Week 5- 10M running, 350' x-training

This ended up being an impromptu vacation and a recovery week. I spent the week with my parents who live on a ranch in the country. They have access to a heated indoor pool with a deep end and aqua exercise equipment, plus the pool is open 24/7. I have had really bad shin and TFL pain for a while now, and on my first rest day of the week, when my mom and I went to the pool I noticed I didn't have any shin or TFL pain while running in the water. After talking with Jake we decided to make it a "recovery" week and spend the rest of the week in the pool while I had access to it.

Sunday,  July 6th
4M run + 9 x 8" quick strides. First run with my new Garmin 220! Mile splits were 8:24, 8:02, 7:45, 7:34. I ran on the dirt trails at Jenkins Park in Baytown, then did my drills and sprints in the parking lot. Lots of TFL and shin pain still, but energy-wise I felt good.

Monday, July 7th
3M easy, 1M time trial, 2M w/ 150m surges each lap. I stayed on the track for this entire run. I'm scared to death of dogs, so when we are at my parent's house I prefer to stay on the track. :) I felt good on the warmup and on my drills, but the mile killed me. I wanted to stop after about 900m! I came thru at 89, 3:01, ?, 6:09. I was too tired to look down after my third lap. :) I didn't necessarily have pain while running, I just felt completely out of gas and by the third lap I had pretty bad lactic acid. I was really crushed to see 6:09 after knowing how hard it was for me to run it. I guess that explains my struggle on the tempo runs though.

Tuesday, July 8th
60' pool running

Wednesday, July 9th
60' pool running

Thursday, July 10th
80' pool running

Friday, July 11th
60' pool running

Saturday, July 12th
90' pool running/ lap swimming. I alternated every 15 minutes and kept the lap swimming at around 2:20/ 100m. It was a good workout and went by really fast. My left quad muscle still hurts though... even after a week of no running!

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