such is life...

another unexpected week of travel! but i'm grateful for jobs and finances that make that possible. no complaints from me!
in fact, all of this travel could not come at a better time for me. there's no training for it to hold back!

my foot is definitely starting to heal, so i've come up with a new plan. 2 weeks of wearing my walking boot and continuing to hold off on weights/ hard workouts. then, Lord willing, 2 weeks of wearing normal shoes and slowly picking up on walking, weights, etc. and finally, again Lord willing, i'll start easy runs in june and training in july.

this week i'll work 8-4 tomorrow (tuesday), drive to Hull when i get off, drive back to Dallas on wednesday, fly to Indiana on thursday, spend friday and saturday with the team at nationals, fly back to Dallas on sunday.

training will be limited to core and strength/flexibility exercises done without any equipment!

monday, may 3rd
-6:30am: 5 mile bike with jake; pedestal routine #2; myrtl routine
-8pm: core workout; sleepytime

tuesday, may 4th
-7am: pedestal routine #3
*full day at work... travel until 9pm... with jake's family until bed!

wednesday, may 5th
-6:30am: core workout; pedestal routine #2
-8pm: sleepytime
*funeral in the morning... full day of travel

thursday, may 6th
*woke at 4am... spent the day in cars and planes (not my favorite!)... now relaxing in indiana with my handsome husband and favorite collegiate track team
-3:30pm: pedestal routine #2 (upping it to 45" each way); 30' bike; myrtl routine

friday, may 7th
-8:30am: 40' bike; pedestal routine #3 (keeping it at 45"); cannonball cooldown
-8:30pm: sleepytime

saturday, may 8th
-8am: 35' bike; pedestal routine #2 (45"); myrtl routine

sunday, may 9th
*travel all day again... woke at 2am dallas time. niceee.
-3:30pm: 5 mile bike with jake; core with jake; myrtl routine
-10pm: sleepytime

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