Brazil... miserable flight... DALLAS!

SO happy to be home!

Sunday, June 5th
45' easy run on treadmill + 25' bike.

Monday, June 6th
50' easy run on treadmill + core.
*starting to feel crummy

Tuesday, June 7th
40' bike + strength + core.
*feeling worse... keeping things relaxed today

Wednesday, June 8th
45' natural with Jake on the Town Creek Park.
*still feeling terrible. 10 hour overnight flights do not help! :) hopefully the run helped sweat some of this out.

Thursday, June 9th
70' easy at the golf course in Mansfield. Got kicked off the course with 2' left in the run... such a bummer since I love the site so much!
3M double on treadmill + 2x30" pedestal.
*still not feeling well at all but the runs have actually made me feel better.

Friday, June 10th
20 x Around the World Core. 
*Still sick, trying to knock it out today.

Saturday, June 11th
76' for the 10.4 mile loop at White Rock Lake (starting and finishing at the Norbuck parking lot). Felt very comfortable and efficient today. Good run.
5' easy + strength workout + 5' easy.
*getting better... hopefully on the downhill slope now.

Mileage: 41 miles

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