I'm actually running at the beginning of a new year! (30M)

I think this is the first year since 2009 that I haven't been hurt around New Year's and unable to run due to stress fractures! Woohoo!

Monday, January 5th
Rest day (possible gallbladder problem- luckily it's a rest day)

Tuesday, January 6th
6M with 4M steady (ran on gravel trail to give shin a break; surface was too thick for fartlek so I swapped workouts with Saturday and did the steady portion; stomach was still bad. avg HR 165, avg pace 8:50, avg cadence 173)

Wednesday, January 7th
4M + strides (was supposed to be 5M, but got stomach pains so stopped at 4 so I'll add a mile to Saturday's 4 miler. avg HR 160, avg pace 8:10. treadmill run so no cadence recorded)

Thursday, January 8th
Rest day (went to ER... stomach pain got too severe. still no clue what's causing it)

Friday, January 9th
6M (forced in a very relaxed 6 miles but dropped the strides as I did not want to throw up; stomach still really upset but not as painful; left shin and left foot hurt, as does right hammie. avg HR 158, avg pace 8:51, avg cadence 174)

Saturday, January 10th
5M with 20" fartlek (stomach still bothering me, but the miles prior to starting the fartlek were in the 8:30's-40's, which I was pleased with. definitely still having problems with my shins, left in particular, and my right hammie. avg pace 8:51, avg HR 162, avg cadence 173)

Sunday, January 11th
9M (scratched the strides since my ankles and right hammie were bothering me so much. ran on the gravel trail at DBU which is pretty much like running at the beach right now... just such thick, loose gravel. not very fun, but it was my only outdoor soft surface option today. avg pace 8:36, avg HR 161, avg cadence 172)

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