End of the healing week,

beginning of the return to training!

Monday, October 4th
[morning HR: 50]
*2 x 45" pedestal routine
*60' aquajog w/ 3 x 5',7' hard (1/2 recovery)
*jay johnson back routine
*30' steady bike (not relaxed)

Tuesday, October 5th
[morning HR: 47]
*3 x 6 weight circuit
*3 x 8 leg circuit
*1 x 60" H core routine
*60' steady aquajog
*30' stationary bike w/ 10",15",20",25",30",30",25",20",15",10"

Wednesday, October 6th
[morning HR: 48]
*3 mile run
where- perfect dirt path in Katy on the George Bush Trail
average pace- 7:49
comments- legs felt strong, arms felt strong, run felt amazing... but... totally out of breath. just so thankful to be running again though. it was gorgeous outside and felt so nice to be in it. foot still hurts but not to the degree that it had gotten to.
*22' stationary bike (just to finish out my usual 45' worth of work for Wed.)
*15 mile bike with Jake on George Bush Trail

Thursday, October 7th
[morning HR: 50]
*1.5 mile warm-up
*2.5 mile tempo
where- dirt path on George Bush Trail in Katy
avg pace/ avg pace per 800m- 6:30/ 6:42, 6:34, 6:32, 6:26, 6:19
comments- another cold morning! body still felt pretty good, but my stomach was not on schedule today. glad to have gotten it in anyways though!
*1 mile cool down
*4 x strides
*10' shakeout in Hull with Jake
*2 x 8 leg strength circuit
*2 x 45" pedestal routine

Friday, October 8th
[morning HR: 52]
rest day!!

Saturday, October 9th
[morning HR: 49]
*4 miles with Jake in The Woodlands
avg pace- 7:13
comments- we ran later in the morning so i was nice and awake. felt good... just eased into and got to running at a pretty solid pace. happy with it!
*2 x pedestal routine with 5 leg lifts

Sunday, October 10th
[morning HR: 51]
*1.5M warm-up
*3M tempo + 4 x 1' hard, 2' recovery
where- paved, winding trails in The Woodlands
avg pace/ avg pace per mile- 6:18/ 6:18, 6:22, 6:13
avg pace for 1' segments- 5:23, 5:30, 5:17, 5:24
comments- felt a little heavy and weak on the warm up, but must've pulled it together enough to get the job done. good workout for a solo run on a iffy stomach though. definitely liked doing the 1' segments right after the tempo.
*3 x 6 weights circuit
*1 x 60" H core routine
*30' steady stationary bike

total miles run for the week: 19
total miles x-training (10'=1M): 41
total number of runs: 5

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