I need to at least be sub 20:00 this week!! [24M]

Yep! I've finally decided I'm confident enough in my body to select and train for a goal race!! Last year I had planned on running The Woodland's Half Marathon, but had to drop my entry because of the stress fractures. I ended up getting to go watch the event anyways because Jake raced the marathon, and let me tell you - It is perfect! Great course, nice Texas weather, friendly people, and FAST racers. I am so looking forward to finally running (completing) my first half marathon! I don't expect to be in as good of shape as the 1/2 I started in Houston (6:08 pace thru 8M), but, I would definitely like a respectable debut. :) In saying that - It's time to stop babying myself. No more trotting on my daily runs. I need a long run - every week. I need workouts - every week. Good thing my husband is a coach and knows what's doing! :)

Here's the last week of my "return to running" season. I'll cap it off with a charity 5k (Komen) on Saturday, and then BOOM, into the training we go!

Sunday, October 13th

6M with Carolyn at the lake (per usual!). I absolutely love these runs with Carolyn! We are similar fitness levels and have a lot in common with both our husbands being coaches. Always lots to talk about! Personally, I felt like I had died and been forced to run anyways today, haha. My legs were literally like lead from step 1. We did get in a solid aerobic run though, and I have all day today and tomorrow to recover before I run again! Splits were 8:02, 7:23, 7:08, 7:08, 7:06, 6:51 for a 7:17 average.

Monday, October 14th
No running day! Day one of my new abs and strength series - Whooo! I am going to be strong!

Tuesday, October 15th
4M + 6 x 30",30" on the treadmill. Yucky weather today and I didn't want to run on pavement, so treadmill it was! This was by far the fastest any treadmill run has passed, haha! Unfortunately I still felt heavy legged and heavy lunged, so I kept the pace very relaxed. Hoping this gets me feeling good again soon. For my "150m" strides that were scheduled, I set the treadmill to 6:00 pace and jumped on for 30", rested 30", jumped on for 30", and so on to complete six. That was probably too slow, but I just wanted to do something to get myself moving quicker again. 

Wednesday, October 16th
6M with 4x2', 4x1', equal rest. I was stuck on the treadmill again today - The weather is changing!! This should make for PERFECT race weather this weekend though! About time! :) The workout was okay. My left leg is really bothering me; hip flexor, quad, shin, arch, they all hurt. I ran nice and easy for two miles, did some leg swings, and then ran 6:00 pace for the surges. The two minute ones were tougher than I care to admit, but the one minute ones were just fine! Lots of work to do, but I'm starting soon! 

Thursday, October 17th
Switched Friday's rest day with today because my hip flexor and shins were extra sore. Hoping they feel a bit better tomorrow so I can be ready to roll on Saturday!

Friday, October 18th
2M + 6 strides. My hip flexor still bothered me throughout the run, but it actually got a little better over time. I stopped at 2 miles just to not push it any more than necessary. Ready to drop under 20 already!

Saturday, October 19th
5k warm up, drills, 5k race at Komen Dallas Race for the Cure. Well, I fell apart again on the second mile, but this week I had the least time gain from mile two to three out of the last three races. This time around I was 6:09, 6:20, 6:24, plus the final kick. The past two weeks I added about twenty seconds or more with each mile, so this was a slight improvement. Once again, though, when I saw how slow that first mile was I spent the entire second mile (most of which was up gradual inclines) debating if I should just step off or not. When I got to the third mile, knew I had to finish, and knew it was all uphill from there, I finally turned on my brain a bit; but that second mile and the last 100m or so of the long hill in the 3rd mile pretty much knocked me out. So, 19:35 for the day. Upset stomach, freezing cold outside, and windy, but even still, best chance I had to get my time down into a respectable range. Oh well. Back to work so I can show up more prepared on another day!

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