week 2 of the pure training phase!

Monday, September 27th
[morning HR: 49]
*20' warm up... came out to 2.3 miles
*2 x 1 mile, 2 x 800m on the track
paces according to my garmin (slower than the times that were called out on the track, so realize that the actual times i hit were not this fast): 5:48, 5:35, 2:53, 2:51
*20' cool down... came out to 2.1 miles
*general strength workout
comments- not a good day for me, physically. peed on myself 3 times during the workout (1st time for that), felt like i was running on sticks for legs and bricks for feet, and never did get warm at all. gloves and ear covers are going to be crucial for me this year. excuses and negative attitude aside, i have to remember that i at least got in 7 miles worth of running and 3 miles worth at race pace or better. may not have been what i expected or wanted, but it was at least something.
*core workout
*30' bike with 6 x 15" all out, 45" recovery (in place of the hill sprints the rest of the girls got in)

Tuesday, September 28th
[morning HR:53]
*3 x 30" pedestal routine
*60' aquajog w/ middle 50' steady
*2 x 30" H core circuit
*30' stationary bike

Wednesday, September 29th
[morning HR: 50]

*big 12
*60' aquajog w/ 15 x 2:30 hard, 1:00 recovery

*35' bike w/ 5 x 2' hard, 1' normal
*2 x 10 pull ups & dips
*2 x 10 body squats & 6 single leg squats

Thursday, September 30th
[morning HR: 52]
*weight workout (ladders of 6-5-4-3-2 reps alternating between lat-pull down/bicep curls, tricep extensions/bench press, chest press/rowing/fly machine; 3 x 6 leg press/ knee extension/ hamstring curls; 3 x 15 single leg calf raises/ double leg calf raises)
*2 x 45" pedestal routine w/ extended arms
*60' aqua jog w/ 7', 6', 5', 4', 3', 3' surges (equal rest)
*30' steady stationary bike

Friday, October 1st
[morning HR: 48]
*60' aquajog w/ 9 x 3' hard, 1' recovery, 1' all out, 1' recovery
*20' easy bike on the McNeil XC course
*2 x 45" pedestal routine

Saturday, October 2nd
[morning HR: 49]
*30' hard bike with intervals

Sunday, October 3rd
[morning HR: 49]
*2 x 30" H core routine
*3 x 6 general strength circuit with heavier weights
*90' relaxed stationary bike (stopping to stretch IT band every 30')

total miles of running for the week: 7M.
total "miles" of x-training for the week (10'=1M): 51M.
number or runs: 1.
number of doubles: 5.

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