blessings right and left.

right now i'm in an amazing hotel room in a very beautiful city in north carolina.
i'm going to get to watch several competitive track races over the course of this week.
i've been given a bone stimulator for free to "rent" for the next 2 weeks.
i'm allowed to walk around in TWO shoes, not just a shoe and a boot.
and i have the most perfect husband in the world.

can't get much better!

anyways, still not going to bike or swim yet. the doctor just wants me walking around and getting used to being in a shoes. mostly we're testing it to see if the pains change at all and stuff. i'll update y'all on what happens there.

as far as this week goes, there really isn't a reason to post for each day. the most i can do is crunches/etc... i can't even do planks. so just assume i'm doing sleepytime every night, if not every other, and i'll let you know if i randomly find something else to do.

hope everyone is well!

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  1. So glad you are outta that stinking boot lol!! Really praying for this bone stimulator to work :)Keep on enjoying nationals, even if the weather isn't cooperating haha.