MSU 4k this week.

Monday, August 30th
[morning HR: 49]
*2 mile warm up, 4 mile tempo (aim for 6:40), 1 mile cool down.
where- Fish Creek Trail
average pace/ total time- 6:39/ 26:37
mile splits- 7:00, 6:40, 6:30, 6:27
comments- Felt nice and controlled. Turned into more of a progression run on accident because the first mile came out so slow. None of us had on a garmin today so we were completely in the dark on pace until we came through that first mile!
---ice bath!!---
*30' stationary bike.
*3 x 8 work capacity.

Tuesday, August 31st
[morning HR: 51]
*5 miles easy.
where-DBU grass track
average pace/ total time- 8:28/ 42:22
average heart rate- 166
comments- wow. i was shocked this morning. i had no soreness or fatigue (or so i thought), but my heart rate shot straight up and never came down. so much for getting in a run at a decent pace! but the grass was good for my foot and i'm sure keeping my heart rate in check (for a change!) will do some good!
*4 x strides in spikes.
*general strength workout.
---ice bath!!---
*H core routine- 2 x 30" (changed the back plank to a glute bridge and the side plank to side crunches in order to give my foot total rest)

Wednesday, September 1st
[morning HR: 48]
*6 mile run
where- Trinity River Corridor
average pace/ total time- 7:58/ 47:40
progression by mile- 8:52, 8:25, 8:16, 7:51, 7:24, 6:59
average HR- 159
comments- Felt much better than yesterday! Didn't hear my watch beep to say that my HR was above 170 until I separated from the other girls (about 3 miles into the run). After that just tried to keep the HR steady and get in a decent effort. Ran the last 1/4 mile with Zach in order to take the place of "pre-race day" strides... worked perfectly!
*leg circuit x 2
---ice bath!!---

Thursday, September 2nd
[morning HR: 51]
*8' easy run, warm up drills, 8' easy run, leg swings, 1' easy, 2' uptempo, 3' easy running.
*4k race.
where- soccer complex in Whichita Falls, TX
average pace/ total time- 5:58/ 14:55
comments- Learned a lot... as is usually the case for the first race of a season! Learned to be aggressive from the start. Get your foot in the door early, give yourself a chance, and trust your fitness. I started struggling with about 1200m to go, but that will come with time. I learned not to over-eat on race day just because you have a race! :) A normal day's diet is just fine... otherwise you'll feel pretty miserable going into things! I think for now my biggest things to improve upon are my competitiveness and my mental toughness. If I can get stronger in those 2 areas, next time I feel weak with 1200 to go, I will be so set on not getting passed and so focused/ determined that I (hopefully) won't fall behind. 12 weeks to become a racer... starting now! (ps. I'm pleased with the race... very thankful for the chance to run and for the health! so don't think I'm disappointed! Definitely not the case!)
*20' cool down (pretty solid pace)
*3 x 8 work capacity circuit.
*canonball cool down.
*warm down drills.

Friday, September 3rd
[morning HR: 52]
*2 x 30" H core routine.
*60' aquajog w/ 10 x 2:30H,30"recovery, 10 x 30"H,30"recovery.
(absolutely no pain in foot at all so far today... GOD IS GOOD!!!!!)

Saturday, September 4th
[morning HR: 51]
*general strength workout.
*90' aquajog w/ 30' steady, 30' moderate, 30' hard.

Sunday, September 5th
[morning HR: 52]

Total Mileage for the Week: 25 miles.
Total Number of Runs: 4.

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