Subtalar joint on the mend... (31M)

Well, after all of the careful attention Jake gave to my training plan and after all of the patience I exercised in controlling intensity and mileage, I have missed a solid week of running. I successfully managed to sprain or jam my subtalar joint while running in the boy scout camp last Monday. After some failed attempts at running on Tuesday, I got it checked out by my doctor who gave me a 6 day steroid pack and told me no running for a full week. I did not cross train for the first two days in order to give my tendons optimum time to recover, and have been lifting or biking since then. Unfortunately, I still have very consistent pain in the area but I'm going to take a chance and see what my body allows this week.

I understand that I won't lose much in a week, so I'm not in major panic mode, but I am concerned that I don't feel 100% yet. I'm hoping that pain subsides entirely by the end of this week and I can get in a full week of regular training going into next weekend's 10k race. If there is one lesson that I've been reminded while cross training, it's "just start". To put it bluntly, I hate biking. I pretty much detest any kind of cross training there is. That said, it's taken an awful lot of effort to get started the past couple days, but once I've started, I really haven't had a problem finishing. In fact, I often find myself saying "this isn't bad, I'll sneak in five more minutes" and then five minutes later repeating the same statement. I believe this is true with a lot of things in life. Chores, work, anything you want to apply it to, it works. If you'll just start, you'll find that it's over before you know it and you're better off for having gotten it done.

Sunday, September 2nd
24 mile casual bike with Jake at WRL + 3x15 weights in the afternoon

Monday, September 3rd
45' bike with intervals in the AM + 55' bike in the PM

Tuesday, September 4th
24' test run on the grass track + weights in the evening
COMMENTS: Still had pain in my ankle, but it did not get any worse through the course of the run and that gives me plenty of confidence to continue with our plans! I'm back!!! :)

Wednesday, September 5th
Core + 30' run on grass track + 4 strides
COMMENTS: Awesome higher effort run this morning. I was fully awake when I started my run because I did core first, so it did not take any time for me to work down to a solid pace. I was feeling very good and knew I didn't have another workout until Saturday, so I had no problem pushing it. Finished the 4 miles well under 30 minutes. No pain in my ankle while running, but still decent pain level before and after runs.

Thursday, September 6th
7M run with 2M uptempo on the grass track
2x12 strength in the evening (cut off one set because I was already sore and it was so late)
COMMENTS: Another very good run. It's amazing how much quicker you start your runs when you've an entire week off. ;) Mile splits were 8:14, 7:48, 7:42, 6:18, 6:10, 7:28, 7:12 for a total average pace of 7:16. Very pleased with this since I was solo on the grass track and did not do any strides or warm up drills first. Same notes as yesterday regarding my ankle.

Friday, September 7th
40' run on the grass track with Jake + 6 uphill strides
COMMENTS: Definitely not a slow run again. This is four days straight of solid paces on my runs and I'm hoping that doesn't come back to bite me in the butt later. I'll just be taking Sunday and Monday very easy! :) Still have ankle pain before/ after the run and doing strides, but not during the actual run.

Saturday, September 8th
2M easy, 6M steady averaging 6:26 pace, 2M easy
COMMENTS: Great workout today!  The weather was partially cooperative as we had SUCH cooler temperatures, but it was definitely a fight-the-wind kind of day with winds of 20mph.  I had Katie to run with for the warm up and first 3 miles, which was really really nice, and I actually felt very good for the workout. About 4.5 miles in I thought I was about to hit a bit of a wall, but it's because I had dropped the pace too much into the wind and I felt better after turning a corner. Splits were 6:34, 6:31, 6:25, 6:24, 6:23, 6:22. Ankle was worse than usual but definitely not a game-stopper.

Total Weekly Mileage: 31M

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