Taking a down week and upping my HR range! (24M)

Monday, January 26th
Rest day

Tuesday, January 27th
5M w/ first 2M @ 160-169bpm and last 3M @ 169-175bpm (8:20, 8:44, 8:11, 8:14, 8:23; avg pace 8:24, avg HR 171, avg cadence 174. Still have some sacral/sciatic pain like on Sunday, outside of left knee is weak, and both shins have minor pain... nothing major. It was HOT today. As in 80 degrees instead of the 40 degrees I've been running in!)

Wednesday, January 28th
3M @ 160-169bpm + 2 x drills + 60" pedestal rotation (8:33, 8:23, 8:32; avg pace 8:30, avg HR 164, avg cadence 174. 80 degrees again today!! Sacral pain wasn't as bad today, but I dropped the strides after doing drills because my left hip flexor was straining during high knees.)

Thursday, January 29th
3M @ 160-169bpm + strides (8:20 avg pace, avg HR 165, avg cadence 174... ran on the track)

Friday, January 30th
5M w/ first 2M @ 160-169bpm and last 3M of hilly fartlek up to 175bpm + drills (2M warm up avg pace 8:15, workout avg pace 7:38, workout avg HR 174, workout avg cadence 178... ran on the hilly neighborhood loop)

Saturday, January 31st
Rest day

Sunday, February 1st
8M @ 160-169bpm + strides (avg pace 8:05, avg HR 162... ran on the treadmill)

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