It's snowing and we are stuck in the house...

Impromptu rest week due to snow and ice. I can't get to the AlterG and my hamstring tendon isn't ready for more of the bike yet. Might as well make this 7 days of total rest. I've had 10 days of low impact training since I stopped running, so adding 7 days of total rest and then 10 more days of low impact training would put me at 27 days and it would be time to start running on land again.

Monday, February 23rd - Friday, February 27th
Total rest. Planks and core exercises on a couple of the days.

Saturday, February 28th
Warm up drills, 10' progressive bike, Myrtle routine, 10' fartlek bike, back strength circuit, 10' fartlek bike... ~65 minutes of continuous work


Trying the AlterG (12.75M)

Monday, February 16th
30 minutes on the AlterG in the morning (avg HR 130, avg pace 7:30, total distance 4M)
70 minute bike in the evening

Tuesday, February 17th
50 minute bike (avg HR 160)

Wednesday, February 18th
30 minutes on the AlterG at noon (3 x 1M @ 6:00 pace, avg HR 164, avg pace 6:38, total distance 4.6M. Foot felt fine but insertions behind my knee are feeling a bit strained.)

Thursday, February 19th
Rest day

Friday, February 20th
60 minutes strength + core in the morning (myrtl routine, back routine, upper body strength, core strength, etc)
30 minutes on the AlterG at noon (60" uphill surges @ 6:40 pace with incline 10%, avg pace 7:14, avg HR 158, total distance 4.15M, strain behind knees significantly greater. Glad I have a couple days off before I can use the AlterG again. Foot felt good though.)

Saturday, February 21st
30 minutes strength + core (Planned to bike but didn't feel well. Thought I had a fever but it was actually super low... 95.8!)

Sunday, February 22nd
Rest day

Stress reaction again... (6M)

Monday, February 9th
50 minute bike (avg HR 160)

Tuesday, February 10th
2M warm up, 4x800m, 400m rec. jog, 1M cool down (warm up 8:02 avg pace, 162 avg HR; 800's in 3:24, 3:23, 3:20, 3:19, avg pace for workout 7:19, avg HR 179; cool down 8:50 avg pace... ran on the hilly neighborhood loop; left foot felt worst at very end)

Wednesday, February 11th
60 minute bike (avg HR 162... x ray shows stress reaction in 5th metatarsal, doctor says it's mild and I can continue running, but given my history, running on a stress reaction seems like asking for longer recovery time)

Thursday, February 12th
90 minute bike (avg HR 162)

Friday, February 13th
Drills + body weight leg strength + 1M run (wasn't planning to run and stopped as soon as my foot started hurting... in Seattle for the weekend and couldn't pass up a perfect trail)

Saturday, February 14th
Rest day (no access to a gym... legs are sore from strength work yesterday)

Sunday, February 15th
Rest day (no access to a gym still)

Being cautious with an achy left foot (18M)

Monday, February 2nd
Rest day

Tuesday, February 3rd
2M easy + 5M steady (8:23 avg pace, 170 avg HR, 173 avg cadence... ran on the neighborhood hilly loop)

Wednesday, February 4th
4M easy + strides (9:10 avg pace, 166 avg HR... ran early in the morning on the track... rough day)

Thursday, February 5th
50 minute bike (avg HR 156. left foot is aching... decided to bike before I didn't have access to cross training equipment over the weekend)

Friday, February 6th
2M easy + 5M steady (8:01 avg pace, 170 avg HR... ran on hilly trails in Joplin, Mo)

Saturday, February 7th
Rest day... super achy foot, maybe from sperry shoes I wore yesterday. Resting to be safe.

Sunday, February 8th
Rest day... still achy foot.