Fell on the trails! (8M)

Running is not something we are guaranteed, nor is it something that should be taken for granted. The opportunity to go out for a run, whether easy or hard, fast or slow, comfortable or uncomfortable, solo or with company, is a gift. Never forget this.

I'm due for another down week in terms of mileage, which is perfect timing since I'll be running a 5 mile race this Saturday. I'm hoping that the recovery week allows me to freshen up and get some pep back in my step so I can hammer out a solid race. The goal this time around is to break 6:00 pace, which will require some serious effort, but in my opinion it's very doable. My thought process behind this goal is as follows: It comes three weeks after running a 10K in 6:03 pace, I've had plenty of quality work to get stronger since then, and in another two weeks I'll be looking to run 6:00 pace or better in a major 10K race.

None of these times are terribly impressive, and they are absolutely nothing compared to the workouts some of the people I follow are doing, but for me they're exciting. I'm only four to five months into running after literally sitting on my bottom for seven months. When you're starting from scratch, you certainly don't expect to be nearing a previous year's fitness levels on your first training season back. Hopefully in another six months or so I'll look back at these goals and laugh, but right now, these goals are celebration worthy for me! :)

Sunday, August 26th
easy biking & light running + weights

Monday, August 27th
40' easy run + 6 uphill strides
COMMENTS: Nice relaxed run in the boy scout camp this morning. I fell on the gravel pretty early in and have had a sore ankle and hip since then, but I'm hoping it's just a bruise. I felt very, very good on my uphill strides today, though! Super pumped about that!

Tuesday, August 28th
3M warm up + 5M of 3' @ HMP-10", 2' @ MP+20" + 1M easy 2M failed test run in AM
1M failed test run in PM
COMMENTS: Drove out to WRL, started running and felt great muscularly. As the run went on, my ankle grew more and more painful. After 1 mile I decided to be safe and head back to the care with intentions of taking advil, icing, and running in the evening. Gave it another shot at night but was absolutely no better. I've determined that the pain is not from pressure or weight bearing, but from the movement of my ankle when walking or running.

Wednesday, August 29th
60" failed test run + weights workout in AM (moderate weights, 3x15)
COMMENTS: Thought I'd try an easy run as a warm up to for my weights. Make it less than a minute and realized that was not a good idea. I have an appointment this afternoon with my doctor, but I'm assuming it's a pulled or strained tendon that just needs to heal up. Really frustrated by this since we've been so careful to restrict excessive miles and stay healthy.

Thursday, August 30th
7M with 2M @ HMP in the middle completely off
**Dr. says it's a sprain in my subtaylor joint, gave me a high dose 6 day NSAID, and told me not to run for 7 days. I'm planning to cross train, but since I still have pain during the day without exercise at all, I'm going to give it some total rest before I start up the light exercise. Really bummed about this.

Friday, August 31st
40' easy + 6 strides weights workout (light weights, 100 reps)

Saturday, September 1st
DRC 5M Breakfast Bash Race 90' bike with intervals + core

Weekly Mileage: 8M -- Sprained or jammed my subtalar joint on some trails

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