MSSU Indoor

Sunday, January 30th
warm up drills + 3M warm up + 2 x 20m neuromuscular drills
3 x [300, 200, 100] (90" between reps, 3' between sets)-- I'm glad for another chance to practice running fast. 54.48, ?, 14.46*, 53.37, 34.03, 14.47*, 53.63, 34.17, 16.16. *found out after the first 2 100's that I was starting at the wrong line. Fixed that for the last one though!
3M warm down
[15' shakeout on grass, strength, 2 x 30" H core]

Monday, January 31st
15' shakeout + 20 x Around the World Core + myrtyl routine + stretching!!!

Tuesday, February 1st
3M warm up
9 x 800 @ 5:39 pace (90" recovery)-- On the treadmill due to weather. Mentally a very rough day. Legs were fatigued and breathing was laborious for some reason. Got it in though and it definitely felt much better at the end compared to the first few reps.
[1.5M warm up + strength + core]

Wednesday, February 2nd
morning HR: 53
20 x Around the World core + 6M easy (43')-- On the treadmill again. Felt GREAT! First 2.5 I warmed into it, then realized the run was going by slowly and dropped the pace to 6:49 intending to throw in 2M steady. Ended up feeling so comfortable that I just left it for the rest of the run. Never felt tired and HR was 153 at the end. Perfect!

Thursday, February 3rd
45' stationary bike

Friday, February 4th
morning HR: 51
[10' AM shakeout]
warm up drills + 25' warm up + 2 x 20m neuromuscular drills
3k race- 10:30 goal-- Actual time was 10:27, so I achieved my goal but I am not entirely pleased with the race. I'd like to improve on surging during the middle of races when I have a chance to stay with girls. Weekly improvements are a good sign though, so I won't be complaining. I felt very strong coming through the mile at 5:31, just really tightened up towards the last 1k.
25' warm down

Saturday, February 5th
[2 x 10' AM shakeouts]
warm up drills + 25' warm up + 2 x 20m neuromuscular drills
mile race- 5:08 goal-- Total bust. I was much more drained from the 3k/travel/poor sleep than I thought. Not to mention I ran alone from 200m on. Finished with a 5:24 final time. Somewhat comical considering I rolled through the mile at 5:31 so comfortably in the 3k.

Weekly Mileage: 41.5M running!!!!!!! 4.5M cross training! :)
Total Runs for the Week: 10!!!!!! :)

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