Just short of 3 weeks until race day!

Sunday, June 19th
45' relaxed run on grass with Jake.
30' stationary bike in the afternoon.
1x30" H-Core + Jay Johnson's back routine + 1x30" H-Core.
3x8 strength workout. 

Monday, June 20th
45' natural run + 8x200m (38", 30" recovery). I did the entire run on grass fields and the track. It was very windy and I felt pretty drained for the first 30' or so, but then I started to wake up. 200's were rough due to the high winds but I got them done in 35, 37, 38, 37, 37, 36, 38, 36.
30' stationary bike in the afternoon.
Flexibility work + Myrtyl Routine.

Tuesday, June 21st
6M progression run on Fish Creek Trail... I definitely forgot how many rolling hills there are out there! 39:17 for the total run with 2M splits of 14:03, 12:49, 12:24. I'm still having a lot of difficulty breathing well. My chest rattles with every breath and anytime I try to get a good, deep breath I am forced into a coughing fit. Maybe time to see a doctor?
30' stationary bike in the afternoon.
1x60" pedestal routine + 1x20 Around the World Core + 3x6 strength work + 1x60" pedestal routine.

Wednesday, June 22nd
60' stationary bike + 20' elliptical.
3M easy run on a treadmill in the afternoon.
flexibility + form drills.

Thursday, June 23rd
Travel all day.
Doctors offices/ ER in the evening. No luck at all. And no working out.
Anyone who wants to play doctor and try to diagnose my blood tests can leave a comment. :)

Friday, June 24th
16' warm up, surging the straights after the 1st mile in effort to loosen up and prep my unsettled, acidic stomach.
1M at 10k pace 88, 3:02, 4:33, 6:02. Rough, rough mile. Called the workout after this because I felt so sick.
3.5M easy to get in the mileage.
30' easy run in the evening.

Saturday, June 25th
55' easy run on a hilly country road.

Weekly Mileage (10' x-train = 1M): 55 total, 17 via x-training.

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