Time to toe the line again!! [31M]

I have another race planned this week! Woohoo! I enjoy these weekend races right now because since I am not in shape yet and haven't really done true workouts up to this point, there really is no pressure! It's just a chance to go test my limits, be around the running community, and enjoy the benefits of some extra adrenaline and energy for my run! :)

I definitely still have quad and hip flexor pain, but I am still confident that it's soft tissue. As I slide my palm along my left thigh, I can feel it rolling over lumps in the muscle; whereas it slides nice and smoothly on the right leg. Definitely encouraging to feel that because it makes me less concerned with damaging bones, etc.!

Sunday, September 29th

3M easy, 3M of 4' hard, 1' easy, .75M cool down. I was only going to do a six mile run today, but had to stop for a while after the first three miles for my stomach to un-knot, so we decided to treat it as a warm up and get in a little extra quality this week. I knew I ran hard on some of the four minute segments, but I must have really been booking it at the beginning because I came through close to six miles in 41:40 and that was with my first three miles being relaxed! Super ridiculously hot and windy though because I ran at noon, so it definitely was not a "feel-good" workout. Followed it up with lots of Want More Energy and a shot of Ionix. Should be good tomorrow! :

Monday, September 30th
No running day #1! Strength work during lunch with heavier weights. :)

Tuesday, October 1st
6M + 6 x 150m strides. Spent the entire time on our grass track and changed directions twice! I felt great in terms of energy again, but my quad was extremely sore and achy from yesterday's ART session. Hopefully when that soreness passes, some of the pain I had before he dug in there is gone! Strides were good as well. I started about 5-10m behind Jake's girls and tried to push the back group on them. Worked very nicely!

Wednesday, October 2nd
5M run. Slept in a bit since Jake's team didn't have practice and because of that almost finished too late for work! I had to cut it from 6 miles to 5 miles, but with the aches in my quad and hips I figured that was a good idea. Plus this week will be a new mileage high even if I am a mile short today.

Thursday, October 3rd
6M run with mono fartlek. Did the team's 25 minute warmup with 10' easy, 10' of 30" quick, 2' easy, then 5' easy. After that we started the mono fartlek which consists of 2x90", 4x60", 4x30", 4x15", all with equal rest. Very short workout that is actually harder than it sounds! Ran with one of Jake's girls that fell off their pack early on and was set up for a solo workout. I actually added on an extra 90" moderate effort segment at the end because he had another girl who started the workout late and was having to do the last rep solo.

Friday, October 4th
No running day #2!

Saturday, October 5th
2M warm up, 5k race, 2M cool down. Nothing exciting to share about the warm up, other than I was sweating bullets, had "sticky mouth", and was struggling to get deep breaths. But, I did actually feel good muscularly and adjusted my goal to aim for between 6:00 and 6:05 on the first mile. Looking around, I saw one Kenyan guy and then there was my friend Carolyn whom I was planning to run with. About 800m in, I found myself about 8m behind the Kenyan who seemed to be chilling and trying to help pace me, and other than that, pretty much solo. Came through the mile in 6:02 and actually felt very good at that point, but was concerned that Carolyn was not with me as I knew we would benefit from each other later in the race. At that point we started winding through a neighborhood and the Kenyan began pulling away. Around 1.5M, I remember thinking "I can't breathe at all. I should stop, wait for Carolyn while I catch my breath, and then get back into it with her." But I couldn't convince myself to stop in a race, so I proceeded to just run slower, and slower, and slower! My second mile was a whopping 6:20. But WAIT! It gets worse!! At this point, my breathing was so difficult that I was feeling sick to my stomach!! I kept trying to close my eyes and take in deep breathes while running! All this time, I assumed I was safely 1st female so I was not concerned; but with about a 1/2 mile to go I thought I heard clapping for someone not too far behind me. I tried picking it up however much I could and hoped it was enough to maintain pace from my second mile... Nope! 6:39!!!!!!! I have never run that slow at the end of a 5k race! It was a slightly long course, but the Garmin doesn't lie. I just flat out stunk it up today! Luckily it was a small one and not too embarrassing, but I have some mental work to do between now and the 19th!! Got in a 2 mile cool down after the race, but couldn't squeeze in the third mile because a huge storm had blown in. Literally, that quick! It was super hot, pretty windy, and definitely very humid (as I'm sure you guessed) during the race, and not even 20 minutes later it was raining, COLD, and no humidity!!


Feeling like the turtle this week- And I'm okay with it! :) [21M]

As much as I have loved being a rabbit with my training over the past several years, I am definitely confined to the turtle community this fall. As I finished my progression run last Friday, I walked away so pumped that I had completed my run at the paces I planned. Literally - Pumped! It was only a couple of hours later as I updated my training log that I realized how ironic my excitement was. My last three miles of the progression run were 7:01, 6:51, 6:41 - Just about identical the final three miles of ALL of my daily runs and long runs a year ago. Wow! And no, that progression run was not just a "keeping it easy" thing - I was working! Haha! Granted I am still sick with bronchitis and I have been battling some new aches and pains, but wow!

But honestly, that's part of the magic in this sport. Running is all about overcoming your own goals. Each year, each season, each day comes with different goals. And there is always room for new goals. So even though my goal this last Friday was nothing glitzy and glamorous, if I continue to put in the consistent time and effort, I will eventually get back there. It's a humbling sport, but the rewards are so great that every minute is so very worth it!

Sunday, September 22nd
6M run with Carolyn Kelly at the lake. We decided not to push it this week since we both have some weird aches we're trying to be cautious with, but it was a solid enjoyable run nonetheless! Averaged 7:34 pace for the day, slightly cutting down each mile!

Monday, September 23rd
Planned no running day #1!
AMAZING weather during my lunch hour so I stayed outside and did some form drills and bodyweight work! Very short and quick session before a 1:00 meeting!

Tuesday, September 24th
4M run on the grass track. I planned on doing 6 today, but stopped after 4 to talk to two of Jake's injured girls. Knowing that my quad and hips still aren't 100% and I had gotten in a very solid 4M run already, I decided to play it safe and skip the last two miles for the sake of recovery. Definitely a very good run though. Almost 30' flat for the four miles!
Strength circuit during lunch! Love that I have the energy to get these in again! Thank you ISA!!

Wednesday, September 25th
10' HIIT bike followed by 3 x 8 weights. Drank an e+ shot mid-morning today and felt like superwoman while lifting weights! I even did my last set of bench press with 30lb dumbbells!! That's 60lbs!! Just have to get my quad muscle worked out and I'll be back on the road running!

Thursday, September 26th
2M easy, 3M tempo. I am so happy I got this in!! I wasn't planning to run today, but had another e+ shot mid-morning, was feeling fantastic, and couldn't resist myself! :) Did a mile easy, then a mile of 1' moderate, 1' easy to warm up. After that I knocked out my 3 mile tempo with 6:27, 6:22, 6:18 splits for a 6:22 average pace. Super happy! First mile and a half felt great, the last half was definitely pushing it. That's 3 miles averaging only 9 seconds slower than goal pace for next week's 5k!! AND, my quad felt good the whole time! I'm having some weakness and aching in the upper quad/groin area now, but nothing during the run. Hopefully I'll get it all worked out at ART tonight!

Friday, September 27th
6M run + 6 strides. Felt absolutely FANTASTIC in terms of energy and such, but really achy structurally. If I could figure out my hips, quad, and and hip flexors, I seriously would be able to put together the best training season I've ever had now that I've got these Isa products. Never felt so good in my life!

Saturday, September 28th
~2M on our new dirt trail! I actually wanted to and planned to run more, but one of Jake's girls had to stop her run for an injury so I had to wait with her by the cars. I'm not going to fret over it like I would have in the past though. I got in the important runs this week and know that this doesn't happen all the time, so I have no reason to start doubting things at all!


Training like a runner again!! :) [30M]

All six mile runs, an eight mile run, and an easy four miler... That's what's on tap for this week! Gosh it feels good to see that!

I will be travelling to and from Houston on Monday and Tuesday, but after that my week should be pretty typical. ART bunched together on Wednesday and Thursday, standard workout on Wednesday, and distance run on Friday. I'm hoping I'll be able to continue my daily lunch break workout as well!

Sunday, September 15th
6M with Carolyn at the lake! I love running with her because we talk the whole time, but it's not like when you run casually and talk. We run hard, and we are out of breath, but we still have good conversations! I like it that we can push each other and still enjoy each other's company! Last mile today was 6:27 and the second to last was 6:54!!

Monday, September 16th
No running day #1! Long day of travel...

Tuesday, September 17th
6M + 6 strides. Got in a solid 48 minute run through Pearland this morning! I always enjoy exploring new areas on foot! Followed it up with drills and strides. Had a weird strong pain under the ball of my left foot on the strides but didn't feel anything during the run. Hopefully it's gone tomorrow!
Long day of travel again...

Wednesday, September 18th
4M easy with Jake's girls. Nothing special about this run... But got it in nonetheless! Having piriformis issues, but they are not bothering me while running at all.
Strength circuit during lunch. ART after work.

Thursday, September 19th
No running day #2! Lots of errands and doctor appointments... ART after work.

Friday, September 20th
6M continuous with last 5 progressive. Wasn't sure I would be able to do this run due to some bad pain in my medial hamstring over the last 48 hours, but got it in afterall! Phew! First mile was nice and easy in 8:20, after that I dropped to 7:30 pace and picked it up a tad every 1/2 mile. 7:23, 7:12, 7:01, 6:51, 6:41 for a 7:02 average. I can tell I ran hard for those last three miles but it's still crazy to think that five miles at 7:02 pace is a workout for me now! I used to do 15 at 7:05 pace every Sunday! Hahah! Baby steps, though. Just have to be patient. :) 5 miles in 7:02 average is better than 3 miles at 8:00 pace!
Strength circuit during lunch!

Saturday, September 21st
8M run. Went out to Keist Park and knocked out four very casual, comfortable loops. Never bothered picking up the pace at all - Just got in the miles! :) Definitely still having the same piriformis and medial hamstring pain!


It's a down week!!! [22.5M]

The last three weeks my body has survived 28 miles, 28 miles, and 30 miles! I would be embarrassed to say this a year ago, but this year I'm beyond thankful and happy with it! I have learned to take what I get, enjoy it, and make the most of it!

Though the mileage has been low, my joints and soft tissue in my lower body are not very happy with me. :) I am still working with my ART guy, but I was in Houston for two of these last three weeks, so we're playing catch up. As of now, my left shin and quad, and my right knee and hip are all acting up. Probably as a result of one another, haha. Hopefully this down week and the ART sessions will get things under control so I can get back at it full force next week.

Sunday, September 8th
4M run + quick strength session. I'm definitely still sick with whatever crud I caught last Thursday, so this was not one of the most pleasant runs I've had, by any means. But I am still very glad I got it in! I had just under 15 minutes after I finished before Jake was ready to go home, so I just did a quick full body strength circuit. Hoping to get to the doctor tomorrow!

Monday, September 9th (ART day)
Rest day for running! 25' cross training + strength during lunch! Officially on antibiotics for strep. Boooo. :( Wanted to do a deep cleanse this week while I wasn't running much...

Tuesday, September 10th
4M run + 4 strides in the morning. 25' cross training + core/mobility during lunch! Felt a bit better today than on Sunday's run (in terms of aches and pains), but still feeling beat up. Glad this is a down week!

Wednesday, September 11th (ART day)
4M run in the morning. 25' cross training + form/strength work during lunch! I am really enjoying getting in a second workout during lunch. And I'm SO excited to have the energy for it! There was a time where all I wanted to do was crawl back in bed any chance I got! Not anymore! :) Still having some aches, but again, better today than yesterday! That's one of the things I'm working on during my mid-day session!

Thursday, September 12th 
2.5M warm up, 2M tempo in the morning. 25' cross training + core/mobility during lunch! Drank an e+ shot this morning before leaving for practice. Felt like my 5:30 AM warm up was at 10:00 AM and I was FULL of energy! Woohoo!! I ran even pretty much the entire tempo. 6:24 for the first mile, finishing at 12:41, so a slight negative split, but basically, a nice even tempo. I was pleasantly surprised by it too. I couldn't have done a second one faster followed by even faster 600s like Jake's girls did, but for a first timed workout off the treadmill, I'm taking it! Walked away hungry for more! The spark is rekindled! :)

Friday, September 13th
Rest day from running! 25' bike + strength/mobility.

Saturday, September 14th
6M run, last three miles progressively harder. Very good run this morning. I can't believe how GREAT my legs feel. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the reduced mileage for the past week, but it sure felt awesome! 


Lots of work to do, but we're doing it! [30M!]

Last week I had my second "race" experience since my time off for the fractures. I started back to running (though not much) the first week of June. In August I began adding one quality workout per week, but it was never high intensity. Just a good progression run or fartlek. I have not run more than five days per week, and up until last week I had not run over six miles! But, all of that is changing now! I'm getting stronger and my body is able to handle more. Over the next several months we'll continue with this gradual progression and see how much progress can be made.

If nothing else, these two races I've done have been great eye openers on two accounts. 1. The system works if you are patient and consistent. I have yet to miss a run, but we also have not pushed the intensity or mileage at all. In both races I've averaged at least 20 seconds per mile faster than any single mile I've done in workouts. 2. I have a lot of work to do! What I ran for my 3k yesterday is what I'd like to be at in the half marathon in the next year or so, Lord willing. Lots and lots of work left to do!! But, like I said, we're doing it!

Sunday, SEPTEMBER 1st!! :)
6M with Carolyn Kelly at the lake! Super fun to run with Carolyn. We started much harder than I usually do so even though we talked the whole time, we were both breathing really hard. We were averaging 7:13 pace at four miles so we decided to ease up and relax with 1.5 to go. Finished out the six in 45:14 which is a very solid 7:32 pace!
Strength circuit 

Monday, September 2nd
Rest! Got in a light strength and mobility session while Jake did his workout!

Tuesday, September 3rd
5M + strides. Ran with the DBU girls and enjoyed it. There definitely were not team runs like that when I was on campus. Everyone ran... No jogging. Felt very good muscularly but still having a lot aches in my hips, hip flexors, and IT bands.

Wednesday, September 4th
6M run with the DBU girls. They had a last minute meet scheduled for Thursday so I opted to run with them today and switch my workout for tomorrow when they're gone. It was a solid six miler though. Definitely worked on it, especially the last mile or so. Very impressed with these ladies' efforts! Still need to get these hips and my back sorted out!
Quick strength and core session during lunch.

Thursday, September 5th
Rest - Potentially getting sick?

Friday, September 6th
6M w/ Lab Rat treadmill workout. 1M warm up, then 5 sets of 4' at scheduled pace, 2' easy. The four minute segments were 7:21 pace, 6:48 pace, 6:31 pace, 6:27 pace, 6:18 pace. Very good workout! All recovery segments were around 8:30 pace and I followed it up with 1M easy. Ended up averaging around 7:30 pace for the full 6 miles.

Saturday, September 7th
7M w/ 1',3' surge. I was originally going to do the DBU girls fartlek today, but since I had to run my workout on Friday instead of Wednesday, it didn't make sense. I did the first two surges with them and then just finished out with a good run. My quads were very tight today, which is a first in a while for sure!