Week 8- 11.5M running, 300' x-training

Spending another "week" in the pool to baby my quad/ femur and shin a bit more. Hopefully this isn't going to be a recurring theme, but I want to take a small trip for a race with Jake next week, and that means no risks injury-wise. I plan to aqua jog/ swim all week, and then hopefully do my hills on Friday and long run on Saturday.

Sunday, July 27th
Rest day!

Monday, July 28th
90' in the pool. 60' aqua jogging, 30' lap swimming. Quad still hurts, but only really when I'm aqua jogging; I don't notice any pain while lap swimming.

Tuesday, July 29th
10' bike.
40' lower body weights.
30' lap swimming and pool running.

Wednesday, July 30th
30' bike.
40' upper body weights
40' lap swimming.

Thursday, July 31st
30' bike.

Friday, August 1st
30' bike.
30' easy run. Same aches, but nothing bad enough to stop the run or mess with my stride. I actually felt really good energy wise. Got in 3.8 miles averaging 7:52 pace, give or take a bit due to trees.

Saturday, August 2nd
60' long run. Everything hurt on this one, especially on the way out. Thankfully I woke up on the way back and started rolling again. Mile splits were 8:34, 8:16, 8:12, 7:48, 7:47, 7:17, 7:08, 7:06 pace for the last 0.7.

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