On to the next week! [34.7M]

What a crazy week and weekend! Needless to say I am exhausted and ready to wind down and get back into a routine!

Sunday, November 10th
8M trail run. I ran with Jake on this one so I wouldn't get lost in the trails, and let's just say that being sick combined with a weekend full of travel does not make for a pleasant run! I felt bad for holding Jake back! It was supposed to be a 9 miler, but considering that I know I'm trying to fight off some sort of cold and I just returned from travel, I think leaving off that last mile is okay. Jake had me do 1' hard, 1' easy for the last ten minutes just to ensure I got a little bit of quality in there.

Monday, November 11th
Rest day

Tuesday, November 12th
6M, last 2M of 200 on, 200 off. Ran 32 minutes, did one quick set of drills and a single stride, then took off. I was short on time because the kids were about to practice! I felt pretty good and loose, and the first few laps actually felt great, but as I went on my legs got very cold and tight. Not sure if it was from the temps dropping or if I wasn't warmed up well enough. Regardless, I hit the paces I needed to and felt very good thru 1.5M; all of the recoveries felt long and easy! 13:47 for the full 2 miles, splits of 42/61, 42/64, 41/63, 40/60, 41/63, 1:44 (?/?), 41/62, 40/56. Nothing but an e+ shot before the run today.

Wednesday, November 13th
6M run. Jake convinced me to go with him to the Luke's Locker social run this morning! It was below 30 outside and I knew I wouldn't run in the morning if I were on my own, haha! It worked out well this week, but I'm not sure if I'd have people to run with next time! Since I didn't know the route, I tucked in about 10m back from the lady Jake coaches and group of guys she was running with. With a couple miles to go they started wiggling on the pace a bit so I ended up running with them for the rest of the time. Supposedly it's a 10k route, so we ended up averaging 7:29 pace, though I'm really not sure how accurate that is. It was nice to get the run done though despite the weather! And I ran about 800m and went through a set of drills before we started, so no wasted mileage again... woohoo!

Thursday, November 14th
6M run + 6 strides. 3M and drills. I did not run this morning due to some groin and hamstring pain, and I figured I'd let it loosen up and run at lunch since it was supposed to be perfect weather. Lunchtime came around and though I still had the same pain, I intended to run. Nope. Not happening. My stomach was in knots so bad it hurt to even sit up... Laying down was the only way to get rid of the pain! So, post-ART session it was. I was fully dressed, stomach was good, weather was PERFECT, but the pains in my groin and glute still hadn't gotten better so I switched my six miler with Saturday's 3 miler. I also went through a set of drills but skipped the strides. Ouch! Hope this is better tomorrow!

Friday, November 15th
6M cut down. Ran a 1/2 mile loop to loosen up, ran thru a quick set of drills and 2 strides, and off I went. The plan was to start at 7:25 and cut down 10 seconds each mile to finish at 6:35 (date 10k pace), and I came thru the first 800 right at 6:36 pace. Yep, the e+ shots work, hahah. Had to coast for the rest of the mile since it was all downhill and still finished in 6:57. From there I focused on just cutting down each mile. 6:57, 6:51, 6:46, 6:40, 6:34, 6:30 for a 6:43 average. I still had the same pains in my hip, glute, and groin, so I've got those doused in pain relief cream right now and will be buying some epsom salt today! Very happy with this workout though! I had planned to stop after mile five since I knew I would finish at 10k pace (purpose of the workout), but I felt so good on the downhill last half of that mile that I decided to get in the 6th mile as planned. Woohoo! Successful day!

Saturday, November 16th
3M shakeout. 4.5M run. I wanted to get in the full six miles and strides that were originally scheduled for Wednesday, and at the beginning of my run I thought I might do so, but it was pretty obvious halfway thru that I was making a poor choice. My IT band, piriformis, quad, and arch, were getting tighter and tighter and tighter during the run. I even stopped to stretch at 24 minutes to see if it would release at all. No such luck. I called it a day at 36 minutes, came home, and as soon as I showered I doused myself in the analgesic cream. I'm hoping to make it to the store for some more epsom salt today. I really hate that I'm missing this mileage and the strides. I've had plenty of energy and my muscles feel good and strong and ready to roll, but I just hurt every time a take a step and I can't justify that to myself anymore. :(

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