Texas Tech Indoor- Round 2

Sunday, January 16th
Rest day... Letting the achilles and hip heal a bit more.

Monday, January 17th
60' aqua jog w/ 5 x 30",60",90",2' (60" recovery)
[30'double on bike w/ jay johnson's back routine & core]

Tuesday, January 18th
morning HR: 46
25' warm up + warm up drills + 1 x 20m neuromuscular drills
8 x 1k @ 10k date pace (90" recovery) Not a bad workout but it did take a while to find my rhythm. My legs felt very drained and weak, but my upper body felt strong so I guess the core and strength work is paying off a little! Times were 3:42, 3:40, 3:38, (2:54 pace at 800m... stopped because of a bizarre breathing issue... tacked on a 38" 200 at the end of the workout to get in the full 8k), 3:37, 3:40, 3:39, 3:38.
4 x 150 build-ups 
4' cool down
[30' double on bike w/ 3 x 6 strength & 2 x 30" H-Core]

Wednesday, January 19th
morning HR: 47
9M easy at Mt View CC-- Ended up averaging 8:31 pace. Ran the first 6 miles very comfortably with the girls and then separated for the last 3 miles. I felt good today but my calves were a bit sore.
[30' double on stationary bike w/ 3 x 30" pedestal routine]

Thursday, January 20th
morning HR: 51
55' aqua jog w/ 15 x 1' hard, 1' recovery
[30' double on bike w/ Myrtyl routine & 20 x Around the World core]

Friday, January 21st
morning HR: 51
10' shakeout after traveling
3M warm up
1200m DMR leg- 3:50 goal-- Ran 3:54, I think? I can through at 73 and 2:33, so it breaks down into 73, 80, 81. Honestly, after the first 400m I felt like I was done. As soon as my muscles clenched up, I couldn't figure out how to recover and get back in the race.
20' cool down

Saturday, January 22nd
morning HR: 53
10' shakeout upon arriving
3M warm up
3k race-- I ran 10:42 this week, which is apparently the same as at Kansas back in December. I'm pretty disappointed in my time, but I feel like I took a step forward as far as learning to be more aggressive and compete. Definitely lacked a kick though. The last 400m was my only one over 85"!

Weekly Mileage Running: 29.5
Weekly Mileage Cross Training: 23.5
Total Mileage: 53
Total Number of Runs: 4 days, 6 runs.

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