T-minus 3 weeks! (hopefully!)

I have three weeks left until I'm supposedly cleared to run. I'm really not a fan of date-based clearances, but I suppose that's better than going back in every week to see if I'm cleared. I was really looking forward to getting in the routine of using the Alter G treadmill and doing quality strength work, but I've hit a bit of a wall in the past week. My knee is not healing at all like I would have expected after a week of total rest, so I'm really not sure what my plans are for the rest of this coming week.

Cute reminder for the week!
My #1 goal is to be ready to run on April 5th. Yes, I would love to be already in moderate fitness from cross training and strength work, but none of that will matter if I cannot run. That being said, I may continue to take more time off this week to see if the pain will pass. I am scheduled to go back to the chiropractor on Thursday, but may try to get in today as well. I actually thought it was getting better, but then I tried to do some forward walking lunges and had pain from the very first one. No such luck! Going down stairs is still by far the most painful thing, so hopefully that helps my chiro narrow things down a bit!!

Sunday, March 16th
20' foam rolling
10' stretching
30' physical therapy exercises
*ice massage until the 4 cubes melted!

Monday, March 17th
Walk through pre-run drills
10' bike [4' hard, 1' easy, 4' hard, 1' easy]
3 sets of [8 slow, single-arm bicep curls (15lbs)/ 10 straight leg captain's chair leg raises/ 12 prone hip extension; 15 single-leg leg extension (20lbs); 10 leg curls (45lbs); 15 standing high cable row]
20' foam rolling

Tuesday, March 18th
20' foam rolling
Walk through pre-run drills
Physical therapy and core work

Wednesday, March 19th
Impromptu off day. Jake and I took a spontaneous recruiting trip to San Antonio and the hotel didn't have anything I could use in the gym. 

Thursday, March 20th
Walk through pre-run drills
15' bike [3' easy, 4 x 1' hard, 2' easy]
General strength work [bicep curls, lat pull downs, lateral and front raises, tricep kickbacks, leg extension, hamstring curl]
*chiropractor visit

Friday, March 21st
20' foam rolling
10' stretching
Basic core session with Jake

Saturday, March 22nd
Rest day! Spent the WHOLE day out of the house doing things! Like from 6:30 AM until 10 PM!


  1. Eek, I KNOW how frustrating this is, and I love your positive attitude. Keep your eyes on the prize ... running!! Looks like you're doing everything you can to prioritize recovery, and I admire that! Keep it up!

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