Time for a mindset shift! (10M land, 60' water)

Sometimes we get so caught up in where we want to be, that we forget it takes time to get there. In reality, most of us will spend more time trying to get where we want to be than we'll spend when we actually get there. The journey is important, and it will not be pleasant or enjoyable if we rush things.

Have you ever been on a long car drive and forced yourself not to stop at all, just so you could get there as quickly as possible? You end up super hungry, you have a headache, you're stiff, and you have to pee like crazy!! It's NO fun!! But oh, have you ever been on a long car drive and taken your time? Stopped at a nice outlet mall, played a scratch off game at a gas station, picked up a snack at a local hole-in-the-wall, stopped to stretch every hour or so? Now THAT is fun!!!

Speaking of road trips - Jake and I have had our fair share, and let's just say we love them! :)

Because I have been so close to where I want to be and I remember what it took at the time, it's very easy for me to forget that I can't just jump back into that life. 60 mile weeks, two-a-days, high effort long runs, multiple quality workouts each week, lots of strength work and cross training, etc, etc, etc. I can't do that right now, and that has been wearing me down so much that I have wanted to slip away from my dreams. I wanted to back out of ever trying to be competitive again because I didn't think I could actually get there. Now that I know I'm still battling some injuries (see last week's post), I know I am even more restricted with the types of training I can do, and that made last week extra tough mentally.

I'm shifting modes now. Rather than focusing on where I want to be, I'm going to focus on the journey and on moving forward. A low impact cross training workout is forward progress. A chiropractor session and some functional strength work are forward progress. Basic core work, flexibility work, form drills, and mobility drills are all forward progress, and I need to take them seriously, enjoy them, and take pride in the small stuff. That's where I have been messing up. We find enjoyment in things when we feel like we have achieved something; when we've done well or reached a personal goal. Well, when you're still in the baby step phase and you've previously been at the top of the mountain, it's very hard to get excited about anything. So, like I said, it's time for a shift!! No more comparing to the past, no more comparing to others. Each day is a new day, and each day I will do as much as my body healthily allows me to do. Every day will be a day for forward progress, and every day will have something to celebrate!

Sunday, January 12th
AM: Still sick from yesterday! Feeling so blah from all this sleeping! Hoping to get in a relaxed run and plenty of low-key supplement work late this afternoon!
PM: 4M progression run + 2 x 10 upper body strength + core. I ran on the treadmill again in case I needed to call it quits during the run. My thigh was aching pretty bad for the first mile, but after that the pain moved into my hip and wasn't as strong, so I just finished things out. Started at 8:35 and knocked the pace down by one click every quarter mile. Finished with the last quarter mile at 6:58 pace. Strength went well, but I skipped lower body work so as not to put any more stress on that quad/ hip flexor than necessary. For core I did a full plank rotation, 10 x 5" superman, 15 reverse crunches, and 30 bicycle kicks. Ears and head still hurt, but no fever and no flushed face! :)

Monday, January 13th
Chiropractor appointment!
Noon: Full body strength circuit. I had pain this morning when I was walking around and tried jogging, so I didn't run. I planned on biking during lunch but because of time constraints I needed to use the bike at our house. Once I got going, I had pain doing that as well so I opted to get in strength and hopefully I can aquajog tonight when we get home from the chiropractor! :/

Tuesday, January 14th
MRI follow-up appointment!
AM: 1M hilly bike to DBU, 6M w/ 3M of 1', 2' fartlek, 1M hilly bike home. I had a rough workout this morning, that's for sure! I woke up in the middle of the night yesterday and my legs were SO SORE from yesterday's leg circuit!! Then, I left my keys in Jake's car last night, so my only option this morning was to bike to the gym; my legs were jello and sore before I ever started, hahah! Did 1M at 8:41 pace, stopped, rolled and stretched, then finished out the run. Phew! I had pain today, but nothing that caused me to limp; I had a mirror in front of me the whole time and kept watch. :)

Wednesday, January 15th
CONFIRMED: Stress fracture in right femur, repetitive stress marks on left femur, small labral tear in right hip
PRESCRIPTION: Aqua-jogging, strength work, physical therapy, no running, and minimal biking so as not to combat therapy to get rid of anterior pelvic tilt
AM: 1 hour of upper body weights and core. Killed it! Awesome workout... I could get pretty strong if I did this two to three times a week for six weeks!
Noon: 30' aqua-jog with 2 sets of 1', 2', 3' surges. I can only get in 30' because that's all that fits in my lunch hour and that's the only time their hours fit with my schedule, but it's better than nothing!

Thursday, January 16th
Chiropractor appointment!
Noon: 2 sets of leg and back strength circuit. Another good one, but this one is much quicker. Got my HR up and my legs burning though! :)

Friday, January 17th
Noon: Upper body strength workout + 30' aqua-jog with 5 sets of 2' hard, 3' steady. The upper body workout is a great one for runners that I found online. Very tiring but another quick one. I only did one set today but I may do two next time. Aqua-jog was good. I killed it on the two minute segments so the three minute recoveries felt like nothing! Still no clue where all these muscle pains came from though! I haven't had them when I've been land running, hah!

Saturday, January 18th
Impromptu rest day! Was planning to do a long aqua-jog (fully dressed for it and all!) but my "quick" state inspection that had to get done threw me a curveball! Ended up at City Garage getting $1700 of car repairs made so that I would pass inspection by the end of the month! Phew!!!

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