, October 28th

Thursday, October 29th
4M run. Hoka Clifton 2's in the neighborhood. No big changes from Monday/ Tuesday, other than some strange aching in my right ankle towards the last half mile.
Strength WO2

Friday, October 30th
Rest day - Still feeling sick?!?

Saturday, October 31st
7M run. Hoka Clifton 2's on Katy Trail. Left foot randomly had sharp and shooting pain during the first 1.5 miles. Eased up over the run, but it came out of nowhere. Right ankle and left shin still sore, but not as bad as earlier this week. Right hammie/ glute got tight during the run. 8:34, 8:33, 8:08, 8:04, 8:02, 8:10, 8:03.

Sunday, November 1st
3M run. Hoka Clifton 2's on White Rock Lake. Left foot was very dull today, nothing sharp. Right ankle was still a slight ache. Right glute/hammie is tight. Biggest ache today is outer left knee. Next two days are off though, and I will roll and soak multiple times before Wednesday! Sub 8:30 avg pace today; 8:5x, 8:12, 8:11.

Full week of travel (16M / 4 runs)

To Columbus, to Houston, to Columbus, to Laredo, to Columbus, to Dallas! Won't sleep in my bed for over 10 days. Whew!

Monday, October 19th
Rest day - Traveling to Houston.

Tuesday, October 20th
4M run on treadmill. Shin pain and had to stop and rush to the bathroom twice. Stomach is still upset!!

Wednesday, October 21st
4M run on treadmill. Shin pain and messed up stomach still. Shins were slightly better though (been using oils).
10' strength work.

Thursday, October 22nd
Rest day. Stomach was really bad yesterday evening so I went to bed early and then I overslept in the morning. Rest of the day was a travel day so took it off.

Friday, October 23rd
4M run on treadmill. Similar to Wednesday's run. Shins and stomach a bother, but not as bad as they have been.
Strength WO3. Finally a full weights session.

Satruday, October 24th
3M run on treadmill. Shins and stomach still, but this run was the fastest I've done all week. Averaged 8:20 pace; last mile was 7:35.
~1M running at cross country meet. Definitely uptempo pace and all on road. Shins hurt bad on the road.

Sunday, October 25th
Rest day. Storming in the morning and spent the rest of the day driving, so another off day.


It's about to get chaotic around here! (22M / 5 runs)

I am so frustrated, haha! I wanted to hit 20M each week for 4 consecutive weeks, and thought that's what I did, but as I updated my log, I realized I got in 19 instead of 20, ha! Maybe I will just do 21 this week! :) The next 2 weeks are going to be very chaotic, so we'll see how things shake out!

Monday, October 12
40' bike (avg HR 155) + Strength WO1 (avg HR 135) + 45' bike (avg HR 150). WO1 is not too bad, but the plank up downs are very challenging.

Tuesday, October 13
6M run (avg HR 157). Treadmill again... First mile was about 9:30; HR was all over the place. The next five miles I kept it set to 7.0 (8:34 pace). HR was mid 150's until the last two miles, then upper 150's and low 160's. Shins were sore today.

Wednesday, October 14
4M run (avg HR 161). Slow run for such a high HR... It was all over the place again on the first two miles; wondering if my monitor is going out. Dropped from 180 to 157 in three steps, then up to 164 after a few more steps. Took 37 minutes to run 4 miles on the track in cool weather and no wind. At a higher HR than my other runs have been. Just felt crummy today; ankles and shins both sore.
Strength WO2

Thursday, October 15
Rest day - upset stomach.

Friday, October 16
4M run (avg HR 161). Shins hurt and bottoms of feet feel like I'm running on concrete. Going to use only my Clifton 2 for the entire next week and see if that helps. Stomach is still upset so run was not pleasant.

Saturday, October 17
3M run (retreat)... Stomach still messed up.

Sunday, October 18
5M run (retreat/ leave for work)... Shins hurting today and stomach still not great, but weather was perfect and time allowed, so I ran an extra mile.


Can I go 3 in a row? (19M / 5 runs)

Monday, October 5
Hurt my right knee this morning trying to stand up funny. Deep pain on the outer part of the knee cap, mostly while sitting and standing.... slight pain while biking too. Hopefully it's fine on my runs and strength work this week!
60' bike with Jake during lunch. (avg HR 114)
80' indoor bike after work. (avg HR 143)

Tuesday, October 6
3M run. (avg HR 162)
Strength WO1. (avg HR 151)
Knee bugged me on both, but I was able to use it.

Wednesday, October 7
6M run. (avg HR 159) Started at 9:41 pace, bumped it every quarter mile for the first 3 miles, then every half mile for the last three miles. Final half mile was 7:35 pace... total time was 50:14. Hamstrings are tight from yesterday's strength work, but knee was fine.

Thursday, October 8
3M run. (avg HR 153) Felt stiff and heavy on the first mile; better after that.
Strength WO2. (avg HR 142)
Cleanse starting at 8AM.

Friday, October 9
Rest day - Cleanse.

Saturday, October 10
3M run. (avg HR 168) Started WAY too fast for having just rolled out of bed.
Strength WO3. (avg HR 164) Wanted to quit on this one... It was tough!

Sunday, October 11
4M run. (avg HR 160) This one was probably my worst run in months. Very very fatigued... Ran so slow I may as well have been walking and it was still hard! But I was also standing in the sun ALL day yesterday at the fair, and I haven't gotten even 7 hours of sleep in the past several days.