Last full week of training before USATF Nationals!

Primary goal: Get 100% healthy.

Sunday, June 26th
90' natural run on the Trinity Trails. Started doing 1' pick-ups every five minutes at the 40' mark. Not a bad run aside from stomach issues. Still feeling very slow though!

Monday, June 27th
45' natural run on the sidewalks in Mansfield. Terrible acid reflux and still a very uncomfortable stomach.
8x30" uphill strides. Had to adjust the plan a bit as the track was locked up this morning.

Tuesday, June 28th
6M progression run with Jake at Fish Creek Trail. 40:01 for the run with 2M splits of 14:42, 12:59, 12:16. I definitely appreciate Jake's company and encouragement this morning. I've been discouraged with my training lately, so a positive voice was nice. This week was slower than last, but I'm going to just be patient and keep working.
1x60" pedestal routine.
25' stationary bike with mini interval pyramid in the afternoon.
1xAb/back workout.
2x10 general strength.

Wednesday, June 29th
60' stationary bike with intervals + 20' elliptical.
25' natural run with Jake on Town Park Trail in the afternoon.

Thursday, June 30th
2M warm up + 800m of striding the straights, jogging the curves.
1x1600 (5:56), 3' rest, 2x800 w/ 60" rest between each (2:54,2:54), 60" rest, 4x400 w/ 30" rest between each (84,83,83,82), 60" rest, 4x200 w/ 30" rest (39,39,38,39). I wanted to start at 10k pace and cut down throughout the workout, so mission accomplished on that side. What worries me is how HARD it is for me to breathe right now. I was struggling to hit pace for the entire workout (very first lap was a 91). Just need to keep taking care of myself and be patient? Altogether, 6M running and 3.5 of it at race pace. 

Friday, July 1st
50' easy in the morning in Hull, TX. Threw in a few surges on the way back due to such a slow shuffle on the way out.
1M easy in the afternoon with Jake. Followed it up with drills + 4x100m strides.

Saturday, July 2nd
70' natural run on an amazing dirt path in Seabrook, TX. Another slow run going out, but got into a good rhythm on my way back. About 9 miles.

Weekly Mileage: 48 running + 11 x-training.


Just short of 3 weeks until race day!

Sunday, June 19th
45' relaxed run on grass with Jake.
30' stationary bike in the afternoon.
1x30" H-Core + Jay Johnson's back routine + 1x30" H-Core.
3x8 strength workout. 

Monday, June 20th
45' natural run + 8x200m (38", 30" recovery). I did the entire run on grass fields and the track. It was very windy and I felt pretty drained for the first 30' or so, but then I started to wake up. 200's were rough due to the high winds but I got them done in 35, 37, 38, 37, 37, 36, 38, 36.
30' stationary bike in the afternoon.
Flexibility work + Myrtyl Routine.

Tuesday, June 21st
6M progression run on Fish Creek Trail... I definitely forgot how many rolling hills there are out there! 39:17 for the total run with 2M splits of 14:03, 12:49, 12:24. I'm still having a lot of difficulty breathing well. My chest rattles with every breath and anytime I try to get a good, deep breath I am forced into a coughing fit. Maybe time to see a doctor?
30' stationary bike in the afternoon.
1x60" pedestal routine + 1x20 Around the World Core + 3x6 strength work + 1x60" pedestal routine.

Wednesday, June 22nd
60' stationary bike + 20' elliptical.
3M easy run on a treadmill in the afternoon.
flexibility + form drills.

Thursday, June 23rd
Travel all day.
Doctors offices/ ER in the evening. No luck at all. And no working out.
Anyone who wants to play doctor and try to diagnose my blood tests can leave a comment. :)

Friday, June 24th
16' warm up, surging the straights after the 1st mile in effort to loosen up and prep my unsettled, acidic stomach.
1M at 10k pace 88, 3:02, 4:33, 6:02. Rough, rough mile. Called the workout after this because I felt so sick.
3.5M easy to get in the mileage.
30' easy run in the evening.

Saturday, June 25th
55' easy run on a hilly country road.

Weekly Mileage (10' x-train = 1M): 55 total, 17 via x-training.


First chance at a normal week of training!

After over a month of traveling and partial training due to health issues, this will be my first chance at a week of consistent training to carry me into the USATF National Championships. I will be praying for God's mercy on health and weather so that all will go smoothly! I'm grateful for the ability to train and I want to make the absolute most of it!

Sunday, June 12th
55' easy on grass in the morning.
25' easy on trails with Jake.

Monday, June 13th
45' easy on the grass and track + 6x200m (30" rest) in 36, 39, 37, 37, 37, 36.
40' stationary bike in place of a second run. Hoping to take some of the load off of my feet.
1x30" H-Core + Jay Johnson's back routine + 1x30" H-Core.

Tuesday, June 14th
45' w/ 6M progression on Merrifield Road with Jake. 15:20, 13:15, 11:44 2 mile splits for a 6M time of 40:20. I felt the strongest I've ever felt muscularly and mechanically, but absolutely terrible aerobically.
2x30",1x60" pedestal routine without rest.

Wednesday, June 15th
75' stationary bike with 10x30-60" surges during the last 20'.
3x100 running arm simulations with 5lb weights.
3M on the treadmill in 22:35. Eased into and felt nice and relaxed.
3 x standing core routine. I enjoyed this one... it was a fun change to the usual workouts and definitely a challenge for me.

Thursday, June 16th
15' easy + 4-6-4-2 (200m recovery) + 19' easy + 6x300 (100m recovery). The warm up felt terrible, but the mid-workout run felt much better. Goal pace was 80" for the entire workout. Actual times were 77, 2:01, 78, 36, 58, 59, 58, 57, 57, 57. Not a failure of a workout, but much more challenging aerobically than I expected so I came away a bit discouraged.
30' stationary bike instead of a second run.
3x6 leg strength workout.

Friday, June 17th
Rest day for cardio work!
40' core + flexibility. Basically I put my watch on a 30" timer and just started exercising... every 30" I switched exercises. I got the entire standing core routine and pedestal routine done, as well as a majority of the back routine and several random moves. A fun way to change up my core for a day.

Saturday, June 18th
10.3M loop in 72:30 at White Rock lake... passing the 10 mile mark at 70 minutes. Not a bad run pace wise, but it was more tiring than I would have liked it to be. I intended to run the last 30' at tempo pace but settled for just finishing the run controlled.

Weekly Mileage (10' bike = 1M): 56M total... 41M of running.


Brazil... miserable flight... DALLAS!

SO happy to be home!

Sunday, June 5th
45' easy run on treadmill + 25' bike.

Monday, June 6th
50' easy run on treadmill + core.
*starting to feel crummy

Tuesday, June 7th
40' bike + strength + core.
*feeling worse... keeping things relaxed today

Wednesday, June 8th
45' natural with Jake on the Town Creek Park.
*still feeling terrible. 10 hour overnight flights do not help! :) hopefully the run helped sweat some of this out.

Thursday, June 9th
70' easy at the golf course in Mansfield. Got kicked off the course with 2' left in the run... such a bummer since I love the site so much!
3M double on treadmill + 2x30" pedestal.
*still not feeling well at all but the runs have actually made me feel better.

Friday, June 10th
20 x Around the World Core. 
*Still sick, trying to knock it out today.

Saturday, June 11th
76' for the 10.4 mile loop at White Rock Lake (starting and finishing at the Norbuck parking lot). Felt very comfortable and efficient today. Good run.
5' easy + strength workout + 5' easy.
*getting better... hopefully on the downhill slope now.

Mileage: 41 miles