A leap of faith!

For the first time in four months I have no pain walking around my house barefoot. It seems as though my three-week all or nothing plan of extra sleep, no working out, double doses of the bone stimulator, and constant use of the walking boot has paid off!

I'm still very hesitant to jump into things so I'll continue wearing the boot most of the day, and I will only be adding short, light cardio sessions (no intervals or resistance). I want to be SURE I'm healthy before I find myself back at square one.

Sunday, January 29th
50' lower body strength + 20' bike

Monday, January 30th
50' upper body strength (pull exercises) + 20' bike

Tuesday, January 31st
50' core strength + 20' bike
***DOCTOR UPDATE: I got a new x-ray done today; the fracture has not healed at all. Not sure what's going on here.

Wednesday, February 1st
50' upper body strength (push exercises) + 30' bike

Thursday, February 2nd
50' lower body strength + 20' bike

Friday, February 3rd
Rest day

Saturday, February 4th
40' upper body strength (pull exercises) + 45' bike


Third and hopefully FINAL week of no cardio!

I'm so ready to get back to sweating and feeling fit and working hard! After this week, I will have gone a full three weeks without putting ANY stress on my foot from biking, swimming, etc. I have also worn my boot ALL day, every day.

Sunday, January 22nd
45' lower body strength

Monday, January 23rd
45' core strength

Tuesday, January 24th
45' upper body strength - push exercises

Wednesday, January 25th
45' lower body strength

Thursday, January 26th
45' upper body strength - pull exercises

Friday, January 27th
25' lower body strength + 20' core strength

Saturday, January 28th
45' upper body strength - push exercises


Week 2 of ZERO cardio!

The goal is to make it a minimum of three weeks without biking or swimming at all - I am so ready to have this foot healed and be able to actually run. By doctor's orders I am now using a bone stimulator twice daily, I've also been getting closer to 8 hours of sleep (thanks to not working out). That being said, I'm really trying to stay positive and hope for the best. Who knows, maybe I'll be back running by the time March rolls around?!

Here's the ever-so-exciting recap of last week:

Sunday, January 15th
30' upper body strength

Monday, January 16th
30' lower body strength

Tuesday, January 17th
30' core

Wednesday, January 18th
30' upper body strength

Thursday, January 19th
30' lower body strength

Friday, January 20th
nothing structured

Saturday, January 21st
30' upper body strength


SEVEN days with ZERO cardio.

Long story short, my foot was significantly more painful on Saturday and Sunday than it had been, so I decided to take a full week off.

X-rays on Tuesday showed the fracture is still there, so the doc ordered a bone stimulator... hopefully it comes in soon. In the meantime, he said since it's been three months it's not entirely necessary for me to wear the boot - only for personal comfort now.

I did begin doing some LIGHT strength/ core work on Thursday.... A week of nothing makes you feel too much like a slob. :)

PS. I watched the OT marathon this morning in Houston. All I can say is there is something special about running a race where every fan is waving an American flag and chanting USA as the runners go by. I don't care if it comes as soon as four years or takes the full 16 years,  I want to toe the line for that race one day.


Dreaming Big for 2012

2012 Goals:
Sub 1:20 Half Marathon
Sub 36:00 10k
Sub 17:30 5k

The first goal, of course, is to get this foot healthy so I can get back to running! :)

Sunday, January 1st
45' bike + 10' core

Monday, January 2nd
10' core + 45' elliptical + 15' bike + 20' strength
45' bike w/ 6 x 10"h (1'e) , 20"h (1'e), 30"h (2'e) + 15' mobility

Tuesday, January 3rd
10' core + 30' elliptical w/ 1' resistance pyramids + 20' bike w/ 3 x4'h (1'e)
30' bike PM

Wednesday, January 4th
10' core + 45' bike + 20' weights
30' bike PM

Thursday, January 5th
10' core + 60' bike
**No double due to pain in my tailbone all day.

Friday, January 6th
20' strength + 40' bike w/ 20 x 20"h (40"e) + 10' strength
**LOTS of foot pain this week.

Saturday, January 7th
30' body weight strength and core + 40' bike w/ 90"h (90"e)