Minutes to miles!

I'm officially transitioning from minutes to miles!!! We were in Houston last night, so Jake suggested I take advantage of a nearby 3 mile dirt loop while I could. Since all went well, we're going to make the jump from progressing by 2 minutes every other run to doing mileage runs and progressing every two weeks! I am beyond excited!

Before I get to running, I would like to introduce you to my awesome cousins! I grew up with four cousins that were similar in age to me (plus two younger ones) and it was always so fun to get together. Today we are short two (we lost Jordan in Iraq in the war, and JD in a car accident), but we are closer than ever!

L to R: Jacob, Leah, Madison (JD's little girl), Sarah, Breynna, and myself (missing Katie!)
Sunday, April 27th
3 miles at Herman Park. It's a 3 mile dirt loop around the rice campus, and it is PERFECT! I wish we had something like it near us in Dallas! I started extremely slow, really uncomfortable with jumping by over a mile after only adding 2 minutes at a time, but I slowly built confidence over the run. Halfway through I realized everything was going to be okay and I started to really run. The last mile or so was SO fun! I know I can't run hard on every run, but that last mile was fun!

Monday, April 28th
Bodypump strength class. This KILLED me!! I don't know how I used to do it so often! It will DEFINITELY be good for me to keep going two to three days per week!

Tuesday, April 29th
2 miles at the track. I am SO SORE from yesterday!!! I even brought the foam roller to the track to roll on it a couple minutes before I ran because I was so tight! Even walking hurts, haha! But, since I rolled and went through a set of drills before my run, I actually felt really good! I came through the first mile in 7:55 and then finished the two miles at 15:24. Definitely faster than anything I've done so far. Up until this week, all of my continuous runs were 8:40-8:57 pace and all of my run/walk days consisted of 8:00-8:06 pace for the running parts. I know I can't do this every day because it was by no means easy, but I had ZERO knee pain on the run and I know I can go slower the rest of the week. Crazy how 7:42 pace is a "hard" day now!

Wednesday, April 30th
45' cycle in the morning.
3 miles in the afternoon. Kept it easy today and just ran three of the 1 mile loops in our neighborhood. Didn't even start my watch! I had some knee pain on both legs and some pain in the back side of my left groin, but that's it!

Thursday, May 1st
30' cycle, 30' core in the morning.
2 miles in the afternoon. Went to the track with intentions of running 8:40 pace. Kept coming the thru the laps too fast and came thru at 8:23 for the first mile so I tried to keep it there. On the last two laps I threw in one 100m pick-up (not a stride or sprint). It was really windy today! My left knee hurt pretty bad, but I think it's from jumping funny over a puddle while walking to the track. 16:16 for the day. Definitely to slow down for Saturday's run.

Friday, May 2nd
Rest day!

Saturday, May 3rd
60' bodypump (weights).
2M treadmill run. Set it to 8:46 pace and left it there! Still have that bad pain in my left knee from Thursday though! :(
60' spin class.

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