Watch and enjoy!

Taking a break from my training log to post a link to the funniest video ever. It's my husband and I posted it, so no, you will not get a virus. :) Enjoy!

video of Jake struggling with his nose hair


Bubble gum shoes!

I got new shoes today!! Bubble gum pink Nike Zoom Elite! I've never worn this shoe before as I've always been put in very neutral, light shoes, but I'm just excited to be in some fresh shoes and ready to get this ball rolling! Jake made a plan for me that picks up June 2nd, so I have thru the end of this week to wean myself off the run-walk intervals and step up to the real thing. Eeek!

Sunday, May 26th
1M walk in the morning
4M with 3 sets of 6' running, 2' walking in the afternoon (This is by far the worst I've felt during any of my runs so far, but it's also the first time I ran two days in a row, late in the afternoon, on a hungry stomach, and with solid pre-existing sleepiness! I am sure Tuesday's run will feel better! I plan on shortening the rest a bit next time!)

Monday, May 27th
Rest day. Terrible stomach pain starting mid morning. Barely was able to stand straight long enough to get our groceries! :( Flipped today's cross train/ strength day with Friday, which actually works out better. Classes are cancelled at the gym today for Memorial Day, so I'll be able to go to them now that I'm working out on Friday.

Tuesday, May 28th
4M with 5', 7', 9' running, 1' walk before work (I did not want to risk missing this one for stomach problems again, so I got it in first thing! The plan was actually 4 sets of 5 minutes with 1 minute walk breaks, but during the first one I realized that I am not being very fair to myself in getting prepared for continuous runs next week. I decided to lengthen my running segments today and keep the one minute rest breaks. Worked perfectly! I had some femur pain during the last interval, but it was lower in my thigh than the fracture, so I'm not terribly concerned. The 9' rep was also my most telling run interval yet because I got to get a general idea of my pace, which I believe is just under 8:00. Long ways to go, but I'm hoping to be ready!)

Wednesday, May 29th
60' cycle class before work
60' barbell class after work
Wednesdays are my favorite because my two favorite classes at 24 Hour are both at times I can make and the teacher is my favorite one! Always leaves me sore on Thursdays!

Thursday, May 30th (Jake's birthday!)
40' with 2 sets of 9' running, 1' walk between sets. Glad to have a couple days off until next week's continuous runs start up. The front of my thigh was a bit sore again, but I am thinking it's muscle soreness is all. Very busy day ahead!

Friday, May 31st
60' PiYo class. This was my first time to go to the class and let me tell you... I officially have AWFUL balance! That, and it takes me about 1.5 seconds to process directions, so I will always be a step behind everyone else! Haha! About the only parts of the class that I felt confident in were the plank exercises and squats. Everything else I was a joke! Haha! Good to shake things up though, and I am sure it would benefit me to continue with it.

Saturday, June 1st
60' Cycle Class. Still feeling this femur.. particularly towards my inner thigh. :/


Time to get ready to RUN again!

I ran every other day this last week, which means I got to run FOUR times!!! In saying that, I feel pretty confident that I'm ready to move back towards real training in the next month or so. I'll continue to stay very conservative for about that long, but I do want to transition from running for general exercise to running with the goal of getting back into distance running shape. I'm going to gradually move away from the short walk-run sessions and work my way towards longer periods of running with less resting in between. I want to continue walking before and after the runs so that I can get in the time on my feet without running too much, but I need to be able to run continuously, not just for quick spurts. I'm so ready to get back in shape!!!

Sunday, May 19th
20M bike around WRL with Jake... He averaged 5:53 pace for the run! Incredible!

Monday, May 20th
5' walk, 4 x 4' run, 2' walk on the treadmill (Since it was 5:15AM and I had such a short "warm up", I started at 8:40 pace for the first 4 minutes and then worked down to the last one at 8:00 pace. This is the first run where my ankle started hurting again, but other than that, it wasn't bad at all.)
60' bodypump class after the run-walk (This is a full body strength workout with barbells. Always leaves me exhausted!)
*Major pain from my sciatic nerve this morning. I felt it starting to act up yesterday, but this morning it was enough to cause me to modify some of my lunges, etc. Got to keep an eye on it!

Tuesday, May 21st
Core H and Myrtyl routines before work
3M bike with Jake during lunch
30' rolling incline walk after work
*Still feeling pain from my sciatic nerve today.

Wednesday, May 22nd
45' cycle class before work
20' power walk during lunch
60' bodypump class after work

Thursday, May 23rd
10' walk, 4'-4'-5'-5' running intervals with 2' walking after each one. (I did four minutes for the first two, but they were so easy, went by really fast, and I didn't have femur or ankle pain, so I decided to add one minute to each of the last two intervals. Both went very smoothly so I'm looking forward to doing all four for five minutes on Saturday! No core or leg work today because I'm so sore from Bodypump yesterday!!!)

Friday, May 24th
rest day!

Saturday, May 25th
10' walk, 4 x 5' run, 2' walk, 7' walk (Felt good and was a nice way to start the day! Love that I can walk out the door and go running again!)
2 sets of Vern Leg Circuit


Finally healing up and ready to workout again!

Last night is the first night I used fewer than three pillows and did not wake up throughout the night from pain! Woohoo! SO, being the impatient runner I am, I decided to try running again today. :) It seemed to go okay, so I'm planning to try my normal routine this week. I still have some soreness, so I will just go easy for the first few days.

Sunday, May 12th
30' walk-jog (2' walk, 1' jog)
Various mobility drills (I needed to time them for Jake's team so I went through Myrtl, Cannonball, Sleepytime, Balance Drills, Hurdle Drills, and Vern Gambetta's Leg Circuit)

Monday, May 13th
10' Core H (10 x 60" runner specific core exercises)
12' resistance bike, 1M walk (I planned to bike 30' but it was hurting my knee so I hopped off and walked instead... Not as good, but at least not pushing any joints' buttons yet)

Tuesday, May 14th
10' core work
45' walk-jog (2' walk, 1' jog, just like Sunday. This time I used our 1M loop and finished just over four of them! Felt amazing to be out in the warm sun! On a side note, I did feel thigh pain today so I'll need to pay more attention to when it starts and how it hurts next time. Today I just wanted to run and be free in doing it so I tried to push it aside. :) )
1 set of Vern Gambetta's Leg Circuit and Jay Johnson's Sleepytime Circuit post run (I will be helping lead strength and core training for the team this fall, so I'm trying to test the drills and circuits I'll be giving them. Both of these will be used and I think they'll be very effective.) 

Wednesday, May 15th
15' cardio video workout, 20' resistance bike (quick "sweat" session during lunch)
10' HIIT stationary bike, 2x20 weight machines (Feeling really run down this afternoon due to an overly stressful day at work. Decided to make it a speedy workout so I could get home and relax and take care of myself!)

Thursday, May 16th
45' walk-jog (2' walk, 1' jog. I used our 1M loop again and finished four of them with 3 minutes leftover so I just did a quick out and back to fill in the time. I am very confident now that the pain in my left thigh is muscle because it is more sore than an ache and it hurts so close to the skin. It used to ache deep down. I'm thinking next week I'll either go for 60 minutes or change to 1', 1' for 40. Exciting!)
2 sets of Vern Gambetta's Leg Circuit and Jay Johnson's Cannonball Circuit post run

Friday, May 17th
30 minutes of balance, body-weight strength, and core
3 sets of 10' bike, with quick dumbbell strength circuit in between each set

Saturday, May 18th
4M walk-jog (400m jog, 200m walk with some extra walking to get to four miles. I was at the track this morning because I had to drive one of Jake's athletes out there for her workout, so I thought I'd make use of the softer surface! I timed the intervals (not because I needed to, but just because I was curious) and ended up with an 800m walk before intervals, then 1:50, 2:03, 1:41, 2:10, 1:39, 2:07, 1:37, 4:05 (400m), 1:34, 2:07, 1:34, 2:04, 1:34, 2:05, 1:48 and an 800m walk after the intervals. I didn't feel femur pain but was DEFINITELY tired from my first step walking. Had a hard time waking up the past few days and I am hoping that's just part of the antibiotics I'm on! No fun!)


Post-surgery week = Taking it easy!

Sunday, May 5th
Most painful day yet - Complete rest.

Monday, May 6th
Same as yesterday.

Tuesday, May 7th
Still resting.

Wednesday, May 8th
30' interval recumbent bike at hotel.

Thursday, May 9th
3' run, 60' walk.
*I tried running by my teeth/jaw literally throbbed so badly I couldn't make it past three minutes! I had a ton of time to kill before and during Jake's race so I decided to just walk around that part of town.

Friday, May 10th
Technically resting - but I did do a TON of hard lawn work.

Saturday, May 11th
15' bike, 20' walk, and then a TON of hard lawn work again.