Week 2 and life is good! [27M]

What an exciting first week of training! Everything went very well last week, and even better, it felt good! I had a few days with some foot pain, but since it was the same spot on both feet I thought it might be something with my flats or trainers. I switched to my old NB trainers and have been good as gold since then! If I can string together 14 more weeks of these runs, I will be plenty ready to at least complete a respectable half in March! Jake has a great plan set up which gradually increases mileage and the duration of my higher intensity runs! Love it!

Sunday, November 3rd
7M at WRL with a few uptempo miles. I ran the first 2.5 miles with Carolyn averaging 6:45 pace for those (she was running the DRC Half Marathon), then chilled as I got in the rest of my run. When my watch beeped to start the last mile, I decided to take the pace back down so that my total run average would be more reflective of those first two and a half miles! :) Finished off with a 6:41 mile, making my average pace for the day 7:04. Very happy with this! Last Friday was 5 miles in 6:47 pace, and now two days later I've gotten in 7 miles in just over 7 minute pace. If I stay patient and keep getting in the work without jumping ahead of myself, things are definitely looking up!

Monday, November 4th
Rest day! 20 minutes of abs during lunch and that's all!

Tuesday, November 5th
5M with 2M straights and curves. Did 24 minutes easy as an out and back run with Carolyn. We ran from the track to the Katy Trail and spent a good majority of the time there. After we got back, I changed shoes, did some leg swings, and then got started with my workout. Wasn't sure if I'd be able to finish as I had pretty bad hip pain on my left leg during the easy run, but it was more manageable in on the track (that or I was more distracted!). Saved the drills for during lunch when I did my second workout just to not overdo things with my hip/ IT band. The first mile of straights and curves was 6:56, the second one was 7:06 but I was in lanes 3 and 4 so I am assuming it was actually about the same.

Wednesday, November 6th
5M. Today was just picture perfect! Absolutely beautiful weather when I ran during my lunch hour, and the gravel trail was just right because of the rain we got last night! I did four loops, so should be about 5.2 miles. I wanted to run very easy and relaxed today to let my hip/IT band/hip flexor recover, and I succeeded! I felt like I was literally trotting the whole time and expected to look down and find that I had run 9:00 pace, but it was actually 7:53... and I seriously felt like I was just jogging! I could have run at that pace for hours and hours! Came home and went through my drills and knocked out the core. Another day in the books!

Thursday, November 7th (Fly to Kansas City, MO)
5M with 6 strides. Tried running in the morning but had too much glute/hamstring pain so I put a cream on it all day and did my run in the afternoon. Happened to be perfect weather in KC when I arrived, so I got lucky! The run didn't feel great structurally (joints and bones), but I had plenty of energy and kept it relaxed. Did some quick drills and my strides after the run.

Friday, November 8th
5M with last 3M hard. It was 30 degrees (wind chill) when I woke this morning so I opted for the treadmill. Plus there are no street lights here and I was concerned about being on the roads so early without lights! I did my two miles easy, the first one gradually dropping the pace and the second one alternating 8:30 pace with 7:30 down to 6:58 pace every minute to wake up a bit more. I felt awful and thought I might have to call it a day because I had so many aches, my legs felt like lead, and I was getting light headed! I wasn't planning to stop before the 3 hard miles but decided that was best. I got a sip of water did some stretches and then hopped back on. Incline to 1%, pace to 6:58, and settled in. First mile felt absolutely awful but went by fast, 2nd mile crept by but actually felt pretty good. First quarter of the last mile I honestly thought I might pass out! I had to stop it at 4.25! I got another sip of water, walked around 15" or so, and then got back on. Finished out the last .75 at that same 6:58 pace and it felt fine that time. Must've been a travel funk. Oh well - Got it done, to some extent!

Saturday, November 8th
Rest day! I felt so achy on yesterday's run that I decided it was wisest to sit out the optional 3M shakeout and let my joints recover a bit.

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