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I'm writing this post on the most BEAUTIFUL Sunday afternoon we have had in quite a while! It finally feels like spring here!! This weekend has been crazy busy, but so much fun and enlightening! Yesterday, my sister-in-law and I flew up to Missouri for a one day training seminar for the nutrition company we work for. It was split pretty much 50/50 between product education and personal development. One of the opening quotes really hit home with me. Unfortunately I don't know who originally spoke it and I don't have the exact wording, but it goes something like this:

"You are where you are because of choices you have made or choices you have let others make for you."

Now, I understand none of us has total control of our lives; which is a good thing. God's plans are far better than our own and I'm grateful for his sovereignty. In saying that, I do believe we have a large say in who we become and what we do in our lives. All day, every day, we are making choices and it is our responsibility to make them for ourselves and in a way that propels us toward our most important goals. If we let the weather or someone else's mood or a comparison between our place in life and our friend's place in life alter what we know should be done, we have let someone else make a decision for us. We have cheated ourselves.

My challenge for this week, and hopefully for some of you, is to be more cognizant of the choices I make; especially the sub-conscious choices. I can train and do PT every day, but if in the back of my mind I'm thinking "I will be hurt again in a few weeks", I'm cheating myself. We have to reprogram our thoughts to match our goals. If we don't believe we can do what we are training to do and working to do, we will never be able to do it.

Before I get to this week's workout log, here's a picture of my sister-in-law and I from this weekend! :)

Sunday, March 30th
Core X by Jay Johnson. This is getting easier every time, thought I still struggle with the rockies.
Lunge Matrix by Jay Johnson. I'm glad I tried the lunges again. I put a muscle and pain cream on my knee about 15 minutes before doing this and actually didn't have much pain on the forward lunges. 
18' walk-jog in my neighborhood. 6 minutes of 30" jog, 1' walk, 6 minutes of 35" jog, 55" walk, 6 minutes of 40" jog, 50" walk. This is the first time I skipped the 3' walk in the beginning by my legs felt very loose and awake after the lunges so I wanted to start right off the bat. This is also 3' longer than I've been going! Still had knee tightness and pain, but per usual, it is feeling better now.
18' HIIT workout. 3 sets of 6 exercises, 45" each with 15" rest. Assisted pull-ups (45 lbs), push-ups, bench dips, crunch twist, wall sit, marching glute bridge.
15 lateral lunge steps, each direction. 2 x 5 single leg squats.

Monday, March 31st
20 captain's chair leg raises
3 x 8 strength [squat into overhead press (15 lb dumbbells), bicep curls (15 lb dumbbells), tricep kick backs (15 lb dumbbell), bent over rows (15 lb dumbbell), weighted calf raises (20 lb dumbbells), weighted crunches on decline bench (10 lb med ball), weighted russian twist on decline bench (10 lb med ball), lat pull downs (60 lb), prone leg raises on back extension machine]
8 romanian deadlift to clean (bar only)
1M walk with Jake in the evening... just because the weather was so nice!

Tuesday, April 1st
Cleanse day!!!! :)

Wednesday, April 2nd
Core X by Jay Johnson.
Lunge Matrix by Jay Johnson.
18' of 45" running, 45" walking. I started at 6mph and finished at 7.2mph for the running (I bumped it up by .1 each time I started running again). My knee and hip both hurt again, but it's been just over an hour since I got home and I already feel fine.
18' HIIT circuit. 6 exercises for 45" each, 15" rest in between each one. Squat into overhead press (15 lb dumbbells), side lunges, mountain climbers, flutter kicks, bicycle crunches, marching glute bridge.

Thursday, April 3rd
I attempted another run but my knee was too sore. No time for a trip to the gym before my flight, so this was an unplanned rest day!

Friday, April 4th
In California! Another unplanned rest day! Won't be able to do anything but walking at the meet and to get meals this weekend. The hotel we're at, though extremely pretty, is more like a motel. There is no lobby or gym area and the room definitely is not conducive to an inside workout. The good thing is next week I start running, so it's kind of like a nice last minute rest for my body!

Saturday, April 5th
21' run/walk! I did 45" running, 45" walking for 21 minutes before we left for our early morning flight. It was BEAUTIFUL and the weather was just right! Loved it!

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