Pick your battles wisely.

Last week went smoothly... my foot continued to feel better and I really enjoyed my bikes and going out to the pool one day. It's a lot more exciting to bike around new neighborhoods than it is to sit in a gym and move your legs in circles while staring at the same wall. :)

I woke up this morning with my foot hurting pretty badly- which scared me because it hasn't hurt in a while. But Jake said it must be healing and that as it does so, it's supposed to hurt. I'm going to just let that be the case for now!

This week is somewhat busy, so I will probably scale back to just doing the basic flexibility routines and some short bikes with Jake. No need to stress about squeezing in the extra workouts right now. Resting will be more beneficial at this point.

Monday, April 26th
-6:45AM: 5 mile gentle bike with Jake; Pedestal Routine #2; Myrtl Routine
*Another busy/ late night... DBU Athletic Banquet. Yep, it's that time of the year again.

Tuesday, April 27th
*So I woke up at 6, put on my tights, ate some fruit, and... am now curled up in a ball in bed. My stomach is killing me! Unfortunately I work 8 to 4 today. Looks like this will be a day I'll have to take completely off (except hopefully some core work and Sleepytime tonight!).

Wednesday, April 28th
-8AM: core workout; Pedestal Routine #2; Myrtl Routine

Thursday, April 29th
-8AM: light core work, Pedestal Routine #2; Myrtl Routine
-11PM: Sleepytime

Friday, April 30th
-8AM: core workout; Pedestal Routine #2; Myrtl Routine

Saturday, May 1st
-9:30AM: wasn't planning to do anything, but decided to sneak in Pedestal Routine #3 and 3 x 15 pushups
-9:30PM: Sleepytime

Sunday, May 2nd
-8:30PM: core workout with Jake; Sleepytime

[Tuesday thru Saturday were straight up travel days. Jake's grandfather was given 48 hours so we rushed down to Hull, TX and have spent the past several days with our families and driving all over the place. Haven't had access to a bike or a pool, so that's been out of the question. Sleepytime has been hit and miss because of the unpredictable evenings. One of those weeks!]

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