Getting more excited every day!

Camp is officially only 2 weeks away! Got to keep getting in the work and taking care of myself!

Monday, August 2nd
[morning HR: 48]
*4 miles moderate by myself.
where- gravel path at DBU.
average pace/ total time- 7:13/ 28:55.
average pace per mile- 7:39; 709; 7:02; 7:06.
average HR/ % of HR reserve- 179/ 86%
comments- Definitely didn't run this moderate run as well as I did last week. Today's looks more like a 1 mile warm up and 3 miles moderate when you look at it on paper! Hhah! But got in a good solid effort and felt strong all the way up until the last mile. Pretty sure I'll be feeling this run tomorrow, though! But that's a good thing! :) I've pretty much come to peace with the fact that I'll probably have heavy or sore legs for a majority of this season considering how quickly we're going to have progress things!
*2 x 60" pedestal routine w/ 5 leg lifts.
*60' aquajog w/ 2 sets of 12 x 90"H, 30"R.
*H core routine (pm)- 1 x 45".

Tuesday, August 3rd
[morning HR: 52]
*breath enhancers.
*4 miles easy by myself.
where- Fish Creek Trail.
average pace/ total time- 7:40/30:43
mile splits- 8:15, 7:29, 7:27, 7:30.
average HR/ % of my HR reserve- 168/ 66%
comments- Felt great today. It seems like 7:30 is the comfortable pace for me... just need a mile to get ready for it I guess? But the entire run felt very relaxed and comfortable. Thankful for another nice morning!
*running drills- 2 x 30" bounding and 2 x 30" stiff-legged running.
*60' w/ 2 sets of 8 x 2:30H, 30"R.
*work capacity circuit (lunch)- still 3 sets; increased to 8 reps; still a 6lb med ball; increased plank to 60". specific details are in last week's log!
*feet exercises (lunch).

Wednesday, August 4th
[morning HR: 51].
*40 minutes w/ 4 x 90" surge, 3:30 recovery.
where- Boy Scout Camp (made this into a hill repeat workout rather than a surge workout!).
average pace/ total distance- 7:54/ 5.07 miles.
average pace for surges- 6:18, 6:38, 6:23, 5:58.
average recovery segment paces- 8:34, 8:01, 8:24, 8:14
comments- Much, much, much more challenging to do this workout at the camp rather than the lake. The flat concrete at WRL and the large amount of people chase made it easy to coast along at solid paces; on the contrary, the constant hills, loose gravel, uneven grass, and lack of people made this run so difficult!! Hahah! The timing worked out so that every surge was going uphill, as well, but that was pure luck! :) I was disappointed at first because I felt like I was running so hard, so to see those paces, I was (needless to say) embarrassed. But Jake has been encouraging and reminded me that it's still early and this can be thought of as a good hill intro. I'll settle for that.. :)
*70' steady aquajog.

Thursday, August 5th
[morning HR: 52]
*70' aquajog w/ 1,2,3,4,5,10,5,4,3,2,1, (1' rest), and 10 x 20"H,40"R.
*2 x 60" pedestal w/ 5 leg lifts.
*work capacity circuit (lunch).
*feet exercises

Friday, August 6th
[morning HR: 52]
*4 miles easy by myself.
where- Fish Creek Trail.
average pace/ total time- 7:41/ 30:47.
average pace per mile- 8:24, 7:34, 7:24, 7:21.
average HR/ % of HR reserve- 167/ 66%.

Saturday, August 7th
[morning HR: 48]
*breath enhancers.
*2 mile race w/ 2 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down.

where-Norbuck Park... Dallas Running Club's "3 by 2 Mile Relay Race"
average pace/ total time- 6:18/ 12:49
comments- So glad Tabbitha Ashford and Laura Mucho agreed to do this with me! Definitely a fun way to get in some faster running and see where we're at. Today gave me a lot more confidence going into the season because I feel like I'm starting off about where I should be, rather than playing catch up all season. Still a long ways to go, but at least we've started! :)
*90' steady aquajog.
*big 7 and light core work.

Sunday, August 8th
[morning HR: 50]

Mileage for the week: 23 miles.
Total number of runs: 5.

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