Another week in Houston. (12M)

Last week was a good, smooth second week back; I had some more pain in my foot a couple of the days, but I'm continuing to use the bone stimulator and trusting that the aches will pass. This week is not much different mileage wise, just adding one mile to each run and only running four days. Hoping I can find some time to run outdoors in Houston instead of using the hotel treadmill!

Sunday, March 25th
Rest day

Monday, March 26th
3M easy run around DBU's campus (all pavement) + 35' weights and core
60' bike in the evening

Tuesday, March 27th
3M easy on the treadmill in 23:45 + 40' bike
30' elliptical in the evening

Wednesday, March 28th
'Around the World' Core x 12 + weights + 20' bike
3x45" pedestal routine + 60' bike

Thursday, March 29th
3M on treadmill in 23:28 + 20' bike
50' elliptical

Friday, March 30th
3M on treadmill in 23:26 + core

Saturday, March 31st
3x12 weights + 60' bike

5hrs 40 minutes cross training; 12M running


2nd week back! (11M)

Sunday, March 18th
15' upper body strength + 2M treadmill run (14:48) + 30' lower body/ core
50' bike in the afternoon

Monday, March 19th
70' elliptical + 10' core

Tuesday, March 20th
2M treadmill run (14:42) + 10' core + 50' elliptical
30' bike in the evening

Wednesday, March 21st
20' upper body strength + 60' bike
2M run through the neighborhood with Jake in the evening*

Thursday, March 22nd
Rest day

Friday, March 23rd
2M run through the neighborhood with Jake + 3 x 60" pedestal routine*
60' bike in the evening

Saturday, March 24th
5' stair master + 30' weights + 40' bike w/ 90" hard, 90" easy
25' run around UTA in the afternoon

*No pace/time for these runs - estimating 7:45 to 8:15 pace for them.

6hrs cross training; 11M running


First week with running! (10M)

Sunday, March 11th
20' upper body strength + 2M run (7:58, 7:20) + 40' bike

Monday, March 12th
30' bike
15' run with Jake at Tom Bass Park (love running around that lake!) + 20' lower body strength

Tuesday, March 13th
Rest day

Wednesday, March 14th
15' run with Jake at Tom Bass Park + 15' upper body/ core strength

Thursday, March 15th
40' bike
15' run with Jake on the DBU gravel path

Friday, March 16th
15' core/ stretching + 30' bike

Saturday, March 17th
16' run + course running to watch Jake race (1st place in the Dash Down Greenville - So happy for him!)

1 hour 50 minutes cross training; 10M running


In the grey area...

My foot hurts, but not while I'm running. So I'm still going out and jogging or ellipticalling a few times a week - not sure if that's dumb or okay.

Sunday, March 4th
50' bike (15 x 1' hard, 1' easy) + 30' core

Monday, March 5th
20' mixed strength + 45' bike (3 x 10' steady, 1' easy, 10 x 30", 30")
10' easy run at lunch

Tuesday, March 6th
15' upper body strength + 10' easy run at lunch + 10' easy run at night
*knee pain kept me from biking & I couldn't get into the gym to use the elliptical

Wednesday, March 7th
50' elliptical
10' easy run after work with my husband :)

Thursday, March 8th
25' lower body strength + 20' elliptical + 20' bike
*worse foot pain today, especially on the elliptical

Friday, March 9th
15' lunchtime run
10' evening run
******MAJOR, MAJOR muscle soreness from yesterday's leg workout, so I'm definitely logging what I did for it:
8 x 20" work, 10" rest of the following 6 exercises

  • deep squats
  • step ups
  • standing side leg lifts 
  • one legged RDL's
  • side lunges
  • heel to butt's

Saturday, March 10th
20' core work + 60' elliptical
(still incredibly sore!)