First 5k in over a year! (21M / 6 runs)

Monday, December 7th
3M run + 4 strides. Run felt terrible; strides felt good.

Tuesday, December 8th.
2M run. Went to visit grandpa and didn't pack for 39 degrees so I stopped early. Too cold.

Wednesday, December 9th
4M run. Finally a good run; cut down every mile. 9:00 pace down to 8:00 pace.

Thursday, December 10th
Rest day.

Friday, December 11th
~3M. Ran the 5k course plus a little extra. Ankles stiff and achy again.

Saturday, December 12th
~3M + 3 strides. Ran the 5k course plus a little extra. Strides felt better than run; still stiff on run. Might be due to old shoes that I packed.

Sunday, December 13th
2M warm up + 5k race. 20:34 for the 5k (6:37 AP). WAY faster than I expected... I was really stretching myself by aiming for 22:30 in my mind. Just felt like I hadn't been doing much of anything. Super happy with the time/ pace. Probably in 20:20ish shape as I backed off on mile 3 when I knew I was over a minute ahead of my goal time and I wasn't going to catch the girl in front of me.

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