Learning from my mistakes. [0M]

Learning from your mistakes is important. It's how humans improve at things over time. We learn what NOT to do so that we know what TO do. Unfortunately, when it comes to my training, I am not very good at learning from mistakes! I have had 7 stress fractures in my running 'career' and almost all of them sidelined me for a good five to seven months. The sad part is, I'm pretty sure that if I had backed off the mileage and spent some time cross training when the pains first appeared, I could have avoided all of that boring time off.

Right now, I hurt to walk from my kitchen table to the sink, from my bed to the closet, from the front door to the mailbox, etc. And no, I don't think anything is bone related (a stress fracture), but there are multiple places that hurt, and they have been hurting for over four weeks now. None of them have improved, and some have gotten gradually worse. I'm no doctor, and I'm no PT, but I'm pretty sure none of that is normal or healthy. It's time to give things a rest for a few days and listen to my body. I may have run through this in the past, just because I CAN physically run on these pains, but that doesn't make it wise to do so. It's time I learn from my mistakes! :)

Sunday, December 29th - Saturday, January 4th
Total rest days. No core, no cross training, no strength, no running, minimal walking.

ART appointment with my Chiro on Monday night.
Bone Scan referral put in by my PCP last week.
Seeing an Orthopaedic MD on Friday morning.
Functional Movement Screening mid-day on Friday.

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