still learning patience...

my foot is definitely not ready to come out of this boot.
hopefully another doctor will be able to give me some better advice.
for now, all i know to do is keep cross training and strengthing my core?

monday, may 17th
-6:30am: 6 mile bike with jake at Fish Creek Trail (5:55 pace), pedestal routine #3 (45" each side), grant green routine.
-7pm: core workout.

tuesday, may 18th
-6am: 30' bike through the neighborhoods (5:45 pace), pedestal routine #2, myrtl routine.
-8pm: sleepytime.

wednesday, may 19th
-6am: 9 mile bike at White Rock Lake with jake, yoga/flexibility routine.

new x-rays show the bone is still just as fractured as it was 4 months ago. now crutches, no weight bearing activities, no biking, etc.
the title i chose for this post is ridiculously appropriate.

thursday, may 20th
-8pm: core workout
ps. first day of "nothing"... not a fan of this, but hey, whatever it takes to run again, i'm game. if it's sitting on my butt for the next 12 weeks, then that's exactly what i'll do!

friday, may 21st
*saw another new doctor. no fractures on his x-rays. he wants me out of the boot, off the crutches, and walking around in "good" running shoes.
so. just bought a very expensive pair of 9.5 2A aasics gel nimbus and am currently wearing TWO normal shoes. :)
still no biking/ swimming/ etc.
-9:30pm: sleepytime

saturday, may 22nd
-7am: new core pilates workout... aka all the exercises i could find that did not put any pressure on your feet. haha. definitely a little sore now! :)
-9pm: sleepytime

sunday, may 23rd
-9am: light pilates/core work
-9pm: sleepytime

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