Nothing new, really. (6M)

Still no diagnosis (no doctor appointment yet) and still unable to run.

Jake is writing me some circuit workouts to keep me busy and active and they're working GREAT. I cannot even put it into words how sore I am today!! :)

At any rate, if I hear anything from a doctor this week or if I manage to get back to running some, I'll post an update. If not, I'll see you all next week. :)

I've done some light running this week. I am still in steady pain (both running and not running), but my leg does not give out at any point, which is honestly the reason I had to stop running to begin with. I see an orthopedic doctor on Monday, so until then I'm going to stick to 10 to 20 minute shakeouts for as long as I can. I'm trying not to get too excited or eager because it's so painful still (definitely don't think I could make it past 3 miles if I had to), but anything is better than nothing!! :)

Tuesday - 8' shuffle
Thursday - 15' easy run
Friday - 15' with last 6 minutes at 6:40 pace
Saturday - 3' shuffle (hurt too bad to continue)

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