First Indoor Meet- KU!!

Sunday, November 28th
[morning HR: 46]
*warm up drills
*4M easy on grass at Mountain View
-29:22/ 7:20 avg
-progressed naturally with paces of 7:56, 7:09, 7:20 (uphill & into wind), 6:56
*2 x 20m of neuromuscular drills
*4 x 30",30"
-a little better than last time with paces of 5:02, 5:49 (uphill & into wind), 4:57 (downhill & with wind), 5:15
*cool down drills
---a little less foot pain today, and it was not as unbearable on the concrete... good news!
*strength endurance weights

Monday, November 29th
[morning HR: 47]
*20' stationary bike
*2 x full work capacity circuit
*10 x "around the world" core routine

Tuesday, November 30th
[morning HR: 47]
*warm up drills
*2 x 20m of neuromuscular drills
*4M easy on grass at Mountain View
-29:21/ 7:20 avg
-progressed naturally with paces of 7:47, 7:22, 7:14, 6:56

Wednesday, December 1st
[morning HR: 48]
*warm up drills
*.5M easy on treadmill
*2 x 20m neuromuscular drills
*4M cut downs (70%, 80%, 2x85%) on the treadmill w/ 1% incline
-felt very comfortable and relaxed... loved this workout!! set the paces to 7:30 for the first mile, 6:53 for the 2nd, and 6:35 for the last 2.
*4 x 40",40" (took .75M), finished out the mile for a cool down
-basically the usual 30,30's but i needed the extra 10" to change the paces on the treadmill. set the hard paces to 5:27, 5:20, 5:15, 5:07 respectively.
*strength endurance weights
*12 x "around the world" core routine

Thursday, December 2nd
[morning HR: 49]
Rest day!

Friday, December 3rd
[morning HR: 45]
LONG day of travel.
*32' comfortable on KU's indoor track

Saturday, December 2nd
[morning HR: ?!]
*8' easy, warm up drills, 8' easy, stretches, 1' easy, 2' tempo, 3' easy, strides
*3k race
--10:40/ 5:43 pace. definitely excited about this race. i felt very relaxed, controlled, and comfortable and just sat on the leader's heels as she would not let me pass. frustrated with the finish because i thought i had another lap left, but still pleased to know i pr'ed and could've still done much better.
*10' easy cool down
*10' easy, warm up drills, 7' alt tempo/easy down and backs in the hall, 1 x 15m neuromuscular drills, strides
*1200m leg of the dmr
--3:57ish. i'm pleased with this race as well. definitely not as fast as it should have been, but after the experience i feel very confident in my fitness and my ability to run much faster at my next opportunity. definitely could've held pace for another 400m to run a 5:20 mile, so i'm pumped about that at this point in the season.
*8' cool down

Total Mileage for the Week (inc. 10'=1M for x-training): 29
Total Number of Runs: 6

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