I consider this week 3!

I am so pumped I didn't have to miss any miles last week! My knees definitely bothered me on several of the runs and I considered stopping, but in hindsight, I'm glad I didn't! I think the more I run, the more my joints, tendons, etc will strengthen, so as long as I keep recovering fully between runs, I'm still going forward!!! Playing it safe this week and only adding two miles for the whole week. I'm in no rush and would like to be back on  my feet for much longer this time... I have big goals and that takes time! :)

Sunday, May 4th
4M run. Another nice run in the books! I did two miles one way and then two miles in the opposite direction (still sticking to the track since I want to avoid pavement and declines a bit longer). 8:11, 8:10, 8:08, 7:56 for 32:24 altogether. It was ridiculously hot and really windy, but hey, no complaints! Knees ached a bit, but nothing I couldn't run on, obviously! :)

Monday, May 5th
60' BodyPump class.
Chiropractor after work.

Tuesday, May 6th
3M run on the Katy Trail. I came very close to not running this morning (I would've tried again at lunch though!) because my knees (mostly the left) were so sore. I didn't even go through my normal pre-run drills because it was hurting so much! I ended up getting it in and all was well. Tomorrow will be short and easy and hopefully they're feeling better by then! :) No pace for today's run because I couldn't get the Garmin to start until 7 minutes in, so I ran out for 12:30 and then started the Garmin when I turned to run back. 1.5M exactly at the car but in much less time on the way back. Still annoyed with being so out of shape and uncoordinated, but trying to be patient and thankful!

Wednesday, May 7th
45' spin class.
2M run. Ran on the grass track for 18 minutes. Nice and relaxed... nothing new, no change to my knees, but no new problems.

Thursday, May 8th
Rest day. Traveling all day to Columbus.

Friday, May 9th
3M run on the track. 8:08, 7:48, 7:23 in my new hoka's. For some reason I forgot it was a 3 mile day until about halfway thru the second mile! I ran the last lap of the run hard, but the rest of the run was nice and steady, speeding up only because I was warmer.

Saturday, May 10th 
2M run on the track. 8:04, 7:25. I've felt surprisingly good on both of these last two runs. Could be from extra sleep... who knows. My knees still hurt for about the first mile, but that's it. Ran the last 100m hard, but kept the rest nice and steady.

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