Week 9 of Training... Praying for a healthy foot!

Sunday- 9.11.11
Easy, Long: 15M
  • Surface: Memorial Park loop
  • Total Time: 1:53:11 (7:32 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 8:53, 8:33, 7:54, 7:41, 7:21, 7:45, 7:37, 7:30, 7:25, 7:20, 7:15, 7:13, 7:04, 6:58, 6:42
  • Comments: Very grateful to have gotten this run done with the way my foot is feeling. I was really sluggish and fatigued for the first several miles, but woke up on the last 4 or 5. Took a Gu at 6M with some water, stopped for another sip at 12M. Longest run ever completed! :)

Monday- 9.12.11

Tuesday- 9.13.11
Workout: 2M warm up + 6M steady (6:45-6:35) + 2M cool down
  • Surface: Memorial Park dirt loop
  • Total Time: 39:10 for steady portion (6:27 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 6:43, 6:32, 6:23, 6:23, 6:29, 6:17
  • Comments: I had a really hard time judging pace so some it wasn't a very even run. There were several miles where I checked the pace halfway through, was running too fast or too slow, and over-compensated for the second half. Aside from that I felt strong... There were even several points where I had to tell Jake to slow down or not go faster because we were sub-pace. BIG TIME hip flexor pain today!
Supplemental Work: 3x12 strength workout

Wednesday- 9.14.11
Easy, Medium Long: 11M 90 minutes

  • Surface: Memorial Park dirt path
  • Total Time: 90:00 -- about 11M (8:10 AP)
  • Comments: Decided to stop wearing my Garmin on the true easy days... I know the distance of most trails at the park anyways so I still have an idea of what I'm running. Kept things VERY relaxed today as my hip flexors are causing a lot of pain, but other than that it was a great run.

Thursday- 9.15.11
Easy: 6M
Strides: 6 x 200m 5 x 25 seconds
  • Surface: Memorial Park Loop
  • Total Time: 47:05 (7:49 AP)
  • Pace Progression: 9:00, 7:39, 7:39, 7;39, 7:36, 7:22
  • Comments: Nice relaxed run but still very, very strong pain in my hip flexors. Can't lift my knees or do leg swings at all!
Friday- 9.16.11
Workout: 2M warm up + 3x10' @ 6:15, 4' recovery + 2M cool down

  • Surface: Memorial Park Loop
  • Total Time: N/A - 10M for the day - 6:40 AP for fartlek/ 6:11 AP for hard segments
  • Pace Progression: 6:11, 6:10, 6:12
  • Comments: Felt pretty good muscularly but still struggled with my breathing. Much easier mentally than the 4x 8' workout. Still very terrible hip flexor pain.
Saturday- 9.17.11
Easy: 6M
Strides: 6x200m 4x17" 

  • Surface: Spring Branch ISD XC Meet course (dirt and grass)
  • Total Time: 45:08 (7:31 AP)
  • Pace Progression: N/A
  • Comments: Need to figure out what's going on with my hip flexors... that's about all I can comment on right now...

Week 9 Total Mileage- 58M (1 long, 1 medium long, 2 workouts, 2 easy)
Cumulative Seasonal Mileage: 372

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