First week of no racing in FOREVER!!!

That means it's time to hit the training full force!!!

Sunday, February 27th
Rest... Recovering from last week and yesterday's race; getting ready for the week ahead! :)

Monday, February 28th
[AM: 20 x Around the World Core, 1 x Myrtyl Routine]
6M + 6x8" hill sprints... Another nice progression run on Merrifield, despite the crazy wind! I was averaging 7:08 pace at the 3M turnaround and ended up finishing the run with an average of 6:39 pace. The mile breakdown went 7:34, 7:10, 6:39, 6:20, 6:07, 6:07. Got in some solid hill sprints and stretching after the run. **Shout-out to my husband Jake who ran the first 2M with me! :) Thanks, handsome!! Love you!**

Tuesday, March 1st
3M warm up
2 x (10x400m) @ 5k-3k pace, 1' recovery/4' recovery between sets. Got in another solid workout! Splits ranged from 82 to 75. First set: 82-82-81-80-79-79-80-79-79-79. Spent the 4' recovery running to and from the restroom at the M.S. Second set: 80-80-78-79-78-76-78-79-78-75.
3 x 6 (body squats, forward walking lunges, backward walking lunges)
2' quality plank, 30 x sit-ups, 60 x v-sit russian twists

Wednesday, March 2nd
9M easy. I ran from my apartment to the Mansfield Sport's Complex (1M away and endless options of grass fields to run on!). The run averaged 7:56 pace and felt great up until the last 1/2 mile or so when my joints got a little achy. Other than that, it was a very  nice comfortable recovery day.

Thursday, March 3rd
80 x russian twists, 80 x flutter kicks, Jay Johnson's back routine, big 12
6M + 6x100m in flats. Average of 7:32 pace today. Spent almost the entire 6M on DBU's grass track... definitely fatigued and heavy today... which I expected would happen as I transitioned into more running. Just have to tough it out a few weeks and things will turn around!

Friday, March 4th
1.5 warm up, 2 x 3k tempo loop w/ 2' recovery, 1M warm down. Very short, light day but enough quality work to get my heart rate up and get in some good effort! Loops showed up as 1.81M in 11:07 (6:09 pace) and 11:02 (6:07 pace) respectively. Now time to rest up for next week!!

Saturday, March 5th
Rest! And time to celebrate being married to the most wonderful man in the world for a full year!!! :)

Total Mileage for the Week: about 36M!


ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run 10k

Sunday, February 20th
Rest from NCCAA Championships... although travel and school work allowed for very little of it!

Monday, February 21st
6M naturally progressive + 6 x 8" hill sprints
Nice run with the first three with my wonderful husband, Jake. The way back was windy but mostly downhill. Averaged 6:48 pace for the run with a breakdown of 7:39, 7:14, 7:04, 6:24, 6:09, 6:19. Got the hill sprints in with solid effort.
3 x (5 arm reach plank, 5 twist side plank, 10 bridge lifts, 10 arm press with lunge)

Tuesday, February 22nd
big 12 + Jay Johnson's back routine + 50 x v-sit russian twists
3M warm up + 15 x 1' @ RP, 1' recovery + 1.5M cool down- Another workout in the books! The workout was very taxing on my calves and IT band as the gravel was loose and thick and there were several tight turns during the surges. Got in 4.5M on the workout (averaging 6:39) for a total of 9M for the day. Paces for the surges- 5:37, 5:08, 5:21, 5:25, 5:37, 5:21, 5:11, 5:22, 5:32, 5:16, 5:06, 5:22, 5:43, 5:21, 5:06. Each loop on the trail took up 4 surges/recoveries, which shows in the slower surges which all required crossing the bridge on the trail!
3 x 6 [body squats, forward walking lunges, backward walking lunges]

Wednesday, February 23rd
6M conversational. Ran these entirely on grass at the Mansfield Sports Complex. Very nice day for a recovery run. Averaged 7:58 for the run.

Thursday, February 24th
6M with 1x12' tempo. Ran the first 3M around Grand Prairie averaging 7:34 pace, continued onto the track and started the tempo halfway through the first lap. I ended up averaging 6:02 pace for the tempo and 6:54 pace for the last mile for a total run average of 6:52. Nice effort and under control despite the ridiculous winds. Another day in the books!
3 x 6 [body squats, forward walking lunges, backward walking lunges] 
60 x v-sit russian twists, 1 x plank to exhaust, 30 x sit-ups, 8 x catback swayback

Friday, February 25th
4M pre-race + 6 x 100m in flats
[10' shakeout and drills]

Saturday, February 26th
40' off-and-on warm up, ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run 10k, 1.5M cool down- Finished in 3rd (for the women) with 37:47 for an average pace of 6:04. I came through the 5k at 18:40, hit the hills, and forced my way through the wind and hills of the last 5k in 19:07. Definitely not too thrilled with the second half of this race. My goal was to run 6 minute pace and I was right on target for the first half... Just wish I had been more aware of the course in advance. Better for next year though, right?! Now 2 full weeks to get in some quality work!

Total Mileage: 43 on my FEET!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Total # of Runs: 6!!!!!! DOUBLE YEAHHHHHH!!!!!


NCCAA Indoor Championships

Sunday, February 13th
Rest and travel... A VERY long day off of VERY little sleep! Thankful that I did my long run yesterday!

Monday, February 14th
90" quality plank
50 quality v-sit russian twist
60' stationary bike
myrtyl routine

Tuesday, February 15th
3M easy + warm up drills + 2 x 60m sprints
16 x 400- hammer #2,7,11,15 (60" recovery)... Solid workout and very under control. Thankful for the warmer weather! 81,78, 81, 81, 80, 80, 76, 79, 80, 79, 78, 79, 79, 79, 76, 78. May have had 5-10" extra rest for the first 8 as the recovery started when the last girl finished. Completed the workout solo, so rest is accurate there.
13' warm down

Wednesday, February 16th
30' easy- Ran through the trails (SUPER windy day) with Linet and very much enjoyed the chance to catch up with her! Ended up averaging 7:45 pace but that's with the first and last 1/2 miles as true recovery. Most of the run 7:15 to 7:20 pace.
6 x 100m strides- Ran these in the parking lot so didn't get in a full 100m. Each stride was 14-15" and they averaged 4:21 pace.
around the world core before bed

Thursday, February 17th
warm up drills + 45' stationary bike
90" plank, 25 x v-sit russian twist

Friday, February 18th
warm up drills
30' comfortable with the team in Indiana
neuro drills + 6 x hard strides + stretching

Saturday, February 19th
23' warm up + drills and strides + 5k race (18:07) + 12' cool down
10' warm up + strides + 3k race (10:34) +10' cool down
Neither race is a time that I am proud of. The 5k is a PR, but I didn't "compete" well and let the leader have it from the gun. The 3k was better as far as competing, but a much slower race/time. I'm definitely disappointed in my indoor season, but I'm just going to hope that all this training pays off in outdoor.

Weekly Mileage: 28 running + 10.5 x-training equivalent = 39M
Runs for the Week: 5.


RACE TIME-- University of Washington Indoor!

Sunday, February 6th

Monday, February 7th
warm up drills + 2 x 20m neuromuscular drills
6M easy + 6 x 30-30-- I really eased into today's run. It was really windy on the open roads and my body is still worn down, so I figured a solid recovery day would be best. Ended up averaging 8:14 pace for the run.
warm down drills
2 x 30"  H-Core

Tuesday, February 8th
[15' shakeout + LOTS of stretching + the big 12]
3M warm up + warm up drills
4 x 200 + 2M tempo + 4 x 200--- The 200's were all at 36.xx except for the 8th one, which was 37.19! Haha! The 2M tempo was 12:17 and was run at a pretty even pace all the way through. Very, very windy day!
10' warm down

Wednesday, February 9th
45' stationary bike
lots of stretching!!

Thursday, February 10th
30' easy at the Dempsey- I felt really weak/ worn down tonight, but a long day of travel could definitely cause that! I'm not worried... I'd rather have an "off" day today and get it over with before tomorrow night! :)
2 x 20m neuromuscular drills
6 x 100m strides

Friday, February 11th
[10' AM shakeout on the streets in Seattle!]
25' warm up
5k race- 17:20 goal. Bombed it... 18:08. I kept it steady through 2 miles and fell apart there. Definitely not for lack of effort. I truly felt like I gave everything at the finish.... and that is what disappoints me the most about this race. I did have stomach/digestive issues tonight, but I certainly cannot blame the race on that. You can watch it at www.flotrack.org. Look for heat 1 of the Women's 5k at the Husky Invitational.
14' cool down.

Saturday, February 12th
87' progressive long run. I ran the first 40' alone and then met up with Tabb to finish out the last 47'. If our measurements were close we averaged about 7:45 for the 25' and right around 7:00 pace for the last 3 miles. Very, very pretty morning with some pleasant weather here in Seattle.

Weekly Mileage: about 39M of pure running... plus 4.5M x-training equivalent.
Total Runs for the Week: 7... if you include the 10-15' shakeouts!